Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I heard an interview with the Tiger ace Justin Verlander who informed us that during his no hitter over the weekend, his catcher Alex Avilia refused to use the john for fear of jinxing his pitcher. How do you not love that story.
The Pirates are over .500 this late in the season for the 1st time in 7 years. The fact remains that's embarassing! This is one of the most historic NL Franchises in the history of our national pasttime. Now it's a big deal because they're 18 & 17 the 2nd week of May. Still have not had a winning season since Barry the Baloonhead left for Frisco after the 1992 season. With that rotation, it's not gonna last, even in the weak NL Central.
I'm hearing a ton of negativity about the "dynamic" between Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant of the Thunder. Okay?? They just won a huge game to re-take home court edge in their West Semi set against Memphis. These guys are both incredibly young and are still finding their way but doing it while moving on in the playoffs. Get a grip people because as Herm Edwards once emphasized, "the goal is to win the game"!
I don't even care about the details as long as the Celtics lose playoff games in Boston. The end of regulation was a car wreck with Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen losing their mind and failing to set a screen to give Paul Pierce a better look or room to roam.
I read that Tiger Woods dropped to 8th in the World Rankings. I think there was a time, let's say after winning the 2008 US Open at Torrey Pines when we were 100% sure he'd surpass the magical 18 that Jack Nicklaus posted for Grand Slam victories. After the personal implosion I'm thinking the number dipped a bit to maybe 75% sure? Then seeing him look like just another really good golfer another drop in the percentage of certainty. He's 35 and don't forget, he still has to WIN FIVE MORE! To put that into pure numbers, in the past 50 years, only 9 players have won that many. Just that accomplishment alone would put him past Phil Mickelson, Ray Floyd and even with Seve Ballesteros and Byron Nelson. It would only leave him one shy of hall of famers like nick Faldo and Lee Trevino. I no longer think it's a done deal. Until proven otherwise, Jack remains king!

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