Thursday, June 30, 2011

Brother-Lee Love, by Casey Mitchell

As much as I hate to acknowledge Cliff Lee or his success, I have to give him props on his third straight shutout he recorded on Tuesday. Lee improved to 8-5 with a 2.87 ERA on the season. Lee has been dealing in his last three starts, combining for 27 IP, 12 K and 0 ER over that span. Philadelphia was the first team this year to reach 50 wins, at 51-30. The Phillies team ERA of 3.02 is the best in baseball. You would think being 21 games over .500 this time of year would give you a commanding lead in your division, but the Atlanta Braves are staying close only 4.5 games out. Doc Halladay is continuing his old ways with a 10-3 record and a 2.40 ERA. Halladay also is leading the leauge with 5 complete games, a statistic he has led the majors in 6 of the last 8 seasons. I say let Philidelphia continue their hot streak, but by the time October comes around, San Francisco will be waiting to knock them off for a second straight season!

Wednesday's top story at Wimbledon was Roger Federer getting eliminated after a two-set lead over Jo-Wilfred Tsonga, in the quarterfinals. If Federer would have won, it would have been the first time since 1995 that the semifinals at Wimledon consisted of the top for seeds.
Other news at Wimbledon was Rafael Nadal playing through a foot injury to beat Mardy Fish on Wednesday. Nadal later stated, "My foot is not fine, but I'm in the semifinals and that's all that maters." Wimbledons semifinals now consist of Rafael Nadal, Novac Djokavic, Andy Murray, and Jo-Wilfred Tsonga.


I read the story where Charlie Sheen admitted to taking steroids when he filmed "Major League" back in 1989. That ought to set a record for stunned readers. First it's Charlie Sheen. Second it was the 1980's. I'd be more interested in what substances he "didn't" ingest. By the way, if the one interesting part of the story is true, pumping it up there at 85 mph, even on the juice, not bad for an actor.
Did you guys see that the LSU/Oregon game is a sellout and only Standing Room Only tickets are available? Incredible when you consider we've yet to hit July. I guess they're not counting on a big walk up purchasing run?
In less than 3 years Greg Oden has experienced the following. Microfracture surgery on his right knee, a bone chip in his left knee, a fractured left patella, surgery on his left knee, microfracture surgery on his left knee. And now the Blazers have made him the 8.8 million dollar qualifying offer. In essence he's an unrestricted free agent and they can match any offer he receives. He's been on the roster for 4 seasons. Completely missed 2. Got in 61 during one. Missed 3/4ths of the other. Take a hint. Is this as ridiculous to you as it is to me? Perhaps we can rationalize no other bigs out there worth taking a shot at? Odd. But considering it's Paul Allen and this franchise, perhaps not so much.
Be curious as to everyone's take on this.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Was reading a story in today's NY Paper about Tiger Woods and how it's more likely Jack Nicklaus tees it up at the fast approaching British Open. Woods just ain't healthy. I can't imagine he has even a remote shot at contending for the season's final major, the PGA. Thus we will enter into 2012 with Tiger at age 36, still 4 shy of the Golden Bear's record of 14 slam titles. Jack won 4 more after that age. Hopefully, for the sake of the sport and entertainment for fans, he heals and joins Rory McIlroy and the other fine Euro's atop the sport. I thought we got a tad of insight when Woods said Rory's swing at the same age was superior to his. Remember, after winning the Masters in 1997 at nearly the same age, Tiger changed his. He praised the performance of McIlroy and said it was not motivating as right now he's simply focused on getting healthy to a point where he's capable of teeing it up.
I was walking through midtown Manhattan earlier this week and happened across the NHL Store. In the window display was a huge mural of the Boston Bruins celebrating their recent Stanley Cup victory. WHAT? We have to see this crap in New York City?? I actually walked in, asked for the manager and pretty much bitched him out. He said it wasn't his call. I called Bull Crap and said they'd never put up with something like this if the Devils, Islanders or Rangers had won the Cup in Boston. The fans would have put multiple bricks through the window before torching it. He wasn't happy. I was.
Hope all is well in the Great Northwest. Catch ya on the morrow!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Adventures in Omaha, by Casey MItchell

Game one of the College World Series was a wild game that came down to great pitching and costly errors. It was a pitchers duel throughout with Florida's ace Hudson Randall going against South Carolina freshman Forrest Koumas. The Gators missed an opportunity in the ninth inning with the bases loaded and no outs, but came up empty after an inning ending 4-2-3 double play. I was on the edge of my seat the whole game, especially when SC leftfielder Jake Williams threw Florida's Cody Dent out at the plate in the bottom of the 10th.
I'm not a huge college baseball guy (mostly because they're never on tv) but that was one of the most entertaining baseball games I have ever wittnessed live.
After 2 overthrows on a South Carolina stolen base attempt commited by Florida catcher Mike Zuzino and centerfielder Brian Smith, Christian Walker scored the go-ahead run for the Gamecocks in the 11th inning. Once South Carolina brought in their closer, Matt Price, that was all she wrote for game one in Omaha. The Gamecocks have won 15 straight NCAA Tournament games, that's tied with Texas for the most all-time. Game 2 of this 3 game series will be tonight at 5 pm on ESPN. The Gators will try to force a game 3 as South Carolina tries to take the CWS trophy back home with them. Hopefully we're in for another barn burner.

