Friday, October 30, 2009


I know people always harken back to the tainted home run race of 1998 when Juicer Sosa & Juicer McGwire supposedly saved baseball. To be honest, as a baseball nut I certainly paid attention, but prefer actually baseball to home run derby. It's why this season has been so spectacular and the playoffs in particular. In game 1 of the World Series the Phillies Cliff Lee devoured this high octane New York offense to grab home field edge. Last night it was AJ Burnett's performance that dazzled to square the deal heading to the City of Brotherly Hate. I've said all October that I'm amazed at some of the blatant errors by umpires, managers and players. In Game 2 with 2 on and nobody out in the top of the 8th, Philly skipper Charlie Manuel did not send the runners on a 3-2 count. This despite the fact a control pitcher like Mariano Rivera was on the hill facing a great contact hitter in Chase Utley. Utley hit a hard grounder right at NY second sacker Robinson Cano who turned a sweet DP with Jeter at short. Turns out Utley actually beat the throw to first, but got punched out anyway. Costly strategic error on the manager that killed an inning in a close game. Tomorrow we get the crafty lefties, Cole Hamels who was so brilliant in leading the Phils to last year's title and Andy Pettite. Advantage? I don't see it. Been calling this series dead even from the go and don't see a reason to change.
Interesting piece in the new Sports Illustrated by Austin Murphy about the Oregon Football turnaround. Finally someone has noticed something positive and sort of moved past the Boise State debacle. As for the game, I think it comes down to USC's defense trying to stall the Ducks on the hurry up attack. In the past two weeks that vaunted Trojan "D" has looked vulnerable. It's to be expected, they lost most of their Best in America defense from 2008 to the NFL. You know they're loaded with talent and depth, but it's a work in progress. Notre Dame moved pretty well, particularly in the 2nd half with the game in the balance. Last week Oregon State kind of tore them a new one. Get this! From the time the Beavs took posession with just over 2 minutes left in the first half....they had 5 sustained drives and nearly 300 yards in just over a half of action. Very un-USC like. Unheard of in recent years. I think their true freshman Matt Barkley is developing nicely at quarterback but he's also been prone in those past 2 games to a bad mistake in the 4th quarter. It looks like an even game, but if Oregon treasures the ball and doesn't get burned by a big return via punt or kicks, I truly think they have the edge. Here's hoping the weather holds up because Jeremiah Masoli has not been really good in the rain, think 4 of 16 in the elements against Utah. Should be a heck of a college football game with a lot on the line.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I was quite interested in the revelation that now retired tennis star Andre Agassi has copped to using meth while he was an active player back in 1997. This is not about judgement but about how people take information and tweak it to their needs. Kind of like the basis for right wing radio, but I digress. The apoligists for the modern day cheaters like Barry Bonds, Manny Ramirez or Roger Clemens always throw up garbage excuses like "guys in the past used uppers". Anyone who has taken the time to see what medical experts have to say understands what crap that is. Greenies and the like, or even coked out madmen like Lawrence Taylor were able to get through a game but it didn't enhance their overall performance like Human Growth Hormone and the other products being created at labs like BALCO. Agassi didn't win majors and accumulate a quality resume because he used meth. The juicers of this era were able to heal up, build endurance and create a physical being which allowed them to work out at a higher level, and become stronger and faster overall. Popping a speed pill to get you running around for a game isn't even in the same stratosphere.
