Friday, June 3, 2011


The night of game one of the NBA Finals I sent out a tweet. The gist was I didn't realize how much I was rooting for the Heat. Then last night during crunch time I'm pretty much losing it pulling for the Mavs. Maybe I just want to see a riveting 7 game, down to the wire, historic series. Miami tanked. Classic case of Murphy's Law. Mistakes compounded by terrific clutch performances by Dallas and a stunned crowd exits the arena. Well, stunned for a South Beach audience who I'm not quite sure understand what they're seeing. For years I've said the Miami fans outside of those who support the U could care less. By the time we sign on for Crunchtime the time management, no foul questions will be recycled ad nauseum but the answers are insignificant because they blew it and the Mavericks got it done! All even heading for Game 3 in Big "D".
San Francisco Giant GM Brian Sabean is flat out nuts. In an extremely delayed reaction to the home plate collision that put catcher Buster Posey on the sidelines, likely for the year, he went off. In a radio interview said the other player in the crash, Florida's Scott Cousins, would get his. Pretty much threatened the guy. Incident happened on May 25th and he's still harboring this kind of grudge on a good, hard, clean play? Dude! Grow up! Some complete and total lowlifes have actually made death threats to Cousins. Really? What a bunch of classless crybabies!
The monetary troubles of the Mets & Dodgers have been well documented. A new report shows that 9 of the teams in MLB are out of whack. Apparently there is a formula that allows each franchise to have a certain amount of debt. The amazing fact? Over the past 8 years baseball's revenue stream has doubled to about 7 billion annually. I'm not overly schooled in the art of high finance, but feel comfy calling these clowns in charge a bunch of greedy, clueless morons.

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