Thursday, December 30, 2010


The word just came down that LeMichael James will return to play for the Ducks next season. Awesome news. Not even 1% surprising. That's right, I've harped for weeks that he's coming back because leaving to become a 3rd or 4th round NFL pick with their hovering labor issues is pretty much stupid and LMJ is obviously a wise young man. I'm as big a fan of #21 as the next guy, but being an NFL junkie he's not a lock to get a lot of playing time at the next level. He would be the lightest feature back by about 10 pounds. In order to become a viable pro threat I believe LeMike will have to put his pass catching talents on display and maybe show he can return punts or kicks. Pleased he'll be a part of the backfield seeking a Pac 10 three-peat but I truly never doubted it.
How about the Black Knights of the Hudson winning their first bowl in a quarter century taking down SMU 16-14. Army runs it, alot. Their quarterback Trent Steelman put it up 6 times with 1 completion the first 58 minutes and 12 seconds of the game. On 3rd and 4 he connected with David Brooks to ice the thing and end in victory formation. Gotta see some irony in one of the rare, true scholar/athlete football programs representing the U.S Military Academy beating the one program we've seen hit with the Death Penalty during this generation. Talk about a contrast! It's a beautiful thing, and more importantly, made my dad happy. He called me here at the station the minute the game ended.
We'll be talking Blazers on the program today at 5pm with Jason Quick of the Oregonian, plus your continued memories of Mac Court as well as our usual m/o.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I really wish a politician or any public figure would just come out and say it. Once! Is the truth really that hard? Does it allow for that life altering moment when we peek behind the curtain and things just ain't the same from that point forward? The NCAA is claiming, via it's website, that no favoritism was played in allowing Cam Newton to play for Auburn as well as the merry pranksters at Ohio State. My kingdom for a polygraph machine and international TV audience. On Crunchtime/Sportstalk today we hook these clowns up and ask the questions. So if 5 Florida International players were discovered to have sold their gear in violation of NCAA rules they would have played against Toledo in the Little Caesar's Bowl? You can't tell, but I just fell out of my chair laughing and had to dust off the shirt and refill my doggies water bowl after that. Why can't someone in authority just say they think we're morons, will do and follow what ever they put in front of us and have zero respect for what fans prefer or think. It's the truth, like it or not.
Found myself in hysterics over the new lead story on ESPN's site(it's 11am). Brett Farve has been hit with a 50K fine for failure to cooperate in the texting investigation. This is completely surprising. He's usually so in tune with what other's want and not at all self absorbed. Same goofball who has to have coaches and players literally fly to where he is and pretty much physically take him from Mississippi each summer to football camp. Brett Farve is the reason legal eagles can issue subpoenas. You might not want to come to our hearing, but the law says you must. Curious to see how many of you think he's actually tainted his legacy. Guy has stones the size of Autzen, never misses a game, yet many view him as a diva or drama queen. How odd is that?
Want to thank the Vikings for last night's performance and victory over the Eagles. Minny interim coach Leslie Frazier and his defensive people concocted a sweet design to limit the Philly rush, keep the dog killer in the pocket and clamp down with incredible effectiveness. They held the Iggle offense to just one TD over the games final 3 1/2 quarters. Lot of corner blitzes, at times they went after #7 up the gut, but he was spied and contained most of the night. So if the Bears win at Lambeau on Sunday they grab that NFC #2 seed and bye. Beyond my obvious desire to see the idiot Jets make a Super Bowl run, my second choice is to NOT have Philadelphia have success. Not sure I can stomach that swine celebrating the ultimate accomplishment in pro football. I will declare myself a huge fan of the "other" 5 NFC playoff teams.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Don't you hate when someone puts their brain on hold and fires off some idea that turns out to be pretty idiotic at the core. I enter a guilty plea when it comes to this whole business about postponing the Sunday NFL game between the Vikings and Eagles at Philly. I felt the PA gov was dead on pointing out what a wussified decision it was over a mere snowstorm. Turns out the weather was beyond severe and with the airport canceling flights left and right the situation would have graduated into a logistical nightmare and flat out been unsafe for fellow citizens. With the dust and snow settled, now we have an NFL game on a Tuesday night which is pretty cool. Go Minny!
How about Seton Hall hooper Jeremy Hazell surviving getting shot Christmas Night? Was heading into where he lives when 4 muggers approached him and threatened to shoot him if he didn't sit down. He took off running, and of the 4 shots fired in his direction, one found the mark. Fortunately it was a through and through, he flagged down an ambulance and is okay. Might miss the rest of the season, but that seems insignificant now.
Following the disastrous ending at Golden State on Saturday night, the Blazers showed some nice resolve in winning at Salt Lake City, always a difficult facility for a road team to emerge victorious in. LeMarcus Aldridge continues to step up as THEE guy with Brandon Roy out. Had a tremendous 4th quarter on both ends of the floor. Another solid all around game for Andre Miller who in college helped Utah make it all the way to the NCAA title game falling to Kentucky. He scored 17 points, dished out 6 assists and added 3 steals. Portland avoided falling below the .500 mark and face another tough test at Denver this evening, a 6 o'clock tip off.
All week long on Crunchtime/Sportstalk we will continue to share memories of Mac Court as the games at the legendary Pit wind down to a precious few.