After all of the pay-to-play allegations surrounding college football and Oregon, Darron Thomas talked about the issues on ESPN. Thomas explained that college athletes should be given a little extra money here and there for food and other necessities, as well as car insurance and things of that nature.
Thomas also talked about how last years loss in the Natty affected him as a player. Thomas said that whenever he looks back on last season, the only game he looks at is the Auburn game. He said, "To me losses are more important than wins when you're trying to become better as player, and a better team." After all, the only loss Darron Thomas has ever had as a starter was the Natty.... Let's keep it that way!

Monday, June 27, 2011


Yesterday was Old Timer's Day at Yankee Stadium. It marked the 1st return to the Bronx of former manager Joe Torre. He'd left after one of the most successful runs in team history under suspect circumstances. Translation? The team treated a class guy like garbage. I was really pleased with the fan reaction. Got your basic sports hero's welcome. Great piece in the Jersey paper about Derek Jeter. Reminded us this is the proper way to witness the tail end of an older superstar. The captain's skills are declining. Yesterday was his 37th birthday. Barry Bonds set the seasonal HR record at age 37. Raffy Palmiero hit a career high in homers. Can we figure out the difference? The author of the piece pretty much claimed we should celebrate a Hall of Famer doing it the right way. For the record, once DJ comes off the DL if he continues to have the miserable season we're witnessing, he needs to retire and throw back the final 2 years of his contract and ride off into the sunset.
It's amazing how in the biggest city in America, no one cares about college football. Some of the knuckleheads I know who are pretty insane sports fans have asked questions like "What bowl game did Oregon play in?" "Who won the National Title last year?" Then they'll bitch and moan about the Mets 7th inning guy. Just a different set of priorities concerning the sporting scene.
Roy Halladay just cranked out his 5th complete game of the year. No one has hit double digits since Randy Johnson in 1999. Doc has led his league each season but one of the last 6. The classic horse.
Getting ready to hit NYC. Downtown. Making my homage to Ground Zero.

Friday, June 24, 2011


Gotta admit, watching the NBA draft after Derrick Williams went #2 was more entertaining than I figured. Found myself locked in awaiting to see who my Knicks and the Blazers would take. NY got the kid from Ga Tech Iman Shumpert who played 3 years and brings a much needed physical attitude to their back court. Plus he can score. They also added Josh Harrellson from Kentucky. He's a big who can bang. They have skill and the ability to pile up points with Melo and Stoudamire but lacked size and rebounding. They're better.
I'd be pleased as a Blazer fan. The trade to get Ray Felton is a beautiful thing. I was ticked to beat the band when the Knicks traded him in the Carmelo Anthony deal. Portland fans are gonna love this kid. We saw how limited Rudy Fernandez was in the playoffs and what a total waste he is defensively. I liked Andre Miller, but Felton provides quality beyond a year or two. If you'd been listening to the shows recently, and Wednesday in particular, I said if Duke's Nolan Smith was there they should pluck him. You gotta love his pedigree playing for Coach K, plus he can stick the 3, is unselfish and plays defense. The point guard spot was a question and now I see it as a strength.
Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Roundup, by Casey Mitchell

With the NBA Draft tonight, a lot of speculation has been surrounding the Cav's first overall pick. Duke's Kyrie Irving is expected to be the pick Cleveland takes first. The Cavaliers also have the fourth pick in this years draft. To me it would make more sense for them to take Derrick Williams first, then get a point guard like Kemba Walker or Brandon Knight with that fourth pick. If Cleveland does take Iriving, he will be the third point guard taken first overall in four years, joining Derrick Rose in 2008 and John Wall in 2010.
Cav's Owner Dan Gilbert has stated that his son, Nick, is the teams good luck charm, and will be calling Cleveland's first 2 round selections. This could be the first step to a fulfilled promise made to Cav's fans by Owner Dan Gilbert, that they will win a championship before LeBron James wins one.

