Friday, October 29, 2010


Here we go again. With Oregon front and center in the BCS title hunt, here are the games that matter, the point spread, the TV network(if available) and I even through in some other thoughts.
Ducks -7, over/under is 71, at USC, 5pm, ABC/KEZI Local. FYI...Justin and I will bring you our KUGN pre-game starting at 2pm at Sam's Place on Wilson Street in West Eugene. Woo Hoo!
Auburn is in Oxford taking part in the Stolen Laptop Bowl with Ole Miss. 3pm, ESPN2, War Eagles -7, over/under is 61.
Don't waste all that much time searching for the 8pm game with TCU visiting sin city to play 1 & 6 UNLV. Horned Froggies a 35 point road chalk, over/under at 54 1/2, not on standard local TV.
Michigan State looms unbeaten in the Big 10 with a tough trip to Kinnick Stadium to play once beaten Iowa. This one rolls at 12:30, ABC/KEZI Local. Sparty - 6 1/2, over/under is 50 1/2.
As far as the Pac-10, Arizona @ UCLA on Fox Sports Net, 12:30 with the Cats -9 1/2, over/under is 49 1/2.
The Oregon State/Cal game is set for 12:40 on Fox College Sports, which is on Comcast channels 413-415, you'll have to check your satellite service. Beavs -3, over/under is 53.
Stanford at Washington is the 4 o'clock game on Versus. Cardinal laying 7 1/2 with an over/under of 63.
For NFL fans, KLSR Fox has a double header starting with Packers @Jets 10am followed by Seahawks @ Raiders.
KVAL has Broncos at Niners from Wembley Stadium in London. That's at 10am.
The Sunday nighter on NBC/KMTR is Steelers @ Saints with Texans at Indy set for Monday night on ESPN.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


One of my favorite things about sports are the subtleties. If you check out a box score and see a football game that ends 37-21 you sense the winner dominated. Say it was 14-14 in the 2nd quarter with the victor backed up to their own end zone, 2nd and goal from the 3. Fumble, returned 98 for a TD. 3rd quarter. 21-14. Losing team misses a wide open receiver and has to punt. Center snaps the ball over the punter's head at the 14 yard line. Difference in the game. Last night in game one of the World Series, it's the 4th inning, tied at 2, Rangers at bat. Ian Kinsler hits a slow roller to 2nd and beats it out for a leadoff hit. The problem is the hurried throw from Freddy Sanchez appears to be wild so Kinsler rounds 1st thinking second base is his. Giant's 1st baseman Aubrey Huff makes a diving stop and easily tags Kinsler out. After a Benji Molina groundout, first baseman Mitch Moreland rips a two out double. Who knows what might have happened? What did go down was San Fran unloaded for 6 runs in the 5th inning on their way to an 11-7 game one win. The subtleties.
I read that Barry Bonds wants to return to baseball as a hitting coach. Can't imagine it happens unless he takes the Mark McGwire route and admits what everyone knows about his juicing. Guess we'll have to wait for the legalities to run it's course. Even though he's an arrogant, smug, self important jerk, I'd be first on line to hear what he has to say about hitting.
The Blazers have popped out of the gate with a couple of wins. No question, their victims(Suns & Clippers) are not good teams. I'll bet the ranch neither makes the playoffs. Doesn't matter. Teams with aspirations dust the weak and compete with the elite. I mentioned on yesterday's show how much I like Wes Matthews, one of their off season acquisitions. Was not drafted out of Marquette and spent his rookie year with Utah. Just got better and better. Averaged 9 points for the season, but that number was jacked the final 6 weeks to about 13, then 13.5 in the playoffs. Guy is terrific. Can nail the 3 and is an excellent foul shooter at around 82%. Did not have a great game last night, but mark my words, Portland fans are gonna love this guy. Great balance on offense at LA, and watch how frequently this team outrebounds their opponent.
LeMichael James was on Dan Patrick this morning. We will play the interview on today's show. Time to be determined.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I need to thank Jack Zellner, my 8th grade history teacher for the following. We learned about the Allied "Appeasement Policy" during World War II. They let Hitler and Germany take small countries in the hope he'd stop and not attempt to rule earth. Didn't work so well. I'd like to apply that theory to some idiots in the sports media. The trouble is I'll need a substantial enforcement organization which could get costly, but trust me, it will be worth it. The minute a talking head went on the air today to discuss the problems of the Miami Heat, they'd have been tranquilized and carted away, never to be seen again. Really? One game, at the home of a team who won the conference last season and nearly won the whole shooting match. Has everyone become Skip Bayless? Stop the madness. Remember in the 1st Godfather movie? Clemenza is talking with Michael Corleone about an impending conflict with the Tattaglia's and Barzini family and says "they should have stopped Hitler at Munich". It's not as dramatic, but you get my point. These discussions should not be allowed to progress for even an instant. It belittles us all.
Very excited about the start of the World Series. I like the Giants. Better starting pitching. Rangers have a very nice rotation, but really one dominator in the guy who gets the ball for game one, Cliff Lee. San Fran seems on a mission. With 4 games in the Bay Area the Texas defense will take a hit with Vlade Guerrero having to play the outfield. After 52 years on the West Coast, Frisco finally celebrates a title. Giants in 6!
Lot more on Oregon/USC and the whole football scene during the shows the next couple of days. How do you not love this time of year as a sports fan? Like putting a Cadillac in your nose, it's just impossible!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