Monday, December 27, 2010


As I got my Sunday rolling and flipped on the radio, one of the first things I heard was possibly postponing Vikings/Eagles because of snow. Really? Didn't see that possibility in the Northeast in late December? Knowing the Philly fans whose beloved "Iggles" are in the hunt, they'd hire Nanook of the North to make it to the Link for this game. Not to mention they have a terrific public transportation system(SEPTA-South East Pennsylvania Transit Authority) having used it quite frequently my 2 years there. Are you telling me the circumstances from a fan danger point of view wasn't more severe in Minnesota last week when the game switched from indoors to outdoors? Really odd.
Anyone else find the 5 Buckeye players getting suspended for about 40% of the season for making a few hundred dollars out of balance considering we're pretty much convinced Cam Newton & his family sold his services for 180 grand? I'm actually happy he's playing to avoid the immediate taint clouding the BCS title game, but at the same time I can't imagine this ends without Auburn having the 2010 season erased for using an ineligible player!
I'm with Chip Kelly, I don't buy into "messages", but the effort and result on Xmas day with the Heat torching the Lakers at LA was audible. I'm mentioned before my hope that Miami makes a legit NBA Championship run for all those goofballs who went so far overboard in their hatred of LeBron James. He certainly misfired on "the decision", but made one of the most pathetic, loser pro franchises relevant and was leaving because Cleveland is not a dream destination. Played out his contract and left as a free agent. Stop the presses.
The Oregon men hoopers begin Pac 10 play on Thursday and the visit from the Arizona schools represents the final 2 games in program history at Mac Court. Wow! Even seems odd seeing it written.