I've been reading lot's of articles about the upcoming World Series online. We know that once you get to the bottom of these pieces you run into fan postings. I'm again reading about how the Yankees try to 'buy' championships. This is such a crock it's getting funny. Get one thing straight, the Steinbrenner family is not even among the most wealthy owners in the game. David Glass is part of the Kansas City Royal's ownership group and he has Walmart money. Carl Pohlad of the Twins would shoot himself if he ONLY had Steinbrenner money. For years the Chicago Tribune owned the Cubs, Ted Turner the Braves. Any of these compainies or groups could have spent dollar for dollar with New York but decided not to. Certainly with their local cable deal and home attendance, the Yankees take in some extra cash, but don't be suckered in by the easy solutions no nothing imbeciles offer up. It's a lot more complex and you can't deny that the Yankee organization does all it can to put a winner on the field for their fans, as obnoxious as we can be! For the record, the wealthiest owners, according to Forbes magazine are Robert McLane of the Astros, Pohlad and Arturo of the Angels who does a great job with that franchise. Then of course you have the corporate ownership groups with equally deep pockets. If you want to hate the Yankees, I'm on board. The passion for or against teams makes sports great, just do it for the right reasons and ignore the mindless puppets and their clueless reasons. I think at the end of the day, New York has the very, very slight edge in this series with home field advantage and Mariano Rivera to close games. New York in a scintilating 7 games.
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The Cincinatti Reds were the last NL team to repeat as Series Champs. Who were the MVP's when the Big Red Machine beat the Red Sox in 1975, then swept the Yankees in 76? E-mail your response to
We will have the drawing early today, at 4:45 as we step aside for our broadcast of game one of the 2009 World Series. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


As a rule, when I think of parity, the NFL comes to mind. With the salary cap, draft, player movement, scheduling built to make it tougher based on record and other factors, we see teams make leaps as far as quality from year to year. College football seems to have drawn alongside it's professional partner. I don't see a great team this season. Last year you had Florida with a tremendous offense and a lightning quick defense. The "D" is pretty much the same but they lost a ton of firepower with Percy Harvin getting drafted by the Vikings and Louis Murphy the 2nd leading receiver on the Raiders. They're struggling to put up points against questionable defenses like Arkansas and Mississippi State. They only scored 13 versus LSU and Tennessee kept them in check. Alabama can't throw the ball downfield and must also lean on a really good defense. Texas has no running game and barely escaped the Red River Shootout despite the fact they knocked Oklahoma's QB, Sam Bradford from the game. Boise State, TCU and Cincinnati play in weak conferences though they've taken care of business and won all their games. Iowa remains unbeaten, but can't be considered scary because they needed a last play TD to beat Michigan State last Saturday. The Spartans already have 4 losses including to a MAC team, Central Michigan. I hate to kick a dead horse, but how unreal would an 8 team playoff to decide the National Champ be a couple of months down the road?
I can barely contain my enthusiasm for this World Series. As mentioned on SportsTalk yesterday, the match-up seems dead even with both teams nearly a mirror image of each other. No other National League team can put a lineup out there, top to bottom like Philly. With Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Raul Ibanez plus some bench guys and switch hitters like Jimmy Rollins they can match New York's thump from that side of the plate. Each team has that #1 pitcher who is rolling as CC Sabathia & Cliff Lee get set to square off in game one tomorrow night. Lot of national pickle heads chiming for one side or the other. I watch as much baseball as the next guy. This is a dead even series. The major Yankee edge lies with the game on the line. Brad Lidge is a riddle wrapped in an enigma(mini JFK movie reference). Best in the game last year. Couldn't get a Kidsports lineup out at times this season, but he's been solid in the playoffs. New York's patience at the plate will put him to the supreme test. The NY closer Mariano Rivera gets key outs by throwing strikes. Lidge needs hitters to swing at balls. This is why I give the Yanks a slight edge and think they'll win this thing back at The Stadium in 6 or 7 games.
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Name the years we last had an American League team win back to back World Series that lasted the full 7 games. Good luck. Send your answer to

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Growing up, pretty much through my teens and into my early twenties, I had a bug up my butt about police. I guess I fancied myself kind of a rebel. Loving rock & roll and being a pretty big party guy. Then it dawned on me I was an idiot. Tough to by into all that crap when you realize you live in your parents house and your only contact with any kind of rebellion was listening to David Bowie's "Rebel Rebel" from the Diamond Dogs album. So I took those feelings and turned them towards umpires, referees and officials. I now offer up mostly respect for our men in blue because aside from the few bad apples you come across in any walk of life, they do serve & protect. The umpiring in baseball's playoffs has been nothing short of atrocious. In game 4 of the ALCS on Tuesday night, the usually reliable Tim McClelland wasn't even close in missing some calls. The sport, the umps, the Yankees & Angels dodged a bullet as the idiocy had no impact on the game.