In the information age, I always get a kick of those who paint themselves as 'insiders' or 'experts'. Prior to both the NFL and College football seasons we heard from some of the national prognosticators and in no uncertain terms were told what to expect. Jake Locker was a Heisman candidate and had the inside track to the #1 pick in the draft. The Vikings and Cowboys were absolutely NFC contenders. Then a few weeks ago, in baseball, the Yankees and Phillies were favored to repeat as AL & NL pennant winners. Well done on all fronts.
The Locker call is just plain stupid. How these clowns earn a living covering college football should be reviewed by a government panel on fraud. The NFL calls had merit, but it was the adamant nature of those predictions that got me. Really? It's a lock a 40+ year old quarterback would be able to slide through the rigors of that league, especially without taking part in training camp and pretty much showing he had limited desire to return. As for the Cowboys, they're going to the Super Bowl based on....wait for it....wait for it....I'm still waiting for it. They beat the Vikings in the wild card round following the 1996 season. Didn't win their next playoff game till last winter's wild card round before getting blasted in the next round, 34-3. Super Bowl? Yeah Right! I like to make the occasional bet, and will hang out on a limb from time to time, but it's week to week, based on facts not hype. Do these yo yo's who are so far off it's embarassing, ever go on the air or a blog or a column and admit the mistake? I'm still waiting.

Monday, October 25, 2010


Everyone relax. Auburn is ranked ahead of the Ducks in the BCS because they deserve it. Through no fault of their own, Oregon has beaten a half dozen total garbage teams. Stanford is the long quality opponent. I'd bet that no one beyond the Cardinal that the U of O has beaten will even make a bowl game this season. That said, the Tigers have already defeated three teams who were ranked 12th or higher at the time of the game. Another, Mississippi State is already bowl eligible and in the Top 25. Clemson is 4 & 3 and even Kentucky is playing .500 ball at 4 & 4 and likely to make the post season. To their detriment, AU has Chattanooga left on their schedule which will provide a negative hit while the Ducks will charm those computers from this point forward. I have no doubt if Oregon wins out they'll play for the national title.
Did you read about current Tampa Bay tight end Jerramy Stevens the former Husky? What a piece of dirt. As a high school senior he and another student beat a 17-year old with a bat and stomping on his face. Kid had to eat through a straw for 6 months. Got off with a plea deal. When at Washington, was arrested for sexual assault with witnesses basically claiming the woman was drugged. Despite multiple witnesses, King County prosecutors failed to file rape charges. His arrest over the weekend for posession of weed with intent to sell is his 5th involving either reckless driving, DUII, or drug related offenses. He's spent a total of 3 days in jail. You do the math.
We'll get to the World Series matchup that no one will watch, but true baseball fans or jonesing for cause it's going to be a dandy. Also on tap, more atrocious officiating in the NFL.