Thursday, December 23, 2010


So the NCAA has suspended 5 Buckeyes including Terrelle Pryor and one of his top weapons, Devier Posey for the first five games of the 2011 season. Hmm. If only there was a way to dole out a severe, message sending punishment this season, like an upcoming major bowl game. The decision was handed down from the NCAA, not thee Ohio State University. My guess is coach Jim Tressell or AD Gene Smith could have insisted the goofballs sit for the Sugar Bowl, but decided against it. What a joke! How much cash you want to lay down Pryor & Posey simply enter the NFL draft and side step the entire issue. Pryor is on the hook for the $2500 or so he got from selling stuff like his 2008 Big 10 Championship ring. Also nabbed for receiving improper benefits, leading rusher Dan Herron, starting left tackle Mike Adams and a key D-Line rotation guy in Solomon Thomas. Think having them sit would impact the game against Arkansas on January 1st??
It was a sweat-out, but I gave you Boise State laying the 17 in last night's Vegas Bowl. The interesting aspect of betting these games is you view the scoreboard differently than the average fan. I'm thinking at 26-3 when Utah got the ball back on their own 44 with 8:49 left that BSU is going max prevent. That added up to a gimme, meaningless TD, what my buddies and I refer to as "the late cheapie" to make it 26-10 sticking it to us by a point. When Terrence Cain was stuffed on a 4th down play, jubilation rang out in the Tannen household. Amazing how happy you can get over 50-bucks!
No question we're going list crazy on today's programming. My favorite stories, people and moments of 2010. Have a Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Tough loss at home for Oregon last night(Tue). It's important to remain optimistic with a new regime running the show but it was Idaho. I'd cite a loss to Portland during the Elite 8 run of 2002, but I don't think that's an accurate comparison. This is simply not a very good shooting team and obviously they lack the size inside to overcome that by hammering the rock down low for higher percentage shots. I'd say with the coaching, the effort and just as key, the apparent coachability of the current roster a complete disaster can be averted. That said, there will be some rough stretches as Pac 10 play begins after a break a week from Thursday at The Pit against Arizona. I figured the Ducks were a lock for last in league. Then I saw how much Oregon State has struggled. When USC lost to Rider early in the year I thought the Trojans were vulnerable but they've posted rock solid wins versus ranked teams(Texas & Tennessee) and nearly knocked off then #3 Kansas. Stanford isn't great but they tore apart the same Virginia team who dusted Oregon without their best player by 21. Plus the Cardinal can throw out a pretty big front line. The jury is out on Cal. They posted a nice win against #20 Temple in game 3 and we'll learn more about them tonight when they host Kansas. Washington is really strong, the Cougs buried Idaho, took out Gonzaga and have just one loss, by 5 to that excellent Kansas State team. Sean Miller has Arizona on the rise with a stud sophomore Derrick Williams and a 10 man rotation. ASU is tough to get a read on as they've beaten no one and have lost to each major conference team they've played like Baylor & St. Johns as well as a 9 & 1 New Mexico team plus a home loss to Richmond. I'm thinking the Ducks might scratch out an 8th place finish at best. That final game at Mac Court, Arizona State on New Year's Day could be a key in setting the tone for their Pac 10 season.
I know some of these pre-Christmas Bowl Games are hard to get pumped for but last night's Louisville win over Southern Miss was pretty entertaining with the Cardinals taking it 31-28. You've got to love the oddsmakers. Had UL a 2 1/2 point favorite with the over/under at 60! This is why they build all those nice places in Vegas. I think Boise State will ruin Utah tonight. I'm saying lay every one of those 17 points. I do not buy into the theory the Broncos are disappointed from missing out on a major after that heartbreaking loss to Nevada. If they were playing a lesser program, maybe, but the Utes are joining the Pac 10 and you just sense Chris Peterson views this as another proving ground. It's the final game for those 2 terrific senior wide outs Austin Pettis and Titus Young along with all purpose performer Jeremy Avery. Plus I think BSU's defense will do well against the talented but erratic Ute QB Jordan Wynn.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Chip Kelly had a really nice career designing offenses for New Hampshire. Now he's operating at a whole new level. He's going to need a bunch more space on that mantle in the den for all the hardware he's accumulating since the Civil War put the Ducks in the BCS title game. The latest trophy will read "AP Coach of the Year". Too many to mention, but that really cool looking crystal bowl would make a lovely addition to the Casanova case. Kelly won relatively convincingly in this latest vote garnering 24 of the 55 first place votes. His Auburn counterpart, Gene Chizik was second with 17. Well done!
In case you didn't think Brett Farve got more than his share of coverage, the Bears won the game, clinched the NFC North yet the headline on ESPN was also a share. Bears win division, knock out Farve.
Another NFL story had a goofy intro. "McNabb feels disrespected by benching". Duh! Was he supposed to read getting dropped behind Rex Grossman as a vote of confidence? I'm all for talking things through, but this deal with every guy going on radio and sharing their "feelings" is getting to be a bit of a turn off. Man up, you stunk and got benched. End of conversation!
Duck men get back to work tonight at the Pit versus Idaho. The Vandals have had some awful moments this season bottoming out with a 75-33 loss at Montana. They've already made one venture into Pac 10 country getting dusted 88-71 at Pullman. Like Oregon, they're not very deep. For historians, this is the final non-league men's basketball game at Mac Court. Wow!

