Monday, May 23, 2011


Ever see the movie "The Sandlot"? The local gang the story centers around get a visit from the kids from the richer side of the tracks. The snide remarks begin. It ends with the hefty catcher saying "YOU PLAY BASEBALL LIKE A GIRL"! Oh the horror. It's the ultimate insult when you're 12. Seeing Kobe last month and Joakim Noah last night use homophobic terms is disturbing. Not because of the distasteful nature, but from my chair, just the immaturity and ignorance. Really? Guys in their late 20's and early 30's still have fag or faggot as their go-to put down? Weak. Exceptionally weak.
Defense with authority has Miami 2 wins from the NBA Final. I've enjoyed Derrick Rose from his 1 year in college and 3 in the NBA. Not sure I've seen him post such ineffective numbers. At 1st sight those 20 points, 5 boards and 5 assists look okay. They were rendered meaningless. He was on the bench for the 1st couple minutes of the 4th , then after about 2 1/2 minutes hit a nice layup on the drive. That was his positive contribution in the last quarter. The Heat just refused to allow him any room. It was a super sweet game plan executed to perfection.
I follow baseball pretty closely. The team with the best record as we speak remains a bit of a mystery. I view their depth chart and have to do lot's of clicking because I'm not all that familiar with Jack Hannahan, Carlos Santana(not that one) or Chris Perez. That would be their 3b, catcher and closer. They have a 7 game lead over a very mediocre AL Central. They're also the only MLB team I've seen on the ESPN site that doesn't even list a 5th starter. Interesting story.

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