Friday, October 22, 2010


For weeks I've been harping on ignoring that goofy win by UCLA at Texas. The Bruins flat out stink. The Longhorns gift wrapped that game with ineptitude, plus the fact UT is a shell of it's Colt McCoy led self. Look instead at their 3 Pac-10 losses. 35-nothing to Stanford. 35-7 to Cal. The Thursday massacre in Eugene. That's a combined score of 130-20. They're one of the worst passing teams you will ever see. The final statistics are misleading because of their 159 yards through the air, 76 came in garbage time in the 4th quarter.
As for the Ducks, the beginning to end, top to bottom domination was a season high point. I know folks are offering comparisons between Darron Thomas and Dennis Dixon. Feel free, but Thomas as a sophomore is playing like D.D as a senior. Huge difference. This guy was radar locked from the 1st throw of the game, a 24 yarder to David Paulson. The offensive balance displayed by Oregon was frightening with 312 via the air and 270 on the ground.
Way too much talk about LeMichael James not having an explosive evening as far as impressing Heisman voters. Really? 123 yards and 2 TD's on a national stage in an eye popping win as the #1 team in the country sounds pretty good to me. He's front and center in this race.
No question the price of poker gets jacked a week from Saturday in Troy. This Trojan team is at least the equal to Stanford as far as offensive firepower. They do it all. It's just that USC's defense has trouble with a good offense. Hawaii piled up 588 yards of total offense, 536 for the Huskies and Stanford rolled up 478. I'm thinking Oregon is superior to all 3. They have some speed and talent on that side of the ball, but play undisciplined and are suspect to big plays. Once again, if the Ducks can limit the mistakes and missed tackles, they should have the edge.
Today we will again go over all the Saturday games that impact the Duck's chase for the dream, as well as a bunch of NFL and thoughts on MLB's playoffs. Playoffs?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Heard Colin Cowerd on the radio this morning talking about this Yankees/Rangers series and the blatant differences in the teams. Texas is a bundle of energy and charsima pursuing another first in franchise history. I'm an old enough fan of the Yanks to have seen Mantle play in person, but I can't help but enjoy what the Rangers bring to the table. New York is like the stodgy old corporate suits who have made their money and rather than have that spirit or snap, are invested in the low return, guaranteed funds. Texas is still out there searching for value funds hoping for that huge payout, attacking each day with passion. The Yankees are freaking boring to watch. The Rangers are electrifying. That Elvis Andrus kid they have at shortstop is terrific. He's only 22 and landed in Texas at the trade deadline in 2007 as part of the deal that sent Mark Teixeria to the Braves. Their young reliever Derek Holland came in and saved the day with 3 2/3rds innings of scoreless work. I can go on, but this is a no brainer. I know the suits at Fox will have a minor aneurysm but the best World Series would be Giants/Rangers from a baseball point of view. Fresh blood. Great stories.
I read that Steeler's linebacker James Harrison is considering retirement because he was fined 75-grand for a blatant late hit which has caused the NFL to mandate possible suspensions for illegal, violent cracks. Right! Not buying that one bit. The players at all levels simply have to be re-trained to never, ever aim for the opposing players head. There will always be vicious tackles, it's the nature of the beast. That said, we're not turning the game into flag football, just taking information about the long term, devastating effects of concussions and the like and trying to make it safer. It's not a big deal, but some drama queens are trying to paint that picture.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