Monday, December 20, 2010


For more than a decade I've been harping on the importance of sharing good information with each other. That includes sports, movies, great TV, comedy, all of it. Last night at 9pm I was goofing around with the tube on and a rerun of The Family Guy was on. I'd never seen it. It was their spoof on "Star Wars". I lost my mind laughing for an hour. Between my son and some of you, I'm very disappointed you didn't insist this was must see viewing. Absolutely brilliant. A bit insane for sure, but really clever and completely hysterical.
How New York Giants special teams coordinator Tom Quinn still has his job today is nothing short of water into wine miraculous. With the game tied and :12 left he allows his rookie punter Matt Dodge to kick the ball to DeSean Jackson. Perhaps not every NFL fan is aware of how stupid that is, but I know every Pac 10 fan and especially Oregon fans are in tune with the absolute horror that loomed. Naturally DJ took it to the house for the win. Literally you'd prefer the punter kick it backwards, sideways or take a knee. This was 7 1/2 minutes after the Gmen got caught napping on a "here it comes" onsides kick. Oh the horror!
I know it was on Friday, but the Oregon men getting beat at Virginia represents the cautionary tale of this season. Whether it be proper ball movement or outright accuracy, this team needs to shoot a good percentage because their lack of height will cause issues on the boards. The numbers were close to even, but 3 of 19 from three point land is nearly impossible to overcome. They also got to the free throw line just 9 times. Don't forget, the Cavs played without their best player Mike Scott who suddenly underwent arthroscopic surgery on his ankle and were coming off a 10 day layoff. I'm really encouraged by what we've seen from Dana Altman's charges, but there will be some rough nights for sure. Just gotta hang in and realize his capability of building something special.

Friday, December 17, 2010


I've been insulted. You've been insulted. For heaven's sake we've sat around knocking back cold ones and the entire conversation was based on cutting each other up. I don't recall offers of substantial dollars to play a game coming into play. San Francisco Giant's part time shortstop Edgar Rentaria says the team disrespected him by putting a million dollar, 1 year contract in front of him. We know he hit the go ahead homer in the deciding game against Texas this past October to win the world series. He's had a nice career. He missed 90 games. They signed the much more productive Miguel Tijada to play the position every day. The year before, 2009, he hit 5 homers, drove in 48 runs and batted a whopping .250. The Giants have paid him 18 million dollars over the past 2 seasons. He's earned more than 80-mill during his career. He's not the one who should be insulted.
The NFL's 3rd to last week of the regular season got rolling with a snoozer as the Chargers kept their post season hopes alive by punishing the 49ers. I thought Frisco was going to win the West and ridiculously, they still might, but they're a disappointment. I think coach Mike Singletary is gone. In the biggest game of the year, they could barely make a 1st down or make a defensive stop. Brutal. The Bolts could win out and still miss the post season at 10 & 6 and be the hottest team this side of the Patriots in the NFL.
Amazing story of the day. Tom Fenton lives just north of New York City. He coaches hockey. In 2009 he was a goalie who won one of his 14 starts at a small school in Massachusettes. Phoenix was in NY to play the Rangers. Their starter was hurt. They needed a back-up. His phone rang. On the other end was the Coyotes director of scouting who told Fenton they needed him to get to Madison Square Garden and suit up as their emergency netminder. He arrived, warmed up but never got in. Can't make this stuff up.
Bowl season begins tomorrow. Gotta admit, I'm kind of looking forward to catching some college action. Nice way to ease in, prep for the holidays and take our minds off the monster layoff before the BCS title game.
Very pumped for a Sunday chock full of NFL. Jags at Colts, Chiefs at Rams, Eagles at Giants, Saints at Baltimore. All 10 am games where both teams are in the playoff hunt. After last week's terrible slate, this is a beautiful thing. Enjoy your weekend.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