The Southeast Conference has announced a formal suspension for the keystone crew who mismanaged the Florida win over upset minded Arkansas last Saturday. A phantom personal foul aided a 4th quarter drive by the Gators. These same knuckleheads blew it with a similar late call during LSU/Georgia earlier in the month. Some feel this should not have been made public. Not me! I think it's great. These guys have to be held accountable. No one expects perfection, but these seemingly made up whistles have to stop. If an infraction occurs, drop the flag. When decisions must be made, make a call, but stop inventing situations. Great call by SEC commissioner Mike Slive. Your thoughts on the proper steps to take or perhaps replay in baseball's post season?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I find it interesting how the rankings, be it BCS, AP, or coaches poll lead fans away from the conference standings which are pretty important as the league champs grab 6 major bowl auto-invites. I guess we do follow the Pac 10 pretty closely. In the Big 10, with Iowa's victories over Penn State, Wisconsin and the Michigan schools, it's pretty much down to the Hawkeyes taking out Ohio State at Columbus on November 14th and they are at least in the Rose Bowl. Iowa actually has a path to the BCS championship game. They sit 6th and with tougher competition remaining would likely catapult them past Cincinatti and Boise State according to the computers. Florida and Alabama appear to be on a collision course for the SEC title with the winner getting their championship shot and the loser likely an at large bid to another major bowl. That leaves Texas in their way. The Longhorns have a great defense, but something is lacking on offense. It's their rushing attack. They have a key game a week from Saturday at Stillwater against Oklahoma State. If the Cowboys have Dez Bryant back from his suspension, I give them a punchers chance. They'll also host Kansas who is ranked among the Top 25 and do have a really good quarterback in Todd Reesing. They did just lose to Colorado and have played a garbage schedule to date so maybe not.
While a lot of people are down on the Big 10, the ACC is just pathetic. Right now Virginia is leading the Coastal Division with a 2 & 0 league record, but the Cavs are just 3 & 3 overall. They lost to William & Mary to begin the season. Really! Believe me, the reality check they're in for is going to be painful with Georgia Tech, Miami and Virginia Tech remaining. Still, the other division, the Atlantic is downright laughable. Four of the six teams already have 2 conference losses, the other two, NC State and Florida State are 0 & 3. Teams like Oregon, USC, Bama, Florida, Boise State and those still in the national title picture will watch at least 2 inferior opponents celebrate major bowl births while they play in the Holiday, Citrus or some other secondary game. But they don't need a playoff system.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Occasionally we get the ballplayer who might consider a career in science, probability and statistics or another area of higher intellect. I don't think Yankee manager Joe Girardi or LA Dodger closer Jonathan Broxton fall into that category. Yesterday, Girardi decided to pull his young reliever David Robertson after the kid mowed down the first two hitters he faced in the fatal 11th inning at Aneheim. On my word I can tell you the TV set in my den was verbally abused well prior to the new guy, Alfredo Aceves blowing the game. Girardi pretty much made a move based on nothing. Pull a guy throwing the heck out of the ball in favor of a guy who has not been particularly sharp these playoffs. The leadoff hitter, Howie Kendrick roped a single to left. The next batter, Jeff Mathis brought him around with the winner with a blast into the gap. No way around it, and the Fox duet of Joe Buck and Tim McCarver also questioned the decision before the disaster, it was a stupid choice by Girardi.
