Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I used me as the final vote if it was necessary.  But of the established franchises here is what you had to say!
While Ichiro received limited support, the greatest in Mariner history hands down was Griffey Jr.  The other locks were George Brett of the Royals, the Padres Tony Gwynn, Robin Yount of the Brewers and I pulled rank calling it for Tom Seaver of the Mets.  Here are the rest in no particular order.
BRAVES:  Hank Aaron with some support for the winningest lefty ever Warren Spahn, and a call or two for Greg Maddux
RED SOX:  Pretty tight but Ted Williams emerges over Cy Young and Carl Yastremski.  One Met's fan did cast a ballott for Buckner.  Meany!
ORIOLES:  This was a wow with Cal Ripken, Jim Palmer and Brooks Robinson.  Frank Robinson was too prominent with the Reds so I went Brooks by a nose over Cal and didn't sleep much last nighit.
ASTROS:  2 horse race, Jeff Bagwell & Craig Biggio.  I don't think Bagwell gets into the Hall.  Biggio will so he's my guy.
REDS:  I eliminate Rose via the D-bag rule and went with the greatest catcher in the games history, Johnny Bench.
PHILLIES:  It was all about the 1-2 punch of Mike Schmidt and Steve Carlton.  With apologies to the Brooks Patrol, Schmidt is the greatest 3B ever thus my selection of Michael Jack Schmidt!
PIRATES:  Wow!  Clemente or Honus Wagner.  Some historians say Wagner in the conversation with Ruth, Cobb, ect as the greatest ever.  Love Roberto.  One of my faves, but had to go Wagner.
YANKEES:  Babe Ruth.  Why?  Because he's Babe Ruth.
INDIANS:  All old time guys like Nap Lajoie, Tris Speaker but the answer is Rapid Robert Feller.  Among the most dominant righties ever to toe the slab.  Love that cliche!
CUBS:  Thought about Cap Anson as the 1st ever to 3000 hits in MLB history.  Love Ryno, Fergie Jenkins, but there is only one Mr. Cub.  Here's to you Ernie Banks.  Let's play two!
ATHLETICS:  Though he played some prime years in NY, Rickey Henderson is in the running with XX Jimmie Foxx and Al Simmons.  Gotta go Simmons.  Drove in over 100 all 12 yrs with A's.  Batted .387, .392, .351, .365, .381 and .390.  "Bottomed" out at .322.
DODGERS:  One of the toughest calls of all.  Duke Snyder, Jackie Robinson, Yasiel Puig.  I'm going Sandy Koufax.  No pitcher remotely approached his 6 yr run starting in 1961 the past 70 years.  Regular season and World Series dominance.
ANGELS:  Nolan Ryan though this could change in 16 years with Mike Trout.
WHITE SOX:  Big Ed Walsh is among the least known, dominant pitchers ever with a career ERA of 1.82 but the answer is the Big Hurt, Frank Thomas.  Apologies to the Luis Aparicio fans.
CARDINALS:  Painful to eliminate Bob Gibson, Stan Musial or Rogers Hornsby.  Three words.  Stan the Man.
GIANTS:  Down to the trifecta of Christy Mathewson, Mel Ott and Willie Mays though I seriously considered Tito Fuentes.  Say Hey by a nose.
SENATORS/TWINS:  The always classy late great Harmon Killebrew, Kirby Puckett and Walter Johnson.  You can make a case The Big Train is the greatest righty of all time.  Walter Johnson.
TIGERS:  Came down to the man they call "Six" Al Kaline, Hank Greenburg, Charlie Gheringer and the winner despite some personal "shortcomings", Tyrus Raymond Cobb.
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Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I can't pinpoint the exact game but it was during the 1966 season, I'm five years old when my dad took me to my first game at Yankee Stadium.  Mantle was in the lineup.  He was born in 1935 as a Yankees fan and even though he busted my dad's chops, his dad, my grandpa was a Yankees fan.  I'm next in line.  Got my driver's license on Tuesday October 4th, 1977.  17th birthday.  Drove to Yankee Stadium for Game One of the World Series versus the Dodgers one week later, a 4-3, 12 inning victory.  I'm invested in this franchise like many of our listeners are in the Ducks.  Childhood team.  It's personal.  I did not watch last night's game against the White Sox.   I can not bring myself to cheer on the team with a slime ball like Alex Rodriguez staining my beloved pinstripes.  So he gets a big hit and I'm high fiving?  I don't think so.  I get that we've seen many, many unseemly characters in the sports we follow but this guy is garbage!  He's delusional.  He doesn't have the character or the balls to simply admit what everyone knows.  When asked point blank about his documented PED's use last night he played the "not the forum" card.  Really?  Innocent people scream it from the mountain tops.  Lying scumbags use their lawyers and double speak to avoid the facts of the issue.  Save the "everyone" did/does it crap.  There are a bunch of players coming out vocally against these Biogenesis pigs.  They want more severe penalties, perhaps even a lifetime banishment for getting caught that first time.  The union leadership will be more defensive when it comes to their members, so the real change must come from within.  Keep your eye on that because it represents a change in mentality.  They no longer circle the wagons in these situation, some are pointing the finger of accusation and I think that is a cause for hope.  As for my fanaticism for those guys in the Bronx, it's on hold.  The new question?  Has Alex Rodriguez ever played a season in the major league's clean?