A few days ago we learned Bob Feller had taken a turn for the worse. He's one of those guys who faced Gherig, was a peer of Dimaggio but was still around. His name would come up accompanied by grainy old film when the latest fireballer would make the show. Probably the most famous shot was his throwing a pitch with a motorcycle racing the ball which times out as the first to hit 100 miles per hour. In 1984 his mug appeared frequently as we were introduced to the Mets Dwight Gooden. Feller was the guy, like Ted Williams and others who actually lived the life John Wayne played in movies. A great athlete who put the glove down to serve during World War II. One of the more astonishing facts was his dominance as a kid. He made the bigs at age 17. He'd posted a 20 win season before the age of 21. 2 days after the bombs fell at Pearl Harbor he enlisted in the Navy. He was the first major leaguer to enlist! I always admired his hard line stance on Pete Rose. Feller had a screw him attitude. He will be missed.
Did you see the end of Knicks/Celtics last night. Four-tenths of a second left. Boston up by a deuce. Amare Stoudamire takes the inbound at the top of the 3 point circle. Actually takes the time to square up and launch the prayer. Makes it, but about a second after the final buzzer. What a moron! Dude, catch and release as quickly as possible. He needs a lesson with Derek Fisher.
After a very sluggish first half, the Blazers made a run but came up light at Dallas. No answer down the stretch for Dirk Nowitzki. Quick side note, I heard Mavs owner Mark Cuban on the radio today. Actually mentioned Dirk in the same breath as Larry Bird. Knucklehead! Not a dynamic finish for Andre Miller who coughed it up twice in the final minute and a half but Nowitzki was not to be denied draining 4 huge buckets the final 2 1/2 minutes. Portland now returns home for 3 starting with the Timberwolves tomorrow. Gotta get things moving in a positive direction.
By the way. Michael Vick says he'd like to own a dog someday. Why can't crazed, homicidal maniacs ever target someone like this? I'd chip in for the defense attorney's bill.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Been taking a fair share of calls about Oregon's football uniforms. They've been called more Oakland Raider like than Duck like. Where are the school colors? I've heard it all and it's getting really boring. Let's get this straight, if you're older that 18 and not a possible recruit or current player no one cares about your opinion. The kids love the whole fashion show so deal with it! When I went to log onto my hotmail account this morning, the MSN page opened and halfway down the page was a link to a story where you could "see Oregon's uniforms for the BCS Title game"! You can't pay for that kind of publicity. The whole fuddy-duddy routine is boring. Whining about the Duck uniforms is now officially in the category of "turn down that rock and roll" or "I hate night games". You don't like the colors, don't buy the gear, go green and yellow. I was with 3 years ago when I read about recruits overwhelmingly loving how the Ducks were decked out in different get-ups for just about every game. That's the trump card so do yourselves a favor and stop banging your head against the wall and move on! FYI, there is a story on Page 2 of ESPN's site by Paul Lukas that asks what you think of the UO unis that will be on display for the championship game against Auburn.
I just read that a brawl broke out during Hulk Hogan's wedding. It happened between a security guard and a member of the paparazzi. I could not help but be amazed that anyone still cared what happened to this clown. Still, would have been nice to see the loser with the camera body slammed!
Trailblazers at Dallas is the 2nd half of the ESPN double header this evening. Portland has suddenly become drama central. Are Brandon Roy and Andre Miller getting along? Has the team tuned out coach McMillian? Is it time to make a few moves and go back to the drawing board? Legit questions all. This team is a game below .500 and seems to get stuck in neutral offensively at the most inopportune times. They have 8 games left in calendar year 2010, 4 at home and 4 on the road. After the Mavs tonight, they have 3 in a row at the Rose Garden against the Twolves, Warriors and Bucks. In order these teams sport 1, 3 and 3 wins on the road. I think we'll learn alot about the direction of the Trailblazers during that stretch. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


So the Phillies sneak under the radar and grab Cliff Lee from the Rangers and the evil clutches of the Yankees. I was glad New York failed because this knee jerk reaction of always pursuing a big ticket free agent to solve problems doesn't guarantee anything. The recent run of success came via the mix. Draft picks, the occasional trade and sure, when you're filthy wealthy, sign a stud. I feel for Texas. This is not a franchise traditionally in the mix or even the post season and Lee was their big gun that gave them the edge in the West and made them a legit player in the AL. Plus I really like Nolan Ryan and what he's doing in Arlington. He, along with Orel Hersheiser are promoting the end of babying pitchers. We'll all hear ad-nauseum what this means for the Phils rotation and shot at returning to the World Series in 2011. No great teams in the NL. They're a huge favorite without a doubt.
Really like how the Oregon men just rolled over their opponent last night. Make no mistake, I had this vision leading up to the season of them struggling to put away lesser teams but they're better than expected. They shot well, but more than the percentage, it's the quality of shots they're getting. In the 1st half, 11 of their 15 buckets came via the assist which is a tremendous ratio signifying outstanding ball movement and decision making. Things get a bit more difficult at the John Paul Jones arena against ACC member Virginia. We'll have more Cavs/Ducks talk as the week moves along, but UVA at 6 & 3 has beaten #17 Minnesota and Oklahoma with losses to Pac 10 foes Washington and Stanford. Interesting.
If you want tickets to the Arizona State game on New Years day, get into our drawing by signing up to become a member of The Score Skybox Club on our website. Visit We will announce a winner in the 5 o'clock hour today. Good luck!

