Wednesday, June 8, 2011


All season long I've been harping on folks who've been hammering LeBron James. The angle has been understanding how a hooper can contribute even if they're not filling the scoring column. You saw the speech he gave to his teammates about facing this game as if they were down in the series with a sense of desperation. Great idea! Perhaps he would have done well to take his own advice. Just a brutal performance in that 4th quarter. Seriously, where the hell was he? I know by the time we sign on today you'll have heard it ad nauseum, but nice job by Dallas coach Rick Carlisle. Mixed in some zone, some man and put that Miami offense just a bit out of whack. The Mav offense was crafty. Couldn't hit a shot at the end, just like the Heat, but Dirk found a way to put one in the bucket to win the game. Bottom line. The hell with James, Nowitzki, Cuban and the commentators. Good for the fans. We get at least a 6 game Finals.
I was joking on the air yesterday that we can't get through a 24 hour period without that Ohio State fire getting another log thrown on it. Right now at 10:15 on Wednesday morning it's about amount. The latest has Terrelle Pryor netting about 40-grand from autographed memorabilia. Can't wait for this afternoon and the latest development. Another new name in the play. Dennis Talbott. Columbus businessman and free lance photographer who has denied allegations when questioned by ESPN's "Outside the Lines".
On today's show, the newly acceptable means of motivation where a star player either calls out a teammate on camera or in the locker room then we all hear about it. Right or wrong?
Looking forward to Game 4 of the NHL Finals from Boston this evening. It might turn some off but once the word "HATE" enters a series, it's great for fans.

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