Wednesday, May 25, 2011


So the NFL is cracking down on dangerous hits. Some are referring to the new focus as the "Steeler" rule. When word hit, a couple of semi-notorious Pitt defenders Lamar Woodley and James Harrison grabbed the 4G and unloaded on their twitter accounts. Harrison took the certain path to get officials off his case by calling those who favor this rule "idiots". That definitely removes the target from his chest. The issue here is simple. We now have more information about the long term negative impact of playing that suicidal game than ever. Football players live shorter lives. Their brains get hammered. It's a classic case of paying the price and it's a high one. No one puts a gun to the heads of these guys who keep us riveted on autumn Saturdays & Sundays to play but jeez it's beginning to look more and more like you have to be a bit nuts to participate.
I'm hearing the typical whining about officials after Game 4 of the East Finals. Derrick Rose is not getting proper MVP treatment when taking the ball to the rack. Some have cited all the trips to the free throw stripe Dirk Novitzki is enjoying. Duh! When an unstoppable 7 footer with his repertoire makes a move, sometimes the only defense is to hack. Rose is terrific but he's 6'3. When defended properly by say Lebron James, you can just stay on him and deny easy buckets. I'm just sick and tired of folks using the refs as an excuse when things fail to go their way. Wah, Wah, Wah!
Seems like a lifetime ago the Red Sox were 0 & 7 and fans were poised to leap off the top of the Green Monster. They've won 67% of their games since and as I'm writing this have a 13 run lead on Cleveland in a matinee. I'm thinking that looks safe. Said it in March and I'll say it again now. I should also point out the bitter pain it brings me to admit they have the best 25 man roster in the bigs. If they miss the post season it's a freaking shocker. Here's hoping.
Lot to cover today including the chat Colin Cowherd had with Pac 10 commish Larry Scott. The potential for college football on Sunday if the NFL morons can't cut a deal. Catch ya later.

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