One of the major topics on yesterday's program was the Duck ranking according to those multiple BCS computers. Yes, it's disappointing. But it's critical to understand that is almost a positive. They're second despite the fact the machines hate Tennessee, Washington State, New Mexico, Portland State and even Arizona State. If you were a computer, you'd hate these crappy teams as well. For the record, those patsies Oregon torched sit as follows in the Sagarin Power Rankings which most college football people follow.
2-Washington State/87
3-Portland State/117
4-New Mexico/195
Do you understand what that does to the overall rating?
Oklahoma's lowest ranked opponent is Utah State at #101, next worst is Iowa State at #55. Next would be Cincinatti at 44. It's no comparison who has played a more difficult schedule to this point. That said, what the Ducks face from this point forward each opponent is in the top 45 starting with UCLA. USC, Arizona and Oregon State are all in the Top 20 so the computers will become more enamored with the Ducks. And of course there is that small matter of actually winning the rest of the games to qualify for the BCS title game!
Oh, one more thing. Sagarin has the Pac 10 ranked as the top conference in America.
Live from Guaranty RV today. Looking forward to hearing from some OSU fans about that decision to go for 2 against the Huskies. Didn't like it in the heat of the moment Saturday night. Still don't.

Monday, October 18, 2010


I know a lot of Oregon fans are a bit bent over running 2nd in the first BCS standings. Here's some advice. Get over it! They've played a much tougher schedule. Their lone patsie has been Utah State and that was week one. Out of league they've played the 2 time Big East Champion Cincinnati, a 5 win Air Force team and 6 & 1 Florida State. The Ducks have feasted on 3 horrible, and I mean just awful teams in New Mexico, Portland State and Washington State. Tennessee is winless in the SEC with their lone victories over Tennessee-Martin & in overtime against Alabama-Birmingham. Way too many hyphens. The jury is out on Arizona State. No contest. Remember, there are still 6 games left so getting testy at this point is assuming far too much. Plus they landed ahead of Boise State who hasn't lost in about 12 years. And for those who always whine like children about the SEC, why is the U of O ahead of both Auburn & LSU? If the Ducks roll Thursday then get past USC at Troy a week from Saturday, then come see me. Until then, they're in the BCS title game and that's all that matters.
I saw the numbers from last night's(Sun) 2 major sporting events. Game 2 of the NLCS between the Giants and Phillies along with the NFL match-up pitting the Skins & Colts. The baseball grabbed some nice TV ratings, but the NFL doubled it. Regular season versus playoffs. Is it really possible the powers that be in the players union, owners and league office will murder the golden goose and allow some labor strife to cost us to miss an entire season? How stupid would that be? These yo-yo's really can't figure out a way to divy up billions? This would be one of the all time bricks. Right up there with Napoleon invading Waterloo and The Packard.

Friday, October 15, 2010


It's the phrase die hards just dread. "No game today"! Oh the horror. Depending on your circumstance, it could lead to an ugly Saturday. In the wrong relationship, you get called out. She/he says, you spend every stinking Saturday from Labor Day through Thanksgiving obsessed with your team, well today it's about me. It's times like this I love my wife and my job. I've already copped. We'll pick up the materials tonight and spend a couple hours in the morning putting up the tarp over my back porch so the dogs don't get drenched in the rain this winter. But Kathy gets that come 4 o'clock it's go time for the MLB playoffs, Buckeyes/Badgers and the rest. I'm sure there will be a frosty or two involved and some of our fellow insane friends. No question Wisconsin has a shot as they usually get the upper hand at their place, especially at night and the ESPN kickoff time is 6pm in Madison. Plus the betting line is only 4 and you know those guys don't screw around meaning UW has a shot.
Pac 10 fans live in fear of the SEC. Not the conference, but the way pollsters and BCS computers are so enamored with all they accomplish. Early on(12:30 KVAL), we ride the Arkansas bandwagon in hopes they eliminate Auburn from the ranks of the unbeaten. Probably the first time many will get a good look at Tiger QB Cam Newton. At 6'6, 250 he's hard to miss at that position. They beat South Carolina who just wrecked Alabama. In the Gamecock victory, the College Park, Georgia product hit 16 of 21 for 2 TD's and ran to the tune of 176 yards and 3 TD's. Began his career at Florida back in 2007 but they had a guy named Tebow. Spent last season at Binn Junior college, leading the Buccaneers to the National Title. Rivals rated him the top overall JUCO prospect in the country. Kid can play.
NLCS rolls tonight with the much anticipated matchup between the Giants Timmy Lincecum and Philly's Roy Halladay. Oddsmakers have installed the Phils as a 1 1/2 run favorite with a pretty low over/under at 6 total runs. Yanks and Rangers get rolling tomorrow evening with a nice match-up as well, albeit taking a huge backseat to this evening's festivities in the City of Brotherly Love. Either way, enjoy the weekend, gonna be a fun one.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


