Thursday, December 16, 2010


A few days ago we learned Bob Feller had taken a turn for the worse. He's one of those guys who faced Gherig, was a peer of Dimaggio but was still around. His name would come up accompanied by grainy old film when the latest fireballer would make the show. Probably the most famous shot was his throwing a pitch with a motorcycle racing the ball which times out as the first to hit 100 miles per hour. In 1984 his mug appeared frequently as we were introduced to the Mets Dwight Gooden. Feller was the guy, like Ted Williams and others who actually lived the life John Wayne played in movies. A great athlete who put the glove down to serve during World War II. One of the more astonishing facts was his dominance as a kid. He made the bigs at age 17. He'd posted a 20 win season before the age of 21. 2 days after the bombs fell at Pearl Harbor he enlisted in the Navy. He was the first major leaguer to enlist! I always admired his hard line stance on Pete Rose. Feller had a screw him attitude. He will be missed.
Did you see the end of Knicks/Celtics last night. Four-tenths of a second left. Boston up by a deuce. Amare Stoudamire takes the inbound at the top of the 3 point circle. Actually takes the time to square up and launch the prayer. Makes it, but about a second after the final buzzer. What a moron! Dude, catch and release as quickly as possible. He needs a lesson with Derek Fisher.
After a very sluggish first half, the Blazers made a run but came up light at Dallas. No answer down the stretch for Dirk Nowitzki. Quick side note, I heard Mavs owner Mark Cuban on the radio today. Actually mentioned Dirk in the same breath as Larry Bird. Knucklehead! Not a dynamic finish for Andre Miller who coughed it up twice in the final minute and a half but Nowitzki was not to be denied draining 4 huge buckets the final 2 1/2 minutes. Portland now returns home for 3 starting with the Timberwolves tomorrow. Gotta get things moving in a positive direction.
By the way. Michael Vick says he'd like to own a dog someday. Why can't crazed, homicidal maniacs ever target someone like this? I'd chip in for the defense attorney's bill.

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be like mike said...

Vick kills dogs, Officer Tannen of the Moral Police wishes (human) death (again) for Vick. Wow! You're one pathetic scum bag!

You (ignorant) moral high-grounders that think the penalty Vick served through jail and fines, is not enough, and instead deserves death is the height of a moral compass gone bad. Hate Vick, call him all the names you want and never forgive him, but to wish death and physical harm on another human, is beyond the pale of normalcy and is far darker and despicable than the crimes Vick committed.

Speaking of committed, had you inserted President Obama or Bush's name in the place of Vick's name in your blog, the Feds would've already kicked in your door and hauled your sorry ass off --- it's a sad commentary that you'd stoop to such hate (and criminal) words.

The height of irony, is that you'd bend over and take such a nauseating stance for dogs, and yet I'd bet my last dollar you're Pro Choice -- ha, you should be shamed (and exorcised) at your pitiful hypocrisy.