Even though the Minnesota Twins are 32-40 and 7.5 games back, they are 8-1 in their last nine games.With the return of Mauer, and the offense heating up, don't count out the Twins just yet.
The Florida Marlins snapped their 11-game losing streak, and a 1-19 record in the month of June, with a win over the Angels on Tuesday. Before June started Florida was 31-23 and in third place in the NL East. Now they are 14 games out of first place and in last place. I can tell you one thing... The Marlins are excited for July!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Really pleased about what we're hearing from the NFL negotiations. Looks like a deal will happen, even if it's a week or two down the road. Did some reading on the history of union/owner negotiations. If one side offers up an irrational request, that's dangerous, but it appears all are at least operating on a rational level. I'm really happy the bosses have bagged the 18 games schedule. That was purely ridiculous and I can't see any way around more injuries, shorter careers and a detriment to the product. The players seem to get a limit on rookie salaries is important. With the salary cap, teams can become negatively hamstrung by a bad deal given to an unproven young guy. The Salary cap itself was an issue. From what I've read, the league will mandate teams must spend close to 100% of that cap number. That's a beautiful thing. In Major League Baseball, where no cap exists, franchises like the Pirates take in their haul from TV and licensing but spend a minimal amount and don't put a competitive team on the field(so far they have this year but please!). So all is good and I'm looking forward to a whirlwind free agency period and the signing of draft picks once the new collective bargaining agreement is signed.
I enjoyed the reaction of Serena Williams after winning her 1st round match at Wimbledon yesterday(Tue). Remember, she'd gotten a serious scare with that lung clot. It had been almost a year since she played in a Grand Slam event. Just 2 1/2 months ago the docs green lighted her to crank it up again to play. After winning the 1st round of a major for the 44th time in 44 tries she welled with tears, which evolved into all out bawling. Shows she has an appreciation of being able to do this. Fellow players praised her as well for not being a machine. She's always brought charisma and an entertainment value to the table and has made women's tennis fun to watch.
I'm off to NYC for my family vacation after today's show and will get back at it on Tuesday July 5th. Justin and Grant will guide the ship. I'll certainly be checking in here and perhaps a call from Yankee Stadium on the evening of July 29th. Be well and thanks for all your support!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bouncing Back, by Casey Mitchell

After Rory McIlroys historical collapse at Augusta earlier this year, many people believed that would be his legacy. To everyones surprise, Rory roared back with a 7-under-par in the first round of the U.S Open at Congressional. After that first round, McIlroy was set on cruise control for the next 3 days. McIlroy ended the U.S Open 16-under-par. That was good enough for the lowest score in the history of the Open, passing Tiger's 12 under at Pebble Beach in 2000. If Rory wins the British Open in the next 3 years, his father will win over 300,000 American dollars, off a bet he made when Rory was 15. He bet that his son would win a British Open by the time Rory was 25. At that time the odds were 300 to 1.
I don't think McIlroy has a better chance of catching Nicklaus before Tiger does, but I do think that Rory McIlroy is here to stay and make a name for himself. He is only 22, and knows how it feels to win big, and choke big. I'm sure we haven't heard the last of Rory McIlroy.

3 months into the baseball season, one of the biggest surprises of the league are the Seattle Mariners. Seattle's pitching has been outstanding this season, having the 2nd best team ERA in the American League. The Mariners are currently only 1 game out of first place, sitting at 37-35. The entire AL West is in a tight race for the division title. All 4 teams are within 5.5 games of the division lead.
The final thing I would like to cover is the injury to Albert Pujols. Pujols is batting .279 with 17 home runs and 45 RBI. The Cardinals are in a close race with both the Brewers and the Reds. This injury could cost the Red-Birds a chance at the postseason, but keep in mind, It's only June and Albert isn't having his usual outstanding season. The entire St. Louis offense is now placed on the shoulders of Lance Berkman, and Matt Holiday.