Monday, December 13, 2010


I doubt it, but I'm putting it out there anyway. Was I the only one who felt dirty watching the Heisman presentation Saturday night? For the record, I tuned in for the last 10-12 minutes only. When I first saw Cam Newton in front of the camera after his dazzling 2nd half performance to beat South Carolina the first time in late September I was impressed. Seemed at ease, let his play do the talking, great smile, hell of a player. Now I see him as a snake oil salesman. Let's play bottom line. I think he knew what daddy Cecil was up to and wanted the cash to play. I'm not naive to think he's unique, but I'm hopeful enough to wish he didn't represent the rule. The whole thing stinks to high heaven.
The Eagles beat the Cowboys in Sunday night football. After the final gun, Dallas running back Tashard Choice got an autograph for his nephew from the murdering scum bag Michael Vick. Not sure what's more nauseating, getting an opponents signature or passing along one from a psychopath evil pig to a child.
I have a theory about the NFL. I count the Ravens, Steelers, Patriots, Saints and maybe Atlanta as Super Bowl contenders. Look at what happened to the Bears yesterday and the Jets the past 2 weeks. Talk about frauds! You can have the other 27 teams and that includes Philly with a very suspect defense. A buddy and I caught the better part of most of yesterday's games and we shook our heads at the lack of snap or quality. Considering the departure of college football I was looking forward to some great pro action. What a DUD!
I'm starting to get excited about college basketball season. Tennessee winning at Pitt on Saturday was pretty entertaining. Compared to the NFL yesterday, it was Duke/Kentucky from 92!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


The Urban Meyer resignation has sent some shockwaves around football, both college and pro. When a substantial gig like the head coaching position at Florida opens up, someone is losing a coach. I'd be surprised if it wasn't Dan Mullen who worked for Meyer as Offensive Coordinator for 4 seasons before taking the Mississippi State job prior to 2009. That said, I'm getting really tired of guys like Meyer's using the "spend time with family" excuse. Am I alone? Those of us who bust our buns working and raising a family, find time to be a good husband or dad? We don't have the luxury of quitting with several million in the bank. I also don't want to hear about his responsibilities or time constraints. It's freaking football. Personally I'd vote for "Slap"!
I'm certainly not on the Brett Farve bandwagon, but I just heard Jenn Sterger's manager Phil Reese on the Dan Patrick show. Patrick asked how her career is going. Career? What career? Does she put "professional bimbo" on her resume. If Farve in fact sent those revealing texts, he's a pig and I hope his wife dumps him. He's a selfish, phony child anyway who should not be cavorting with a woman like that when he's married so his true character has been exposed either way. But no question, this is Sterger's 15 minutes.
The Oregon men's basketball team gets back at it Saturday night with Willamette at the Pit for a 7 o'clock tip off. We will speak with assistant Kevin McKenna tomorrow morning at 8:35 on KUGN's Ducktalk show at the Gateway I.H.O.P. If you want the chance to win tickets to see this and games all year long moving from Mac Court to Matt Knight Arena go to our website, and become a member of our Score Skybox Club. We will give away a pair of tickets on today's show for the Saturday game. Good luck.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


