Monday, December 20, 2010


For more than a decade I've been harping on the importance of sharing good information with each other. That includes sports, movies, great TV, comedy, all of it. Last night at 9pm I was goofing around with the tube on and a rerun of The Family Guy was on. I'd never seen it. It was their spoof on "Star Wars". I lost my mind laughing for an hour. Between my son and some of you, I'm very disappointed you didn't insist this was must see viewing. Absolutely brilliant. A bit insane for sure, but really clever and completely hysterical.
How New York Giants special teams coordinator Tom Quinn still has his job today is nothing short of water into wine miraculous. With the game tied and :12 left he allows his rookie punter Matt Dodge to kick the ball to DeSean Jackson. Perhaps not every NFL fan is aware of how stupid that is, but I know every Pac 10 fan and especially Oregon fans are in tune with the absolute horror that loomed. Naturally DJ took it to the house for the win. Literally you'd prefer the punter kick it backwards, sideways or take a knee. This was 7 1/2 minutes after the Gmen got caught napping on a "here it comes" onsides kick. Oh the horror!
I know it was on Friday, but the Oregon men getting beat at Virginia represents the cautionary tale of this season. Whether it be proper ball movement or outright accuracy, this team needs to shoot a good percentage because their lack of height will cause issues on the boards. The numbers were close to even, but 3 of 19 from three point land is nearly impossible to overcome. They also got to the free throw line just 9 times. Don't forget, the Cavs played without their best player Mike Scott who suddenly underwent arthroscopic surgery on his ankle and were coming off a 10 day layoff. I'm really encouraged by what we've seen from Dana Altman's charges, but there will be some rough nights for sure. Just gotta hang in and realize his capability of building something special.

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