Monday, June 20, 2011


If you ask me, Rory McIlroy won the US Open the first 11 holes on Saturday. Sunday was a coronation. He made a sand save on 2, got up and down for another par,t hen followed his lone bogey to that point with a gorgeous birdie on 11. Unless Day or Yang or Westwood had a 60 in em, the kid had it in the bag. I was so confident I set the DVR then headed out to Trysting Tree in Corvallis for a 1 o'clock tee time. We managed to avoid information, my buddy dropped me back at my place where my wife and kids had Father's Day dinner ready and I logged on and saw he rolled. Caught the replay later but it was delightfully anti-climatic. Now we have a contender. The guy to beat when he tees it up at a major like "you-know-who" until his personal & physical meltdown and re-tweaking of the swing. I'm a huge dynasty fan. Give me a player or a team who sets the bar into the stratospher and gives the rest of the field something to aspire to. Rory has run 3rd at the last 2 PGA Championships, also 3rd at last year's British Open and of course had the Masters within his grip until the Sunday horror. Lesson learned. HE'S the man!
You might have noticed I'm a pretty big sports fan. Really big NBA fan. I could not be less interested in the upcoming draft. I don't buy anyone out there that's going to alter my opinion about what goes down next season. As great as the playoffs we're, this has dud written all over it and the real trouble is their labor issue may trump what's taking place in the NFL. Yuck!
David Vobora, Churchill High grad, played linebacker at Idaho and is currently with the St. Looey Rams. Had served a 4 game suspension for flunking a drug test. Guy insisted he was innocent. Unfortunately because of the real cheaters it appears athletes have lost the benefit of the doubt. He was just awarded a 5.4 million judgement against the supplement maker responsible for this whole mess. This is a new, very important angle. Companies who produce these supplements now have to be more accountable and careful about their manufacturing procedures. It also goes to show not everyone is Sosa or McGwire or Marion Jones. Some players have their heart in the right place and are simply victims.
Big Monday. Lot of candidates for "What are you Doing"? Enjoy the day!

Friday, June 17, 2011


This has nothing to do with sports, but when someone gets it so right, it has to be noted. I'm a lifelong rocker and a huge Jethro Tull fan. When I first saw them in 1977 at age 17 I was okay with extended live versions and musical solos. At age 50, not so much. Last night's show at the Cuthbert was absolutely perfect. How do you not love a performer who gets his audience to a tee?? I'd say with a debut album from 1968 the average age in the audience was bigger than me. People my age and over don't yearn for 3 hour shows on a weekday night and 18 minute drum solos. Ian Anderson and the guys took the stage almost on the dot for the 7pm announced curtain. My buddy and I walked to a local watering hole after the show and arrived by 9:30. From an efficiency point of view it was amazing. The music, the show, the setting, the sound?? Even better. Played the entire Aqualung album which is in my Top 10. Threw in some masterful renditions of "Living in the Past", "Thick as a Brick" and "Songs from the Wood".
As of this writing Rory McIlroy is running away with the US Open. We know he went to pieces on Masters Sunday. Here's hoping he reverses this trend, buries the field and rolls to an historic victory with his 1st major. I'm all about the game rather than the player or team. No jock is bigger than the sport be it Ruth, Jordan, Tiger or Jeter. At age 22, if Rory hangs in we now have the top player on earth to follow with Woods still working his way back to worthy status. It will provide a terrific jolt. Come on Rory! Close the deal kid!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Walking on Thin Ice, by Casey Mitchell

15 days and 7 games after everyone counted Boston out, and was picking the Canucks in 4 games, or the Cancks in 5 games, The Bruins capture their first Stanley Cup in 39 years. Even though the game was played in Vancouver and the home team had won every game this series previous to Game 7, I just felt like the Bruins were going to take it all. Boston played in 3 game sevens this series, and Roberto Luongo had been playing sub-par all series. So game 7 just had that type of feel to it. Tim Thomas of the Bruins won the Conn Smythe Throphy, which is awarded to the MVP of the playoffs. Thomas became the 15th goalie to win that award in the history of the Stanley Cup. Sounds to me like Roberto Luongo is the LeBron James of the Cup and Tim Thomas is the Dirk Nowitzki of the Cup.
After all the talk about Boston being the new Title Town, I'm not buying into it. Title Town will forever be in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Period. And I have to say, I'm not a big hockey guy, but it was nice to watch a sporting event where the Ref wasn't blowing a whistle every 15 seconds. Don't fret Vancouver fans, your team is sure to be back in the running starting next winter!

Being only 6 hits away from hit #3000, Derek Jeter gets placed on the 15 day DL ,for the first time since 2003, with a right calf strain. Another streak that will be snapped is Jeter's 7 consecutive seasons playing 150+ games. That's tied for all-time, behind only the great Cal Ripken Jr. ( 1982-1993 ). I'm not particularly a Yankees fan, but I think Derek Jeter is a great player and a class act. I hope he recovers soon, and breaks that 3000 hit mark that everybody is waiting for.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