In the NLCS, the Dodgers were on the brink of squaring the deal at Philly. They led 4-3 with 2 outs in the 8th inning when Joe Torre summoned his closer, one Mr. Broxton. Broxton, who can throw it 100 miles per hour and looks more like an offensive lineman than relief pitcher, got Jayson Werth on a harmless flyout to right with the tying run on board, by THROWING HIS FASTBALL. Fast forward to the bottom of the 9th when Broxton left his stones and brains in the dugout. With one out he must have had a flashback to a year ago in the NL Championship Series Matt Stairs took him yard for the decisive blow in Game 4. Stairs hit .194 this season and struck out in his only at bat of the post season last set against the Rockies. Broxton walked him and failed to challenge him with his heater. It obviously shook him up as he plunked the next hitter, Carlos Ruiz. He was so tentative he grooved a fastball down the middle to Jimmy Rollins who sent one up the gap in right center to win the game. Why would a guy who can knock over a brick wall with his gas not use it with the game, and in some ways, the season on the line. Obviously never heard the "die with your boots on" theory. It's like having Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Kareem Jabbar, Jerry West and Greg Ostertag on the floor for the final shot & setting up a play for Ostertag to launch a 3 pointer. DUMB, DUMB, DUMB!

Monday, October 19, 2009


With Oregon on the bye, I really had a great time this weekend at the Oregon Coast with my lovely wife enjoying a ton of college & pro football as well as baseball's playoffs. PLAYOFFS? After several glasses of wine on the veranda overlooking the Pacific Ocean I concocted an early Thanksgiving list. It's personal. It's mine as a sports fan. I'm thankful Terrelle Pryor chose Ohio State over the U of Oregon. He's simply not a very good college quarterback. He couldn't carry Dennis Dixon's jock and I don't think he's nearly as good as Jeremiah Masoli. Plus he wreaks of punk. I think he doesn't measure up to Dixon or Masoli in the character column as well. I'm thankful Charlie Weiss isn't the Oregon coach. This guy is in constant 'circle the wagons' mode because he can't coach his way out of a paper bag. Their defense is a joke and after 5 years, he's got to go. I'm thinking his QB Jimmy Clausen might see the writing on the wall and bolt for the NFL in April.
I'm really thankful the Yankees have Mariano Rivera as their closer and not Brian Fuentes of the Angels. That guy lacks the chutzpa to be a closer for a legit contender. The pitch he threw Arod on Saturday was just plain stupic. He's up a run with a wrecking crew at bat and ahead in the count 0 & 2. Throws him a fastball in his wheelhouse that he could and did drive out of the yard.
I'm thankful the Washington defense is funnier than Rodney Dangerfield, Dennis Leary and Richard Pryor combined in their prime. That loss to Arizona State had me rolling on the floor of room #305 at Driftwood Shores. 10 seconds to go and no one guards any of the receivers deep. The play by play guy on Fox Sports Northwest said the ASU quarterback, Danny Sullivan had multpile receivers wide open for the score and referred to the situation as "Sullivan's Choice". I could go on and will, on SportsTalk today. Curious as to what you're thankful for. Short show today as we'll bring you Phillies & Dodgers, game 4 from LA starting at 5 o'clock. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I love these guys who are complete malcontents, run afowl of the law, then dissatisfied with their current situation, demand a trade. I give you Stephen Jackson of the Golden State Warriors. Then in a recent exhibition game he loses his mind(again), gets into it with coach Don Nelson and in essence gets sent to bed without dinner. The head coach had to send him to the locker room for the remainder of the game after he'd received 5 fouls including a technical in 10 minutes of play. This is the same guy who in a dispute outside a strip club fired his 9mm a few times. And oh by the way, was one of the nutjobs that went into the stands during the Pacers/Pistons game that infamous Brawl at The Palace of Auburn Hills back in 2004. Can't imagine teams won't be lining up to have this clown in their locker room.