I was reading about the upcoming Nebraska/Texas game. We'll get that game on KEZI at 12:30 on Saturday. The Cornhuskers have a most intriguing member of their football staff. He's working for Associate Athletic Director Keith Zimmer as a consultant in the life skills department as a consultant. For the past 8 years he was the C.E.O of TD Ameritrade, the monster online financial broker. He decided he just missed football too much. He was defensive coordinator for Dartmouth when they won back to back Ivy League titles in the early 90's. He's written more than 10 articles that have been published in national coaching journals. He's been enshrined into two different high school halls of fame. Quite the guy.
We hear an interesting ESPN promo about school colors and all those teams or schools we root against. That truly applies to a team on a bye in the hunt for a championship. So for the record, here's the schedule and what Duck fans needs.
12:30 ABC-Texas over Nebraska @ Lincoln/Huskers by 9 1/2
12:30 CBS-Arkansas over Auburn @ Auburn/Tigers by 3 1/2
1PM Versus-BYU over TCU @ Fort Worth/Hornies by 29 1/2
3pm(no local TV)-San Jose St over Boise St @SJ/Broncos by 39 1/2
3pm(no local TV)-Wyoming over Utah @Laramie/Utes by 20
4pm ESPN-Wisconsin over Ohio State @Madison/Buckeyes by 4
4pm(no local TV)-Iowa State over Oklahoma @Lincoln/Huskers by 9 1/2
4pm ESPN3-McNeese St over LSU(Good luck with this one)@Baton Rouge(no line)
7:15pm ESPN Oregon St over Washington...not related, just hate the Huskies(OSU by 1)
You're welcome!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