The lead story as we speak on ESPN is about the NFL negotiation's nearly blowing up. I find this unaccpetable. They do understand that the NBA playoffs are over, the NHL post season ends tonight and we need this stuff right?? Seriously, if I were Bill Gates I would find out how far apart the two sides are monetarily and provide the difference. Then I could move forward, follow the free agent market, draft pick signings and finally see an actual depth chart. I really hate the owners. I'm not in love with the players. Please settle!
I was reading that Cale Yarborough was just elected to the NASCAR Hall of Fame. How the hell was he not already in? I'm not a big stock car fan but jeez louise, even the most casual American sports fan from that generation knew this guy was big time. Won 3 consecutive driving titles, 4 Daytona 500's and his 83 victories are 6th all time. Sounds like Hall credentials and his induction is very long overdue.
I know in this very blog I've expressed my dislike for the Vancouver Canucks because of their cheap shot, classless display during these NHL Finals. It pained me to root for a Boston team. Then I was listening to the radio this morning and heard about this "Titletown" theory and capturing all 4 in pro sports. You have the Patriots in 2001, 03 & 04, Red Sox in 04 & 07, and the NBA champion Celtics of 2008. Can't have the quartet completed. I've completely reversed course and climbed aboard the Canuck bandwagon. I tried. Didn't work.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I get the dislike for Lebron. I get everyone piling on for his inept crunch time play and some of the petty, stupid things he said. I don't get the "break up the Heat" mentality. Did they miss the playoffs? Did they get run in the 1st round? OR!!! Did they pretty much solve everything in year one except how to win those last 2 games and earn the title? Do not look for anything overly dramatic. They have to get through to James that he obviously needs to add a wrinkle or two to his offensive arsenal. Might want to bring in a more distributor focused point guard. Everyone needs to calm down and let some element of logic take root!
The Mavs championship certainly scored with the suits at ABC. Second most viewed Finals in 7 years since Detroit rolled LA in 5 games.
Heard a bunch of the Colin Cowerd show working out this morning. Gotta admit, the guy has a point. He openly questioned new Ohio State football coach Luke Fickell who claimed ignorance of all that was going on, eventually costing Jim Tressel his gig and will likely lead to more serious ramifications. This guy wasn't a grad assistant, but a right hand man. He sounds like one of those stereotypical German army officers and their "I know nuh-zink'! Either a liar, ignorant or fortunate enough to have been kept in the dark. Odd circumstances.
Really disappointed in Cliff Harris. Really? You need to be going 118 miles an hour on a suspended license. And whoever the yutz is who rented him the car and handed it over needs to be taken behind the woodshed. Most get it, but the rest need to figure out that the elevation of Oregon football into the ranks of the elite carries with it a huge bullseye. If this happened to a DB at Washington State, it slides well under the radar. For an All American on the runner up in the Natty, it's a huge story. Gotta be smarter and see the big picture!

A Week in Sports, by Casey Mitchell

The King and the Heatles aren't going to stop at 6, or 7, or even 8.... That's because they can't even get one. Don't get me wrong, I love LeBron and I love the way the Heat play the game, but LeBron's performence in Games 4, 5 and 6, reminded me a lot of game 5 in last years Conference Semifinals vs. the Celtics. In that game James had 15 points, 6 boards, and 7 assists. We're witnesses alright.... Witness of the Quitness! It seems like whenever crunchtime come around LeBron James wants nothing to do with the basketball. It's true that James did have 21 points in the Game 6 loss, but as usual in the series "The King" dropped a 7 spot ot the 4th quarter. If you ask me, scoring 7 points in the 4th is uncharted territory for MJ. The Main point is that the Dallas Mavericks are NBA Champions. Dirk, Kidd, and "Jet" get their long deserved rings. And Mark Cuban can live in happiness. Hopefully next year will be the year the Big 3 get their rings. Only time will tell....

As for baseball, the San Francisco Giants remain in first place despit key injuries to Pablo Sandovol, Freddy Sanchez, Buster Posey, and Cody Ross. Plus, it doesn't help that Pat "The Bat" Burrell is hitting a WHOPPING .227 with only 6 big flies. On a related note, is it really needed for ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball to show the strike zone as the game is being played?! I mean, it's bad enough the NFL has the yellow first down line. Jeez. Anyways the Giants fan base has been stellar by selling out every home game this season ( 31 straight games. ) Who says baseball is dying out? If that's the case the City by the Bay didn't get the memo. After all.... There's Magic Inside!

Monday, June 13, 2011


I guess the one aspect of the Heat losing the Finals is the joy in Cleveland. Really? You think this had anything to do with you? You had the greatest player in the history of your laughable franchise, born in your backyard, who could not convince anyone of value to join him. You still stink. You remain a joke. James made it to the league championship series. The Cav season ended sometime around Thanksgiving. I actually heard a dunderhead named Cedric McEachron rip into Miami. He's a Cleveland area school teacher. What a maroon.
My main issue is the Heat didn't show a lot of class or character. The poking fun at Dirk when he was ill was annoyingly revealing. Seems like they are very accomodating and personable when things are rolling along, but when the pressure cranks up during a period of adversity, not so much! No question they will make some tweaks and be back as a factor next year. As for Dallas, gotta believe they can make another run. Dirk, Kidd, Terry, Haywood & Marion are all signed through next season. Tyson Chandler and JJ Barea are free agents but you figure they will re-up. The primary glitch is I'm thinking it's 50/50 the season either blows up or takes a substantial hit because the labor issue in the NBA is way worse than the NFL and we know how that's gone!
Might have that unique back to back piece of history in sports. Dallas wins the 1st title in franchise history on a Sunday, perhaps the Canucks will earn their first Stanley Cup this evening!
Gotta catch up on some baseball, recap the Belmont and see what's on those minds when we hit the airwaves this afternoon.

