Friday, June 17, 2011


This has nothing to do with sports, but when someone gets it so right, it has to be noted. I'm a lifelong rocker and a huge Jethro Tull fan. When I first saw them in 1977 at age 17 I was okay with extended live versions and musical solos. At age 50, not so much. Last night's show at the Cuthbert was absolutely perfect. How do you not love a performer who gets his audience to a tee?? I'd say with a debut album from 1968 the average age in the audience was bigger than me. People my age and over don't yearn for 3 hour shows on a weekday night and 18 minute drum solos. Ian Anderson and the guys took the stage almost on the dot for the 7pm announced curtain. My buddy and I walked to a local watering hole after the show and arrived by 9:30. From an efficiency point of view it was amazing. The music, the show, the setting, the sound?? Even better. Played the entire Aqualung album which is in my Top 10. Threw in some masterful renditions of "Living in the Past", "Thick as a Brick" and "Songs from the Wood".
As of this writing Rory McIlroy is running away with the US Open. We know he went to pieces on Masters Sunday. Here's hoping he reverses this trend, buries the field and rolls to an historic victory with his 1st major. I'm all about the game rather than the player or team. No jock is bigger than the sport be it Ruth, Jordan, Tiger or Jeter. At age 22, if Rory hangs in we now have the top player on earth to follow with Woods still working his way back to worthy status. It will provide a terrific jolt. Come on Rory! Close the deal kid!

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