What's more annoying? The coaches who are overly secretive like national security is at stake, or media members who ask for information they'll never get. So Chip Kelly is closing practice this week. Sure, it makes the job of writers and TV people who need quotes and sound a bit more difficult, but there actually is no game this week. If you know the history of concussions, it's only been a few days since Kenyon Barner suffered that frightening hit so I'd bet a big barrel of cash there is no answer. In doing Crunch Time & Sports Talk I get that there is an element of the local fan base who can't get enough Ducks, Ducks, Ducks, but that's why it's called a "BYE"! That said, the coaches should also be aware of it and understand other people have jobs to do simply because there is a demand.
So how many of you had Yanks/Rangers in the American Leauge and Giants/Philly in the National League. Neither result is what you'd call a stunner. New York and the Phils played in the 09 World Series, Texas won 87 games last year, added Cliff Lee and Vlade Guerrero while the West winning Angels got much worse. Anyone who followed baseball knew with some upgraded hitting San Francisco had a shot with those arms. Now that we know the Final Four, get ready because I think Frisco has a shot, especially if they can grab Game 1 in the City of Brotherly Hate with Timmy Lincecum outdueling Doc Halladay. Yanks/Rangers is a complete toss-up. Incredibly, the oddsmakers have New York a pretty prohibitive favorite. $50 on the Bombers brings back $76 while that same half a C-note on Texas returns $117.50. In the Senior Circuit, $50 on the Phillies gains you just $68 while dropping a Grant on the Gmen could earn you $145! Parlay San Fran and the Rangers with that same $50 and bring back $340 bucks!
I have a few pair of tickets to see our local hockey team, the Eugene Generals this Friday at Lane County Ice. It's Breast Cancer Awareness night and the team is doing some great things to raise dough for a critical cause. Drop me an e-mail at or send a text to 653-3098 to get in the drawing.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Mine has always been a bad house to stop at for sales people whether they're selling satellite tv or eternal peace. Any time Brett Farve has tried to sell his "aw shucks" country innocence the past couple years has been a no go as well. The guy is full of crap. The guy is self serving. The guy is a child. Hell of a quarterback, no question. This latest episode where he allegedly sent some racy photos via text to a former NY Jets employee, Jenn Sterger should not come as no surprise. For openers, he's not exactly a rocket scientist and you have to be a complete and total moron to engage in this kind of easily traceable behavior. Then you have the Brett cares about Brett and thinks he's entitled to everything he wants. I know it's mean, but I hope this brings him crashing down.
As for the Monday night game. Jets coach Rex Ryan is a macho knucklhead. I had no issues with his language on HBO's "Hard Knocks". Anyone offended by a football coach, on HBO, under those circumstances is an oversensitive, ultra P/C weenie but from a football point of view, you've got to be kidding me! He's calling for all out blitzes on 3rd and 15 or 16 or 19 against a guy like Farve who eats this stuff up for 2 decades. It directly led to a couple of huge TD throws that kept the Vikings in a game they had no businesses having a shot to win. If we've learned anything, in those situations, rush your 4 and wait for Brett to throw into double coverage. The game was put on ice when Farve played the gunslinger role and was intercepted in the final minute and forty-five seconds by Dwight Lowery. New York has a shot to accomplish great things this season, but their coach Rex Ryan has got to be smarter in deciding when to play the macho pinhead.
We'll get into the idiotic time management, plus the final game for Braves manager Bobby Cox, plus the latest on the Pac 12 on today's shows.

Monday, October 11, 2010


When I read this morning that Boise State was projected as the first number one in this coming Sunday's BCS poll debut, I nearly doubled over laughing. I know some were astonished, other fearful, with some downright angry. After hoping Oregon gets their shot by running the table, all I care about is shining the light of ineptitude on the entire system. Any circumstance that takes us closer to a playoff to decide our national champion is okay in my book. Unfortunately, logic indicates based on the garbage(save Nevada)the Broncos have on their remaining schedule, they have no shot. Unless Oregon, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Auburn and the unbeatens from the major leagues lose. For the record, the Ducks would be #2 just like they are in the other poll that matters, the coaches.
We'll get into this a bit more on today's shows, but I'm not that concerned about the close nature of the Wazzou win. The coaches and players are robotic about regurgitating the proper phrases One game at a time or we're not taking the Cougs lightly. Sorry, there is no way this team is as focused and razor sharp after taking on Stanford under that wave of national insanity the week prior. It's impossible. I don't care the level of your profession, except for hopefully surgeons and those who save lives. There are times when it's routine or just not as sexy. I love doing this for a living. But as much pride as I take prepping for each show, can I possibly be as filled with anticipation for a Tuesday in late July compared to today or pre-game at the Mo with ESPN in town? Come on. So at the end of the day, the Ducks won a conference road game by 3 touchdowns with their quarterback out for a half and the mental anguish of the frightening Kenyon Barner injury.
I watch NFL Sunday Ticket all day. I saw Fabreeze is the "Official Air Freshener" of the NFL. Really?
From the costly injury file. Did you see the Braves blow the game last night against Frisco? Closer Billy Wagner hurt his oblique on Friday night and is out for the series. The bullpen, with help from some miserable defense blew the game. Oh by the way, the key errors came courtesy of 2B Brooks Conrad. He's only in there because regular second sacker Omar Infante is playing 3rd with regular hot cornerman Martin Prado sidelined since late September with a hip pointer. All he did was score 100 runs while batting .307. Huge!