Friday, June 10, 2011


I know that LeBron tanking at the most critical moments the past 2 games has been played to death. I've heard some logical angles and some idiotic points made in support of and against the guy. From my chair it all comes down to one thing. If James wants his name mentioned in the same sentence as the best and biggest winners in NBA history he has to mimmick their performance with the money on the table and answer simple questions. With his team in dire need of points would (fill in the blank) take nothing but perimeter shots in the 4th quarter? With his team in dire need of points would (fill in the blank) fail to get to the line in the 4th quarter? If the answer is no and LBJ answered yes with his play, he doesn't qualify as an all time elite player, period! Still time to rescue the rep from these Finals, but tick tick tick.
I read Plaxico Burress said there was nothing pleasant about prison. Darn, I thought it would be Disneyworld! For openers, he wasn't one of those white collar criminals who do their time at what some jokingly call "Club Fed". I also found out he lives in Totowa, New Jersey. So does my mom. I've properly warned her. Football wise with his size and skill, if he's in shape there will be a slight demand for his services. The cat is 6'6" with pretty good hands. That's assuming the yo yo's iron out their differences and we get a 2011 NFL season.
For the many Yankees fans I've heard from and read about. The outcry over getting bitch slapped again by the Red Sox is funny. They're a much deeper and better team. Deal with it. Just because New York can rake they might outlast Tampa or Detroit or California or maybe Chicago to the finish line for a wild card spot. I don't expect much more.
No shows today as we've been given the gift of a day off and the shot to play in a golf tournament. Enjoy your weekend. Be safe & we'll catch up with you at 3pm on Monday for CrunchTime!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Was sad to hear about the passing of former Tiger Jim Northrup. He had the game winning hit in game 7 of the 1968 World Series. That was the 1st series I ever watched and actually understood what was happening and had a rooting interest. Don't recall why I favored Detroit over the Cardinals, but I did. I remember having Northrup's baseball card and thinking he had a really cool lefty stance. Wasn't a great player, but rock solid. He had 2 bombs in that comeback victory against St. Looey and was a key part of the Tiger's 1972 AL East Champs who came up just short against Oakland in the 4th AL Championship series. He suffered from Alzheimers.
I really hope they postpone Game 5 of the NBA Finals. This way we can dissect Lebron James a bit more because the talk about his bleak performance on Tuesday hasn't been hammered home enough. This just in. He stunk! Miami has yet to lose back to back playoff games this season. He can pretty much erase the bad memory with a strong finish in the next 2 or 3 games, hoist that trophy and add to his jewelry collection. Is it even possible to offer up an angle on LBJ that hasn't been offered up at least 11-thousand times. In Dallas' favor, they missed a lot of open shots, especially Dirk, Kidd and Barrea so they have room for improvement, not just the Heat. I just want to see another nailbiter, but with upgraded crunch time execution as opposed to the brick-a-thon we witnessed in Game 4.
If I were a betting man, I'd say we have a much better chance of seeing NFL football over NBA hoops next season. The hoop owners are really trying to re-calculate the financial structure of their league. They're talking a hard salary cap, smaller length contracts and less guaranteed money in those player contracts. Commissioner David Stern came out of the latest round of meetings and spoke for about 8 1/2 minutes. He used the phrase "very far apart" 5 times. At least the NFL folks are expressing some form of optimism. Yikes! Guess we better enjoy Dallas/Miami because it might have to last a while.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


