Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Don't you hate when someone puts their brain on hold and fires off some idea that turns out to be pretty idiotic at the core. I enter a guilty plea when it comes to this whole business about postponing the Sunday NFL game between the Vikings and Eagles at Philly. I felt the PA gov was dead on pointing out what a wussified decision it was over a mere snowstorm. Turns out the weather was beyond severe and with the airport canceling flights left and right the situation would have graduated into a logistical nightmare and flat out been unsafe for fellow citizens. With the dust and snow settled, now we have an NFL game on a Tuesday night which is pretty cool. Go Minny!
How about Seton Hall hooper Jeremy Hazell surviving getting shot Christmas Night? Was heading into where he lives when 4 muggers approached him and threatened to shoot him if he didn't sit down. He took off running, and of the 4 shots fired in his direction, one found the mark. Fortunately it was a through and through, he flagged down an ambulance and is okay. Might miss the rest of the season, but that seems insignificant now.
Following the disastrous ending at Golden State on Saturday night, the Blazers showed some nice resolve in winning at Salt Lake City, always a difficult facility for a road team to emerge victorious in. LeMarcus Aldridge continues to step up as THEE guy with Brandon Roy out. Had a tremendous 4th quarter on both ends of the floor. Another solid all around game for Andre Miller who in college helped Utah make it all the way to the NCAA title game falling to Kentucky. He scored 17 points, dished out 6 assists and added 3 steals. Portland avoided falling below the .500 mark and face another tough test at Denver this evening, a 6 o'clock tip off.
All week long on Crunchtime/Sportstalk we will continue to share memories of Mac Court as the games at the legendary Pit wind down to a precious few.

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