Baseball's playoffs begin tomorrow in Los Angeles with the defending World Champion Phillies trying to become the 1st National League team to repeat since the legendary Big Red Machine way back in 1976. If closer Brad Lidge is righted, and he did save the final 2 games of their NLDS victory over Colorado, they might be the team to beat. I love LA's lineup balance, but they need Manny Ramirez to snap out of this late season slump. If he heats up, he's capable of carrying an offense for an entire series. It appears the Phils Cliff Lee might be the best pitcher left in the post season and having that ace guaranty you 2 games is significant. The Dodgers might have home field edge, but with all those lefty bats, matched up well against the Cardinals. The Phillies counter with Lee, Cole Hamels and possibly J.A Happ, all southpaws, plus righty Pedro Martinez looms. I think the Phils win & advance to their second straight Fall Classic. Catch up on the American League set between the Yankees & Angels tomorrow.
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In that aforementioned 1976 World Series where the Reds swept the Yankees to take their second straight title, who was Cincy's winning pitcher? Hint: While he is not, his last name will remind you of a Hall of Famer flamethrower. Good Luck!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Many years ago I'd be astouned by this whole debate over whether or not Rush Limbaugh should have the opportunity to own the NFL's Rams. Seeing the IQ of my country dip on an annual basis, it's not surprising. Of course he should be allowed. Do we need to check out the politics of every owner of each team in the sports leagues we follow? If or when he becomes a part owner, players and fans can then decide their course of action. The fact so many puppets follow the word of con men like Limbaugh, Glen Beck or Bill O'Reilly is tragic enough. Trust me, they're no more informed, intelligent or credible than the average guy in the street. They're entertainers telling their pathetic core audience exactly what they want to hear regardless of the truth, facts or what's best for the U.S. They care about ratings and their pocket books. PERIOD! Deal with it.
Who aggrevate fans, coaches and managers more, closers in baseball or field goal kickers. This post season we've seen outstanding 9th inning relievers completely whizz away games. Last night it was Huston Street of the Rockies. Had 2 outs with the tying run on second base and was facing the Phillies Chase Utley with bomber Ryan Howard on deck. He pitched Utley like he was a combination of Babe Ruth, Willie Mays and Roy Hobbs. Walked him. Eventually blew the game. Joe Nathan of the Twins got raked over the coals by the Yankees. The Red Sox Jonathan Papelbon coughed up a 2 run lead on Sunday that ended Boston's season. Just makes we Yankee fans get how unique Mariano Rivera is. For the most part, save 2001 versus Luis Gonzalez and 1997 against Sandy Alomar Jr, he's money. Dodgers & Philly begins Thursday while New York begins with the Halos on Friday. It's a beautiful thing.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


This Oregon team is far from perfect, but in this era of parity in college football, they have some critical championship ingredients. The defense is off the charts. We've used terms like unyielding, attack and plain old speed. They've adopted an attitude of giving nothing, ever. Think about the points the opposition has put on the board the past 3 weeks. Cal kicked a field goal after Walter Thurmond fumbled the opening kick deep in Oregon territory, but they lost 8 yards before the successful attempt. The TD Wazzou scored, if it actually was a touchdown, happened from another miscue when a punt was fumbled giving the Cougs possession on the U of O 1 yard line. Saturday's Bruin TD was an interception in the end zone. For the weeks the door has been slammed shut. The Oregon end zone should be marked off with that yellow police tape. Justin and I were torn regarding who to pick for defensive player of the game because multiple candidates were worthy. Javes Lewis played like a man obsessed with personally making up for all the injuries in the secondary. He had a sack, forced a fumble and led the team in tackles. Kenny Rowe was a complete terror up front. I think the UCLA QB's will be seeing 58 in their nightmares after spending the afternoon in their backfield. We decided on Casey Matthews because it appeared there were at least two number 55's on the field. I don't recall a linebacker making such an incredible negative impact on every aspect of what the other guy's offense was trying. He even dropped Bruin return man Terrence Austin on the punt cover team. As terrific as they played, what teams might find just as intimidating is how close they seem to be shutting down most plays that have even minimal success against them. Suffice to say, I'm impressed with what Nick Aliotti and his defensive brain trust have created.