All season long I've been harping on folks who've been hammering LeBron James. The angle has been understanding how a hooper can contribute even if they're not filling the scoring column. You saw the speech he gave to his teammates about facing this game as if they were down in the series with a sense of desperation. Great idea! Perhaps he would have done well to take his own advice. Just a brutal performance in that 4th quarter. Seriously, where the hell was he? I know by the time we sign on today you'll have heard it ad nauseum, but nice job by Dallas coach Rick Carlisle. Mixed in some zone, some man and put that Miami offense just a bit out of whack. The Mav offense was crafty. Couldn't hit a shot at the end, just like the Heat, but Dirk found a way to put one in the bucket to win the game. Bottom line. The hell with James, Nowitzki, Cuban and the commentators. Good for the fans. We get at least a 6 game Finals.
I was joking on the air yesterday that we can't get through a 24 hour period without that Ohio State fire getting another log thrown on it. Right now at 10:15 on Wednesday morning it's about amount. The latest has Terrelle Pryor netting about 40-grand from autographed memorabilia. Can't wait for this afternoon and the latest development. Another new name in the play. Dennis Talbott. Columbus businessman and free lance photographer who has denied allegations when questioned by ESPN's "Outside the Lines".
On today's show, the newly acceptable means of motivation where a star player either calls out a teammate on camera or in the locker room then we all hear about it. Right or wrong?
Looking forward to Game 4 of the NHL Finals from Boston this evening. It might turn some off but once the word "HATE" enters a series, it's great for fans.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


As a die hard New York sports fan, naturally I detest all things Boston. Then watching the 1st period of the NHL Finals on the monitor in the studio during the latter part of SportsTalk I witnessed the dirty hit by Vancouver's Aaron Rome. He laid out the Bruins Nathan Horton on a flat out cheap shot. There is no room for that in a sport that's doing well, gaining in the TV ratings and just inked a nice 10 year television deal. The league sat that dirt bag Horton for the rest of the playoffs. Nice job moron! Play your whole life for this moment and just because you carry the goon gene you're out. For the record, he's managed a whopping 2 goals over his 4-plus seasons in the league. Good riddence idiot! Can't believe I'm saying this, but I've changed over and hope Boston wins the Cup!
Has a 24 hour period ended without some new piling on style insight to the mess at Ohio State? Turns out Jim "I Know Nothing" Tressel exchanged several dozen texts and phone calls with the supposed mentor of Terrell Pryor. The guy, Ted Sarniak, is a businessman who hails from TP's home town. Tressel of course played the "I barely knew him" card, just another huge lie! I kind of laugh at the term "mentor". More like street agent. We've also learned about 91 text messages from Tressel to Pryor's high school coach Roy Hall. This genius originally said he was unaware of any investigation into Prior when this whole situation surfaced and never spoke to Jim Tressel about it. Do the players in this melodrama even know how to tell the truth?
Game 4 of the NBA Finals this evening. Oddsmakers like the Mavs by a field goal. I'm thinking that backcourt better make a contribution in the points column. Not picky. Kidd, Jason Terry, Barrea? Anyone. Miami has to play like a shark smelling blood in the water because they get it done tonight and it looks like a lock! Enjoy it.

Monday, June 6, 2011


Heading into the new week we have the Heat and Canucks just 2 wins light of earning their sport's biggest trophy. Miami has really had the upper hand in the NBA Finals they just get victimized by some poor offensive moments, primarily because at times it seems they lack rhyme or reason at that end. The tenacity on defense has carried them this far, plus they haven't lost back to back games all post season long. Last night you have to credit them for putting Udonis Haslem on Dirk for the final posession after Nowitzki abused Bosh in Game 2.
Vancouver can take a huge step towards the 1st Stanley Cup in franchise history. They joined the NHL the same year the Trailblazers became an NBA franchise. They've snuck past the Bruins in 2 scintillating one goal games to lead 2-zip. I think this thing can still go Boston's way, but obviously it begins with a key home victory this evening.
I think Oregon ace Tyler Anderson will go in round one of the MLB amateur draft. You can run the numbers all you please. I just think the guy has big league makeup. The willingness to be the Friday guy and his demeanor which includes accountability. Always seems to shoulder the blame for defeats and share the credit in victory. Subtle but important as he becomes a professional.
Former Giants wide out Plaxico Burress was released from prison today. Spent the last 20 months in lockup for a gun charge. He was a knucklehead who packed heat and accidentally shot himself. Michael Vick committed perhaps the most vile crimes ever committed by an active athlete among the major sports we follow outside of Rae Carruth and did less time. Sometimes I wonder about our system of justice.

