Monday, May 16, 2011


I was hesitant a couple years back about starting a blog. I always had this view of the twit in mommy's basement who figured out how to get one up and running so they could have their say on whatever topic popped into their head. Let's face it, it's not like most of these clowns went through a hiring process. Because I'd had a legit job in media I figured it would be worth it as it was a coming means of communication. I thought the piece posted May 12th on a pro-Oregon site was about as moronic as I've heard. The guy called out the media for coming to OSU announcer Mike Parker's side after a pretty embarassing video was posted online showing the ace play by play man drunk at an LA Area Denny's. For openers Matt Daddy, at least have the balls to use your real name in case Mike or another member of the media want to contact you beyond the cowardly annonymity of a blog!! Could you be more transparent? If this were a Duck broadcaster would you have the same stance? No freaking way! A homer and a hypocrite. Really lends itself towards credibility. And direct line is 541 284 8542, plus you know where to find me 3 hours a day, 5 days a week. Another question. How many people did you beat out who applied for this gig you have on this blog? I know there is value in the world of bloggers, but there are many, many, many, many more cases of just another schmuck with a computer spewing idiocy. I would like to throw my unyielding support for a good guy like Mike who did not violate the law, kill dogs, mess up on the air, get into an altercation with a fan or do anything beyond hoist a few too many then get caught on camera. The idiot blogger tried to draw a parallel with Kiko Alonso who terrorized a woman on the heels of being suspended for an entire season after getting popped for a DUI. How can you even compare the two??


Sean said...

At the bottom of the page there is an envelope next to Matt Daddy, maybe that is an email.

Also note, that there is a comment forum that you could choose to refute his argument with. Instead you chose to perch yourself upon your soap box,and resort to personal insults, and assumptions. You chose to attack the person not the argument.

So ask yourself this, who's hiding here, you behind your credentials as a "journalist," or Matt Daddy behind his blogger pseudonym?

If you don't like what he thinks, so be it, argue your point in the space allotted, but don't stoop to lowly assumptions about a man or his character.

DJ said...

How many people did YOU beat out for your gig?
Maybe management at Cumulus will finally wake up to the fact that the trash talk you spew turns off more people than gets them to tune in. Ill-informed, self-absorbed, and readily willing to attack when the person being attacked can't defend themselves. That is called COWARDICE. Do you know how long it took me to contact MattDaddy? 1/2 an hour. You could have taken the CORRECT road and invited him on you little show, but god forbid someone have an opinion differing from you and the ability to defend it. You could have had him on your show today, but what YOU chose to do is brush it aside after you got your cheap shots in. You are simply, a loathesome individual. So how does that feel? I've tried so many times to give you a chance and each time, you've failed. You'll be happy to know that I'd rather listen to static than tune in to anything in which you are participating. To turn your own words on you: I've decided in certain cases that if I don't consider someone credible, it's best to ignore and hope they go away. Tannen...please, finally, go away.