Monday, May 30, 2011


This Jim Tressell situation which has led to his resignation is completely pathetic. And I'm not talking about the coach, the players, the AD or the school president. My focus is the fans. I've spent about an hour scanning the stories on various sites from ESPN to CBS to CNN and the level of apologist, mindless lemming attitudes among Buckeye fans is nauseating. The excuses from "everyone does it" to saying the media had it in for the coach is rampant. Does anyone even remotely care about facts or the truth or actually judging individual cases based on merit or evidence. I thought the yo yo's who remain in the corner's of Vick or Bonds had problems, but this is severe. I think at the core this is why defense lawyers create such venom. The misdirection, the twisting or challenging of facts. It's just sad!
I'd like to think if a story broke about say Jeter using PED's or an Oregon coach committing a serious violation I'd be objective and not start pointing fingers in every direction but the right one.
In an odd way, the Duck baseball team sweeping Oregon State to wrap the regular season is frustrating in a way. They end with a nice final record at 33-26-1 and pull off the first program sweep since the sport returned in 2009. The hitting and bullpen work was inconsistent but showed flashes. Tyler Anderson will hear his name called pretty early in the amateur draft next week. Just seems like the foundation for success has been put down well by Coach Horton and his staff. I'm thinking another 3 Pac 10 wins could have pushed them back to the post season. 36 & 23 overall and a game above .500 in league. Maybe.

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