Friday, June 3, 2011


The night of game one of the NBA Finals I sent out a tweet. The gist was I didn't realize how much I was rooting for the Heat. Then last night during crunch time I'm pretty much losing it pulling for the Mavs. Maybe I just want to see a riveting 7 game, down to the wire, historic series. Miami tanked. Classic case of Murphy's Law. Mistakes compounded by terrific clutch performances by Dallas and a stunned crowd exits the arena. Well, stunned for a South Beach audience who I'm not quite sure understand what they're seeing. For years I've said the Miami fans outside of those who support the U could care less. By the time we sign on for Crunchtime the time management, no foul questions will be recycled ad nauseum but the answers are insignificant because they blew it and the Mavericks got it done! All even heading for Game 3 in Big "D".
San Francisco Giant GM Brian Sabean is flat out nuts. In an extremely delayed reaction to the home plate collision that put catcher Buster Posey on the sidelines, likely for the year, he went off. In a radio interview said the other player in the crash, Florida's Scott Cousins, would get his. Pretty much threatened the guy. Incident happened on May 25th and he's still harboring this kind of grudge on a good, hard, clean play? Dude! Grow up! Some complete and total lowlifes have actually made death threats to Cousins. Really? What a bunch of classless crybabies!
The monetary troubles of the Mets & Dodgers have been well documented. A new report shows that 9 of the teams in MLB are out of whack. Apparently there is a formula that allows each franchise to have a certain amount of debt. The amazing fact? Over the past 8 years baseball's revenue stream has doubled to about 7 billion annually. I'm not overly schooled in the art of high finance, but feel comfy calling these clowns in charge a bunch of greedy, clueless morons.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


When word came down Shaq had retired I figured the debate from my angle would be he didn't belong so high up the big fella list. Then the programs began yesterday(Wed) at 3pm and I found myself defending his place in history. For openers, the modern era has not been bountiful for true centers. I also think there are lot's of sour grapes in a town like this that is so anti-Laker and pro-Blazer that credit is given begrudgingly at best. It's important to remember Oneal at his best. The size was overwhelming, but he was quick and athletic. Chamberlain won a title with 2 teams. So did Kareem. So did Shaq, plus he took a 3rd, Orlando to the Finals. That's unique. Personally I don't think he was as dominant a rebounder and interior defender as Wilt or Russell and obviously Jabbar was an insane scorer with the unstoppable sky hook. I've yet to hear a definitive case that leads me to believe Shaquille Oneal isn't the 4th or 5th greatest center to play in the NBA. Some are in the conversation, none can present a much better case.
I've heard it from a few national commentators, but driving to the gym this morning with my wife it crossed my mind. The story about the NFL commish Roger Goodell, the Union boss Demaurice Smith and certain owners holding a secret meeting. If we know, doesn't that kind of eliminate the secrecy issue? Here's hoping the greed patrol will lighten up and make sure the 2011 season is a reality.
Lot of talk about Dallas simply needing to shoot better to win game 2 and square this NBA finals. Makes some sense, except for one substantial issue. Miami's ability to challenge shots like no one else the Mavs have seen. Jason Terry and JJ Barea looked like they feared phantom defenders because they were rushing shots so badly. I really think these teams are pretty equal and this is a very "NBA" series. By that I mean it will come down to the final 3-4 minutes and that's been when the Heat have gone into lockdown mode. Oddsmakers had Miami a 4 1/2 point home chalk in the opener, for tonight it's gone up a half tick to 5. The over/under has dipped a bit from 188 to 186 1/2. Telling? We shall see.
Join us today from 3-6pm at Sam's Place on Wilson Street off West 11th. Gonna have some tickets to the Prefontaine Classic this Saturday at Hayward along with one of those sweet Cumulus Golf Cards for free rounds at some of the areas top notch tracks. Gotta come down to have a shot. See ya then.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


For the Ohio State apologists, turns out the football program has 29 staff members who could have kept an eye out on the Jay Leno style car enthusiast who played quarterback for them. They might also have been able to throw some attention to the den of degeneracy tatoo parlor that became a well known hangout. The sports story of 2011 is going to turn into one of the biggest in recent college history.
I must confess to a horrible character flaw(I know, too many to count). I heard there was an automobile accident in Italy involving a member of the cast of "Jersey Shore" and was disappointed a high cliff with jagged rocks at the bottom wasn't involved.
To end the 3rd quarter last of last night's opener of the NBA Finals Lebron James hit a fade away 3 that caught the bottom of the net. Do me a favor. Head for your local rim. Take that shot 50 times. Tell me how many go pure splash. That cat has ridiculous strength to go with a pretty rare skill set. Count me as a fan of Miami coach Erik Spoelstra. He's a Pat Riley guy who faced the music and has his gang 3 wins from the brass ring. In the 3rd quarter of a 2 point game, ABC had him wired. He told the team to embrace the grind. Feel it. Get used to it as it's not going away. They did. They won. He might be the next great coach.
Game one of the NHL Finals this evening. Try to contain your euphoric state. Naturally with a Boston team involved I climb aboard the opponent's bandwagon. Either way we'll either see the B's hoist the Cup for the 1st time since Espo & Bobby Orr patrolled center ice back in 1972 or a first ever for Vancouver. Should be a heck of a series. I don't truly trust either goalie, Boston's Tim Thomas or Roberto Luongo of the Canucks. Guess I'll lean towards the firepower and the 1st Canadian based team to win it all since Montreal beat the Gretzky led Kings back in 1993.