Wednesday, May 11, 2011


When you follow sports the athletes are front and center and in a strange way, a huge part of our lives. Then they either retire or in some cases simply no longer play in the major leagues we follow. That doesn't mean they aren't living their lives or pursuing their craft. Then every once in a while we get slapped in the face with a harsh reality like today. Not sure why, but the death of Robert Traylor really made me stop in my tracks. It's a cruel world. When he retired the viscious jokes about his eating himself out of the NBA came in droves. Guy was the #6 overall selection in the 1998 draft and would be traded for a fella still playing at a pretty high level, Dirk Nowitzki. After 7 seasons he was gone. Turns out he was just 34 years old and playing professionally in Puerto Rico. Seems the poor guy had a heart attack and dropped dead.
I read that boxer Bernard Hopkins, a Philly area guy, tore into Donavan McNabb. Said some really nasty things and actually implied he wasn't "black" enough. Said McNabb wasn't that tough. Sounds like Hopkins is desperate to remain relevant. He's 45 years old and still fighting for a paycheck. He's fighting a week from Sunday for the WBC Light Heavyweight Title against Jean Pascal. The whole rant came off pretty pathetic. He also insinuated Michael Vick was tougher than McNab. Right, need to be a real macho guy to drown or shoot or strangle an innocent dog. Hopkins has now risen a tad higher on my official "douche" list!
Not sure when we'll join you today because we have Oregon baseball starting at 12:30. Enjoy!

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