Friday, October 8, 2010


I love football coaches. Your fate lies in the hands of 53 guys plus staff at the pro level, about 100 players plus staff in college. They want you to glad hand boosters, handle all the media responsibilities, do charity events and win ballgames. In return, the coaches get to tell us nothing beyond exactly what they want us to hear. These guys would transition easily into C.I.A agents. We're telling you nothing. Bill Belicek of the Patriots okays a trade of an elite weapon like Randy Moss and with a straight face says he was a joy to coach, no problems with discipline and we have to eat it. Right. College coaches insist they pay no attention to the polls, margin of victory or anything that would remotely allow a fan or media member to feel some kind of kinship. Right. At the end of the day, does it really matter what a coach says? No! They will be judged by the results on the field, and in certain cases if they step outside the rules.
This is some week in the Pac 10. First time all year we get 5 games, all in league. On today's shows we'll hit on the biggies which is pretty much 4 of them aside from the anticipated Duck wipeout in Pullman.
Oregon State has a tremendous opportunity. They've come up light in their first two matchups with top 10 teams but a victory at Arizona and they remain unbeaten in league plus grab that tiebreaker edge versus the Cats. Gotta run it, get James Rodgers back and defensively, do some damage on 3rd down. FYI, Ryan Katz the only QB in the nation with more than 100 attempts and no interceptions. I really like his game.
USC and Stanford are both 1 & 1 in the conference. My partner in crime pointed out an astonishing fact. When the Cardinal upset Southern Cal at the Colesium a mere 3 years ago, they were a 40 point underdog. Tomorrow they are a 9 point favorite. That's a 7 touchdown turnaround. Wow!
The loser in Arizona state at Washington isn't going to a bowl game. You heard it here first. Dawgs win and suddenly they're 2 & 0 in league for the 1st time since 2006. An ASU defeat sends them to 0 & 3 in the Pac and I'm guessing is a key step towards the end of the Dennis Erickson in Tempe.
I'm probably more of a baseball fan than 98% of the sports society. Sure my Yankees are winning, but I can watch great pitching until the cows come home. The performance of Tim Lincecum last night in eating up that Atlanta lineup should hang in a museum. Don't want to sell short what Andy Pettite did to put New York in the ALDS driver's seat against Minny. It's just that his admitted HGH use puts a taint on all he does. Gonna be a heck of a weekend.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


