Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I really wish a politician or any public figure would just come out and say it. Once! Is the truth really that hard? Does it allow for that life altering moment when we peek behind the curtain and things just ain't the same from that point forward? The NCAA is claiming, via it's website, that no favoritism was played in allowing Cam Newton to play for Auburn as well as the merry pranksters at Ohio State. My kingdom for a polygraph machine and international TV audience. On Crunchtime/Sportstalk today we hook these clowns up and ask the questions. So if 5 Florida International players were discovered to have sold their gear in violation of NCAA rules they would have played against Toledo in the Little Caesar's Bowl? You can't tell, but I just fell out of my chair laughing and had to dust off the shirt and refill my doggies water bowl after that. Why can't someone in authority just say they think we're morons, will do and follow what ever they put in front of us and have zero respect for what fans prefer or think. It's the truth, like it or not.
Found myself in hysterics over the new lead story on ESPN's site(it's 11am). Brett Farve has been hit with a 50K fine for failure to cooperate in the texting investigation. This is completely surprising. He's usually so in tune with what other's want and not at all self absorbed. Same goofball who has to have coaches and players literally fly to where he is and pretty much physically take him from Mississippi each summer to football camp. Brett Farve is the reason legal eagles can issue subpoenas. You might not want to come to our hearing, but the law says you must. Curious to see how many of you think he's actually tainted his legacy. Guy has stones the size of Autzen, never misses a game, yet many view him as a diva or drama queen. How odd is that?
Want to thank the Vikings for last night's performance and victory over the Eagles. Minny interim coach Leslie Frazier and his defensive people concocted a sweet design to limit the Philly rush, keep the dog killer in the pocket and clamp down with incredible effectiveness. They held the Iggle offense to just one TD over the games final 3 1/2 quarters. Lot of corner blitzes, at times they went after #7 up the gut, but he was spied and contained most of the night. So if the Bears win at Lambeau on Sunday they grab that NFC #2 seed and bye. Beyond my obvious desire to see the idiot Jets make a Super Bowl run, my second choice is to NOT have Philadelphia have success. Not sure I can stomach that swine celebrating the ultimate accomplishment in pro football. I will declare myself a huge fan of the "other" 5 NFC playoff teams.


Anonymous said...

Um, you might want to re-read the playoff scenarios for the NFL, Chicago sewed up the #2 seed with the Eagles losing last night. It doesn't matter what they do in Green Bay or what anyone else does.

Steve Tannen said...

I bricked. Was using the playoff scenario I printed out yesterday before the Philly loss. DUH! Never been so happy to be wrong.