30 years ago tonight I was watching Monday Night Football with the legendary crew of Frank Gifford, Howard Cosell and Dandy Don Meredith. Patriots & Dolphins, big AFC East battle. My 15 year old sister was supposedly asleep in her room, but she frequently kept her radio on. She came in, bleary eyed and said she thought she heard that John Lennon had been shot. What? It made no sense. Political figures or world leaders were assasinated, not rock stars. Then Howard Cosell stopped the action on ABC to verify the horrifying news. I still haven't wrapped my brain around it. Why this vermin we learned was Mark David Chapman would develop this violent obsession with the ultimate man of peace. What the hell kind of society breeds this kind of dirt? I'd say I'm just as angry on 12-8-2010 as I was on 12-8-1980. R.I.P John Winston Lennon.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Listening to all the BCS coverage, NFL football, NBA, ect. and I'm wondering who folks think are the best and worst. No qualifications or limitations. If the broadcaster is national or network, they're fair game. They can do play by play, color commentary, radio, TV studio work, give me your 3 best and the trio you'd like to throw down with.
The firing of Josh McDaniels in Denver seems like the poster move for the modern, information age generation. An owner like Pat Bowlen who ran a very stable franchise, went outside the Bronco circle to pull in a Bill Belichick desciple. Didn't last 2 years. Too much at stake. Too many missteps? The days of a 3-4 or 5 year program are a distant memory. Gotta make a move now or you're history.
People are making too much of this Patriot dusting of the Jets. New York could very easily be 5 & 7. They won games late against the Browns, Lions, Texans and ironically the Broncos that don't happen in other seasons. New England is coming together with a very young defense and a cohesive offense. This is far from etched in stone, but I see the Steelers at Pats for the AFC title and the Dixie battle between the Saints and Falcons in the NFC.
How about the NBA. Think people jump to knee jerk conclusions? Heat are now 14 & 8 with Miami Thrice starting to gel. How folks hit the pro hoop panic button in November is nothing short of idiotic. The East is not great. The freaking Knicks are making a move. Talk to me on February 1st before you draw any serious thoughts about Lebron, Dwade & this team, especially as they heal up. Definitely keep an eye on the Bulls. Just got Carlos Boozer back and they just beat the excellent Oklahoma City team with CB putting up 29 pts & grabbing 12 boards. After a stop in Cleveland tomorrow they host the Lakers Friday night. Early season can't miss NBA.
Okay, time to give away some loot. E-mail the correct answer to or text it to 653-3098. The Ducks have played in 2 BCS games, the win versus Colorado and last year's loss to Ohio State. Combined they've scored a total of 7 touchdowns. How many were via the run, how many via the pass? Good luck!

Monday, December 6, 2010


This is really sweet. I was crunching some numbers. The 1st BCS title was held in January of 99. Including the 2 participants from this year, that means 26 slots. Auburn and Oregon become the 13th and 14th programs to vie for the prize. It's a very repative, select club. Of the previous 12 to qualify, only Tennessee, Virginia Tech, Alabama and Nebraska have made one appearance. Of the rest, Texas, Miami, USC, LSU and Florida went twice. Florida State and thee Ohio State University made the biggie three times and Oklahoma four! It's one of those moments or accomplishments which seperates. We've spoken many times over the years about where Oregon football stands. The clear upgrade from the early 90's, through the Harrington years to where they are now. By making back to back BCS bowls the Ducks join conversations that once seemed unattainable.
How about Dana Altman and this basketball team? You don't want to get too far ahead of yourselves, but how can you not be encouraged? I was a huge supporter of the Kent regime and still feel he deserved a shot to open the new arena, but that doesn't mean Coach Altman isn't a terrific hire. They're very different people and with the multiple Elite 8 appearances, the bar is set pretty up there but this guy seems to be outstanding with those x's & o's. A knowledgable buddy of mine uses the phrase "nuts & bolts". I like how his offense gets the ball inside for high percentage shots and the players appear to be very willing to absorb what Altman is saying. My personal level of optimism has grown substantially in recent weeks.
On today's shows we continue the share the joy, take your calls, and of course culminate CrunchTime with another edition of "What Are You Doing?"