Let's talk about character for a moment and it begins with the head coach. As much success as Mike Bellotti had, part of the huge shoes Chip Kelly needs to fill is what Mike brought to the table in that area. He was highly respected and obviously brimmed with class. I thought it was simply awesome how Chip went over to Nate Costa after the aforementioned interception in the end zone. He made light of a potentially rough situation and got his quarterback's head right A.S.A.P. Dividends were immediately paid as Nate led the team down the field on the ensuing drive for a very important field goal that expanded the lead from 11 to 14. Well done by the new head coach. Loving the fact that we have a bye now before heading to Seattle to hang 50 points on that laughable Dawg defense. Did you see how they stole that game against Arizona? I'll cover that as well as the huge OSU win and national scene on today's show.

Friday, October 9, 2009


Anti-Duck people and those who think too much importance is placed on sports(duh)have a tendancy to throw the generosity of Phil Knight in the faces of Oregon fans. It's Nike U and other spineless whines. This just in. The University in Eugene is not the only beneficiary of wealthy donors & alum or alone in getting serious financial backing from other sources. Ever hear of companies like IMG, ISP Sports or Learfield Communications? They are major companies who run radio networks for colleges. This past spring, IMG signed a 10 year deal with Ohio State worth 110 million to the Buckeye bottom line. Georgia just inked an 8 year deal with ISP valued at just shy of 93 million dollars. To finger one particular program is nothing short of ignorant, get over it or find something else to do.
I did my usual Friday morning Ducktalk gig on KUGN this morning which always culminates with 'Predict a Score'. This always provides a pulse of what the fans are thinking about what to expect out there tomorrow. Only one caller expects the teams to combine for more than 45 points. Interesting when you consider the offensive explosion the past 2 weeks against Cal & Washington State. Of course those took place with Jeremiah Masoli running the show, not a limited experience QB making his 1st career start on the road, in conference against a pretty well respected defense. The Bruins have an offense for the future. QB Kevin Prince is back from a broken jaw suffered early in the season. He's a freshman. The left side of his line is mega-talented but young with limited experience. The tackle, Xavier Su'a-Filo is also a freshman with the guard, Jeff Baca a sophmore. The only upper classman is the junior college transfer at right guard in Eddie Williams who was an All American at that level. The foundation for success is there, but one would assume the Bruins will experience some growing pains on that side of the ball but eventually be dangerous. Here's hoping that comes down the road and not the 10th of October.
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The Question: Since Mike Bellotti arrived at Oregon in 1989, what was the lowest scoring game played between UCLA & The Ducks. Good luck!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

WAH WAH WAH by Tannen

We've had a few chats this week about how 'overrated' the SEC is. Pac 10 fans have the proverbial bug up their butts and they simply don't get it. Yes, there is something called East Coast bias, but it's not for the reasons you think. I've mentioned it before, but I'm getting to a point. It's not a conspiracy, it's pure numbers. When you live back in that part of the country, most people simply going through their daily lives with traffic, job, family, hobbies and their favorite sports teams, just don't have the time to give a rip about West Coast sports. That doesn't forgive the bozo's at ESPN or other networks who work in the industry for their ignorance, but it plays in. For those who think the SEC is "NOT" the best conference in America, I give you this. Choose something you hold valuable. Car, home, life, beer. Imagine a round robin tournament between the 4 best teams in the SEC and Pac 10 at a neutral site. Florida, LSU,Alabama and either Georgia or Auburn against the Ducks, USC, Stanford and Arizona, the current top 4 in the Pac. Who do you think gets more wins? Really think the Cardinal and Cats have the speed to keep up with those teams? Maybe the Trojans and U of O, but be serious. It's not a knock because that part of America is the center of the football universe and geography doesn't change. In a lot of ways, what we have out here is amazing because it's actually in the conversation and in no way takes a back seat to a college football hotbed like the Big 12. The SEC is a different conversation, like it or not.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

NEW PHOBIA by Tannen

