Friday, June 19, 2009

THE US OPEN by Tannen

Been watching some of the action from Bethpage and it's a mess out there. It makes it tough to figure how the elements will impact the leaderboard. In horse racing you get a sheet that shows past performances that shows if the track conditions were fast or sloppy due to rain. Not sure we can accurately handicap Tiger, Sergio or Phil the same way. Woods was all over the place shooting 2 over on both sides to end round one at +4 but with no one shooting the lights out(it's only 9:30am our time) is still very much in contention. Another round of rain will really tweak not only the results but the coverage. In certain events they'll call it early and declare a winner. The folks from the U.S.G.A(US GOLF ASSOCIATION) don't play that. Each golfer who makes the cut will play 72 holes. If there is a tie, the leaders play 18 holes the next day. We may determine the 2009 Open Champ during our 4th of July barbeque. Time for some history and a chance for you to win a pair of free green's fees certificates to the magnificent Tokatee golf course up highway 126 in McKenzie Bridge. They were kind enough to host SportsTalk yesterday(thur) and now 4 of you will get to benefit.
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Tiger won the 2008 Open at Torrey Pines but needed not only the extra 18 holes, but an additional playoff hole before finally outlasting the gutty Rocco Mediate. Who was the last golfer before Woods to win the Open in a playoff and who did he defeat?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


The news that Sammy Sosa tested positive for Performance Enhancing Drugs during the Cubby run to the NLCS in 2003 was not exactly Pearly Harbor as far as surprises. It did get me thinking which is always dangerous. Of the high level clowns involved in steroids & P.E.D's, who is the most obnoxious, arrogant pinhead of all these lying, cheating S.O.B's?
Let's begin with that infamous St. Patricks Day in 2005 when the knucklehead patrol visited Capitol Hill.
Rafael Palmiero looked directly into the camera and flatly stated he'd never taken steroids, then tested positive. With Mark McGwire you almost expected to see the cartoon birds and angels flying around as he declined to speak of the past and wanted to turn this into a positive. He's since been easier to find than Jimmy Hoffa. Sammy Sosa was able to carve out some pretty good King's English when it was time for a love-fest style interview or a paid endorsement. That day he just got off the boat and needed an interpreter. Failed test. Bonds and Clemens have taken the Pete Rose route and formed that familiar duet. Deny & Lie. Coming soon to an ampitheater near you. Remember the end scene in Animal House? A young Kevin Bacon is standing in the streets of Faber with a crazed mob running towards him screaming "all is well"! That reminds me of Rocket & Barry. Ignore the pile of evidence and simply shout what you want people to think or believe. We could get into the billion denials we got from Marion Jones and the rocket scientists from Track & Field, but we're focusing on baseball for now. Looking forward to who you find most contemptible of this group or if, like me, they all want to make you puke and smack them upside the head.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


With the Lakers taking out the Magic and Kobe getting his non-Shaq title and Phil Jackson passing Red Auerbach for most coaching championships, the arguments have ensued. I think they're mostly idiotic but do bring up some worthwhile issues. Can you definitively convince everyone who knows that sport who is the best? Is Michael Jordan the best basketball player ever? More dominant than Wilt Chamberlain. Better all around than Magic Johnson. These are pretty strong statements. Is Phil or Red the greatest ever coach? Different eras, longer playoffs, easier to stockpile talent, more teams, less competition. Way, way too many ingredients. With the US Open ready to tee off Thursday in New York we get right into Jack Nicklaus versus Tiger Woods. I'll be honest, there is no way you can convince me Tiger is a better golfer than Jack. There is also no way you can convince me Jack is a better golfer than Tiger. Different equipment, courses tailored to hault Wood's dominance and the quality of player each squared off against week after week. It's something we'll discuss on today's program. Let's give away a combo package. $25 gift certificate to Giant Burger in Springfield and Taco Del Mar on Delta Highway North in Eugene, worth $15. E-mail the correct answer to get in the drawing to
We know Tiger is 4 victories shy of Jack's major title count of 18. My question??? How many times did Nicklaus finish 2nd in the 4 Grand Slam events? Good luck!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Was watching the NFL Network this afternoon( do I need a life or what) and the focus was all time great sack masters. They rolled through some studs like Reggie White, Lawrence Taylor, Derrick Thomas and Michael Strahan. At the very beginning my wife asked me who I thought would be number one. She likes to test me to see if it's possible to know as much as I think I do. Who do you think the most devastating pocket crasher of all time is? I was right. The answer to follow. I was thinking about the most significant impact play in sports. Double play in a close game to kill a rally? Guy driving for a go ahead bucket in the final 10 seconds only to have it swatted away? How about a one goal game, home team on the power play in the final 2 minutes of a game and the visitors score on a shorthanded break a way? You can feel the momentum exit the building. A sack is certainly up there. Think about it. Play gets sent in. QB calls it. Huddle breaks. Back to pass and KAPOW! Play over in dramatic fashion. Okay, it was Deacon Jones who was a member of the LA Rams Fearsome Foursome. They didn't keep sack stats until 1982 but Steve Sabol of NFL Films says they can pretty much document 26 for the Secretary of Defense in 1967, and another 24 in 1968. By the way, they can account for another four in their playoff loss to the Packers in 67. Guy was a one man wrecking crew with a devastating head slap that was legal in those days. In a long ago interview with Jones he said if you have the angle on a quarterback and the proper speed, you should put him in the hospital. Awesome! We're back blogging and now we add some prizes! E-mail the correct response to
Remember what I mentioned earlier about tracking sacks. Who was the first player to lead the NFL in dumping the quarterback in back to back seasons? Good Luck. Winner scores a $50 gift certificate to Three Forks Wok & Grill. Two locations in Eugene. visit their website,

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Okay, with the NBA Finals still more than 24 hours out I've paid way too much attention to the French Open and have been inspired on 2 fronts. Is Maria Sharapova
smoking hot or just 'sports' hot? What about Erin Andrews, the sideline reporter for ESPN? Let me know who you think the best looking babes are in our world of sports and if they stand up to the true goddesses walking among us or just do well in comparison to Julie Inkster. For the record, I realize we're teetering on the brink of being typical male pigs, but SportsTalk is our personal domain and we can do what we want.
Lot of talk about Kobe leading the Lakers to a title without another high level, potential Hall of Famer at his side. It's been rare in pro hoops that one elite guy has been able to do this. Let's figure out how unique an accomplishment this has really been. I like the Lakers to win this thing in 6 and will make my case during the next 2 shows.
Remember, we speak with Ryan Finley of the Arizona Star about Wildcat football today(Wed) at 5:20 in our ongoing Pac 10 post spring catch-up. Look forward to it.