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Friday, December 3, 2010


So how high on the list is playing for the right to play for a national title in the sport that has become America's passion? And I'm talking in the history of the Pacific Northwest. Up there with the Blazers winning it all in 77 or making the NBA Finals in 90 & 92? Winning the Fiesta Bowl in 2001. Seattle has had minimal success. No World Series, one Super Bowl, one NBA title in 79. Do National Titles in sports like Track & Field or College Baseball rate? I'm thinking this rates with any of them. I'll be looking for your input on this when we crank it up for our two local shows starting at 3pm.
Absolutely must acknowledge the passing of longtime Cubbie 3rd baseman, Ron Santo. I've had issues with those who vote for baseball's Hall of Fame the past decade or so because ballotteers have become self righteous, Sabre-metric twits. Santo should be in no question. The numbers he put up must be properly evaluated and these morons have bricked for way, way too many years. The years he was driving in more than 100 and knocking out 30+dingers were during the most dominating pitching era since pre-Babe Ruth. It was so out of whack, that following the 1968 season they lowered the mound because Bob Gibson had a 1.12 era, a mediocre pitcher like Denny McClain won 31 games and Carl Yazstremski led the AL in batting with a .301 average. Santo led the league in walks 4 times, on base percentage twice and even paced the NL in triples in 1964. He was also a 9 time All Star and won 5 gold gloves at 3rd. Compare him to an undeserving, one dimensional hack like Jim Rice who couldn't catch a cold and played in the much more favorable mid 70's thru the 80's. It's a freaking disgrace!
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Thursday, December 2, 2010


I think it's an interesting coincidence Lebron James is returning to Cleveland for the 1st time since the ill-conceived "Decision", the same week as the biggest Civil War ever. Lot of talk about how he'll be treated. Some writers and media members calling on the Cavs fans to go easy and not spew so much venom. Hate to say it, but that ain't happening. Remember, for the most part this franchise is the Clippers or the Lions of their sport. Complete and total non-entities. Except for the period between 2003-04 and last year when James put them on the map and made them relevant. In the early 1990's they made the East finals with Mark Price, Craig Ehlo, Brad Daugherty and Larry Nance, but for the most part been a "who cares" team. Right now they're significant, but as of tomorrow morning, it's back to the back burner. That's why I see some serious fireworks on tonight's horizon. Last chance for people to pay attention. Hopefully it won't get ugly.
As for that other Civil War. I was thinking about the logic of Oregon State doing all they can to run the ball, and keep the Oregon offense on the sideline for as long as possible. Obviously that means getting Quizz Rodgers on track. The problem with that theory is what's gone down during this 2010 season. Against the 3 top opponents the Beavs have faced, TCU, Boise State and Stanford, Jacquizz has made a limited contribution at best. Never more than 75 yards. 1 TD versus the Froggies, 1 against the Broncos and he was kept from paydirt in last week's disaster down on the farm. I don't see him having a monster game at Reser which means Ryan Katz has to come up huge. I don't think there is a more important player on Saturday than the Beav's sophomore from Santa Monica.
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


If you hang with a group of guys, co-workers, family members long enough, you'll develop a kind of personal language or means of communication. I knew a few knuckleheads I worked with maybe 28-29 years ago who would in the middle of the conversation yell "sweep"! That meant it was time to sweep what the outsider was saying under the rug. A favorite of my gang of misfits was "NBC" or "Channel 4". In the New York market, the NBC affiliate is on Channel 4. But to us idiots it means "No Body Cares". I'm hearing people on a national level talk about the early season problems of the Miami Heat like the security of America hangs in the balance. As I drive around and the subject surfaces my reaction is always "NBC" or "Channel 4". I hope my old pals appreciate this. Can even the most die hard NBA fan be that up in arms over anything that happens beyond a season ending injury in late November? Come on!
By the way, now day 3 of Civil War week and still have not heard one football reason to believe Oregon State has a legit shot at derailing the Duck express headed for Glendale. The joy of sports is the unknown. Miracle on Ice coach Herb Brooks expressed it brilliantly. 99 out of 100 nights that Soviet Red Army team is taking out Team U.S.A, just not that night. The 2010 Ducks and Beavs meet 20 times, gotta believe Oregon is winning 19. Will that one misstep be Saturday? Be curious to hear from the expert analysts out there to point me in another direction.
Gonna go easy on you folks the rest of the week. No Trivia. Just a prediciton for Saturday's Civil War. The winner gets a $25 gift certificate for Jung's Mongolian Grill on West 11th and Tracktown Pizza on Franklin. Sweet deal. E-mail your numbers to or text it to 653 3098! Good luck.