I'm getting afraid to open my e-mail. No it's not because I'll win a free laptop or meet fabulous singles in my area. It's just that I'm on the list from the Oregon Sports Information Director and the news is always tragic. Last week it was Walter Thurmond III, today it was Willie Glasper going down for the season. I've been harping all spring, summer and early part of the season that I truly believe this is the deepest, most talented roster in program history. They can certainly withstand the occasional injury but this is getting ridiculous. We've seen the quarterback situation go 5 deep the past two years and obviously Masoli is dinged, but the carnage is getting a bit much don't you think? Glasper was the replacement for Thurmond. They were already down TJ Ward. Is it possible to stop practicing, keep the guys in an isolated bubble and just let them out for games? I have all the confidence in the world in Nate Costa, but as mentioned on yesterday's(Tue) show, you can't expect him to immediately play at Masoli's level. That said, the blowouts of Cal & Wazzou now have even more value by presenting Nate with those chances to accumulate some real game experience. As for UCLA, I'm guessing we need a semi-repeat of last year when the Ducks ran all over them. An upgrade in the nearly invisible passing would help and the consensus is Costa might be more of a pure thrower. The Bruins are having major offensive issues with a line that's yet to gel and their own unsettling problem at the quarterback position. More on SportsTalk all week as we break this one down. Also a ton of NFL & baseball's playoffs. Bar set pretty high with the Twins electrifying home victory in extra innings against the Tigers to secure the AL Central title and a shot at the Yankees in round one.
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USC has the most victories in a BCS Bowl game with 6. Three schools are second with 4 wins. Who are they?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I always talk about how this time of year is my favorite. Baseball's pennant races roll into football season. Now I'm getting even more specific. This is one of my favorite week's of the year as the MLB playoffs get started and the value of college football games become astronomical for those with serious aspirations. Oregon can't think Rose Bowl if they can't win at the Rose Bowl. Gotta cop to being a tad concerned with the knee injury to Jeremiah Masoli. I view Nate Costa as a very capable backup but you can't feel he cranks it up to the level we've seen from Masoli, at least not right away. USC has the week off and the other huge Pac 10 game sends Stanford with that killer running attack to Corvallis to face the revived Beavers off that rarest of wins down in Tempe.
How about the SEC? Two games, featuring four teams who are either currently or earlier ranked among the nation's top 4 teams. The 5 o'clock game has #4 LSU hosting the #1 Gators of Florida who are hoping their top gun, Tim Tebow will be available for service after getting concussed in the last game versus Kentucky. Then you have Ole Miss, now dropped to #20 after getting bounced by South Carolina, taking on Alabama. Much talk about the Tide defense, but they'd eclipsed the 30 point mark in each of their 1st four games for the first time in nearly 90 years & then hung 38 on Kentucky for another convincing victory.
The term "overrated" is usually applied to college teams but it's safe to say it exists at the NFL level as well. The 0 & 3 start by supposed Super Bowl contender Tennessee had been attributed to a killer schedule and a few tough breaks. The opening night defeat against the Steelers went to overtime, they coughed up a punt to cost them the Jets game, but nothing explains last Sunday. They went to Jacksonville to square off with this allegedly rebuilding Jags squad and got hammered 37-17. Their defense made David Garrard to Mike Sims-Walker look like Montana to Rice. Doesn't get much easier as now the red hot, high octane Colts come calling and get this, they travel to New England next. Ouch!
Buffalo was another team thinking big with the acquisition of Terrell Owens. They blew the first game against the Patriots when their kick returned Leotis McKelvin made a bonehead decision and fumbled. Their lone win is against hapless Tampa Bay. The countdown to the next T.O meltdown has begun.
On today's show, we'll begin to take a peek at what to expect from baseball's playoffs. Lot of talk about the revival of the Yankee dynasty. Sorry, I might be a long time fan, but they are far from a lock with a questionable rotation behind ace C.C Sabathia. Plus the bullpen before Mariano Rivera comes in to shut the door is not overly reliable. The Angels have an offense that packs a wallop and a pretty decent defense, but I have no faith in their bullpen, especially erratic closer Brian Fuentes. When the season began I figured the Red Sox were the best team top to bottom but they revealed holes. Josh Becket has the reputation as an elite money pitcher, but he's looked ordinary in recent weeks struggling with back spasms. They'll throw Jon Lester in the opener against California which speaks volumes about his status.
