Friday, May 27, 2011


I've often said that our 24/7 sports cycle doesn't always lead to the time filling up with quality. So Scottie Pippen was on the ESPN morning show today and made a very idiotic comment. First and foremost, what's Pippen up to these days? Is he a coach? Broadcaster? Scout? Is he even involved in basketball at any level? So what warrants caring about his opinion? Then he says Michael Jordan was probably a better scorer, but perhaps Lebron James is a better all around player. What? So he takes a backhanded jab at MJ who pretty much put him on the basketball map. Think about it, if Seattle never traded him on draft day for Olden Polynice do we view him in the same manner? Early in his career he was viewed as the cowardly lion who could barely take the court against the Pistons. Then when Jordan was trying baseball, he had the moment of infamy in the 94 playoffs against the Knicks when he pouted like a child when Phil Jackson didn't call his number at a key end of game moment and refused to enter the game. I guess what I'm saying is screw Scottie Pippen. Great defender, but also from my chair among the most overrated players in league history.
Seems like we update the car wreck in Columbus on a daily basis. The owner of the tatoo parlor, Ed Rife, who doled out improper bennies to players has now been charged with drug trafficking and money laundering. Rather than go into the details, I'll just stick to my original thought. I can't imagine Jim Tressel ever coaches the Buckeyes again.
In the 5 o'clock hour today I'll replay my chat with Oregon coach Chip Kelly from yesterday. Talked some football, but more importantly the focus was the big bowling benefit coming up to help out the widow and daughters of Officer Chris Kilcullen. Get the details at or contact me here at the station via email or text 653 3098.

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