Wednesday, June 1, 2011


For the Ohio State apologists, turns out the football program has 29 staff members who could have kept an eye out on the Jay Leno style car enthusiast who played quarterback for them. They might also have been able to throw some attention to the den of degeneracy tatoo parlor that became a well known hangout. The sports story of 2011 is going to turn into one of the biggest in recent college history.
I must confess to a horrible character flaw(I know, too many to count). I heard there was an automobile accident in Italy involving a member of the cast of "Jersey Shore" and was disappointed a high cliff with jagged rocks at the bottom wasn't involved.
To end the 3rd quarter last of last night's opener of the NBA Finals Lebron James hit a fade away 3 that caught the bottom of the net. Do me a favor. Head for your local rim. Take that shot 50 times. Tell me how many go pure splash. That cat has ridiculous strength to go with a pretty rare skill set. Count me as a fan of Miami coach Erik Spoelstra. He's a Pat Riley guy who faced the music and has his gang 3 wins from the brass ring. In the 3rd quarter of a 2 point game, ABC had him wired. He told the team to embrace the grind. Feel it. Get used to it as it's not going away. They did. They won. He might be the next great coach.
Game one of the NHL Finals this evening. Try to contain your euphoric state. Naturally with a Boston team involved I climb aboard the opponent's bandwagon. Either way we'll either see the B's hoist the Cup for the 1st time since Espo & Bobby Orr patrolled center ice back in 1972 or a first ever for Vancouver. Should be a heck of a series. I don't truly trust either goalie, Boston's Tim Thomas or Roberto Luongo of the Canucks. Guess I'll lean towards the firepower and the 1st Canadian based team to win it all since Montreal beat the Gretzky led Kings back in 1993.

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