We'll cover the National League on this afternoon's show as well.

Friday, October 2, 2009


Today's Chip Kelly press conference was really interesting. As usual the members of Conclusion Jumpers Anonymous were front and center screaming their opinions before the facts were in. The ongoing effort to join the Glen Beck show. Then the coach presented his case. LeGarrette Blount was not reinstated and might never play football at Oregon again. He will literally have to fall in line and meet standards for academics, behavior and yes, football. I think it's important to remember that in the aftermath of the Boise State ugliness, many applauded Kelly for pulling the football but allowing the young guy to pursue his academics. Since then he's said and done all the right things, except for one thing. School hadn't begun so there was no way to see if he'd keep up in the classroom. Now there is. If the coach gets a report Blount is missing class, or not making progress, he's out. So let's do the math. He's missed the last 3 games and will definitely not suit up for Washington State, UCLA, Washington and USC. If he's a fine young lad, and climbs those so-called "ladders" Chip Kelly mentioned, he'd have a 4 game season plus a bowl game. Prior to hearing the media session, I was confused and leaning towards the negative because I didn't understand why the issue was resurfacing. But once the new boss laid out the groundwork, made us realize the human element and reiterated this is far from a done deal, it makes a lot more sense. One element that astounded me was the national impact. At the time of this writing, just past noon, USA Today's website is conducting a poll. To reinstate or not reinstate? More than 54-hundred people have voted and it's running 51% go 49% in favor of his returning because in the words of whoever posted the poll, he's made amends. Now we wait and see how this ongoing drama plays out.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I was reading where the Boston Red Sox were distritbuting AL WILD CARD CHAMPIONS gear. Really? A franchise who has won 2 World Series the past 5 years is making a federal case over qualifying for the playoffs as a SECOND place team. Of course this is the same organization who obnoxiously refers to itself as Red Sox "Nation". They're like the drunk idiot at the bar who has to high five everyone over each first down and humorous comment. It just wreaks of desperation. That said, it looks like we have our 8 teams for baseball's post season, it's just a matter of matchups. With the Dodgers in a free fall, Colorado has not only locked up the NL Wild Card, but are within a couple of LA for the Western Division. That's key because it would likely mean a 1st round series with the Cardinals instead of Philly. The Rockies took 6 of 7 from St. Louis and match up really well with them because of their killer lefty lineup that handles the Cards rotation which is exclusively righty. Oh by the way, Rockies and Dodgers for 3 in So Cal this weekend.
Onto the Ducks. 6:15 kickoff from Autzen will be televised live on Comcast Channel 37. Washington State is not a very good football team and that's being kind. They have a win. Versus SMU. The Mustangs needed a 17 point 4th quarter to beat Stephen A Austin. Lot of talk how the Cougs played USC tough. Yeah right! Ignore the 27-6 final because it was a shutout until there were :22 seconds left in the game with the Trojan's 3rd string defense in there. Until the meaningless nonsense in the 4th quarter, the Cougars managed one drive longer than 17 yards. Truth be told, USC doesn't have the typical firepower we've seen during this 7 year reign of terror. Oregon is much more likely to pile up the points. I do not see this as the landmine game some have mentioned. Forget 2003 when Oregon beat Michigan then got buried at home the next week by Wazzou. That WSU team would win 10 games including the Holiday Bowl against Texas. This team won't win 3 games.
Okay, time to give away some loot. I have a $50 gift certificate to the very cool Red Agava Latino restaurant downtown, plus an Oregon T-Shirt if you answer the following correctly and get your name drawn.
On that miserable afternoon at Autzen when Washington State mauled the Ducks 55-16, who was the Wazzou quarterback? E-mail your response to