The great thing about the 3 of 5 format for the 1st round of the MLB Playoffs is how quickly it can all come apart or together. After watching for 6 months and 162 games I was convinced Tampa was going to win the American League pennant. Within a span of 27 hours they lose twice at home and are pretty much toast. The umpiring continues to be horrible, but not as pathetic as the Rays bats which has mustered a whopping run. Yuck!
I was also down on the Yankees and their chances against Minnesota but did feel if they won every one of CC Sabathia's post season starts, it's possible they'll repeat. They also must have Mariano Rivera revert to his usual light's out playoff form and he was devastating last night in game one getting the 34 out save. Plus they got the long ball which is a strength.
I'm looking forward to Braves/Giants with Derek Lowe dueling with Tim Lincecum in the opener. DLowe has been to the playoffs 7 other times and his post season era of 3.3 is a half run better than his career number of 3.8. The definitive money pitcher. Playoff debut for Lincecum, the reigning 2 time NL Cy Young winner.
On today's show, what is the game(save your favorite team) you're looking most forward to this weekend on either the college or NFL grid iron. For Oregon fans, a shot to root for Alabama to get knocked off. They're at South Carolina and this might be the best team Steve Spurrier has fielded with the Gamecocks. FYI...we get this game locally at 12:30 on cbs/kval. Sweet!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Didn't we go through this with Jets coach Rex Ryan? People offended by language a big time football coach uses in the heat of the moment. Does Chip Kelly use off color talk when he's visiting a school, doing something for charity or dealing with the media? Of course not! I never cease to be amazed by what turns into a huge deal. For openers, the coach was not reprimanded by the Pac-10 for using some "R" rated language but for sarcastically questioning the idiot refs for not properly explaining a very quesitonable call. I watch a ton of college football and the NFL all day long. You see F-bombs and the like a bunch of times each weekend. Jon Gruden had the ultimate potty mouth and is now an analyst for ESPN and it's presentation of Monday Night Football in particular. Have we become such phony moralists and hypocrites that moronic issues like this really matter? I guarantee you many of the same people so incensed have kids they allow to play graphic, bloody video games or have visited some pretty questionable web sites. Reminds me of the anti-gay crusaders like George Rekers and Richards Curtis who were found to be engaged in gay relationships. Usually those who take the extreme moral highground over petty issues have the most to hide. Society has actual problems to deal with. A football coach using language we hear on HBO, in bars, lockerrooms and playing fields during high intensity moments doesn't rate.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Took some time to look ahead to the MLB post season. Gotta tell ya I don't see this turning out any other way but a repeat of 2008 when the Phillies beat the Rays. Love the Giants rotation and even Brian Wilson at the back of the bullpen, but that offense is far too inconsistent and anemic to be trusted against a playoff staff. The Reds have some solid bats and my NL MVP pick in Joey Votto but I'm not enamored with their starters. They have Edinson Volquez as their #1, a guy who missed the first 2/3rds of the season and has zero playoff experience. The #2 Bronson Arroyo was with the 04 Red Sox but his era was nearly 8. I'm not buying.
Sentiment is with Atlanta as it's the finale of the Bobby Cox era. With an established money guy like Derek Lowe at the front end of a rotation that includes another elite arm in Tim Hudson, they have a shot. Their offense is more blue collar productive than dangerous with no one you'd say can carry a club through a series. And I've never trusted closer Billy Wagner and his huge gak in the clutch reputation. Philadelphia is the clear favorite and if Ryan Madson and Brad Lidge throw like they have been the past month, they steamroll their way through the divisonal and league championship series.
In the American League, the defending champs, the Yankees, have the ability to just slug their way through. They have a sensational ace in CC Sabathia then nothing but questions with Phil Hughes set to go in game 2, the juicer Andy Pettite in game 3. Fortunately they've decided to remove AJ Burnett from the post season rotation. Despite being a regular season starter, Hughes has never started a playoff game. The Twins have legit starters though not dominating or spectacular. They lost closer Joe Nathan in the pre-season, gave the gig to Jon Rauch, traded with the Angels for Brian Fuentes, then acquired Matt Capps from Washington and now he's the closer. Despite the loss of Justin Morneau to a concussion, I like their offense, but after getting past the Yankees, I think they lose the ALCS to Tampa.
The Rays starters all have post season starts, they have more speed than anyone, play excellent defense and Rafael Soriano closing the door in the 9th has been terrific. They lost to the Phils in 5 in 2008, and will lose again, but it will be much closer.

Monday, October 4, 2010


The title of this blog was the legendary call of Jack Buck after Ozzie Smith hit a walk off tater to win game 5 of the 1985 National League Championship Series for the Cardinals. I'm bringing it back a quarter century later because it's time for Oregon fans to go bonkers. I'll insist to the end that when the sun sets on the 2010 regular season Stanford will be viewed as one of the top 10 or 12 teams in the country. From my chair, this was the signature victory of the year so far in college football. I don't think Florida is elite and neither is Miami. I cite those programs because they're the best wins for #1 Alabama and #2 Ohio State respectively. From the post game show through regular interaction via e-mail, texting and face to face I hear some concern about the Oregon Defense. I truly believe they operate under a different rating system because of the high octane, break neck tempo of the offense. What you're seeing in the 1st half is pretty much the setting of the deck for the 2nd half hands. Zoom, zoom, zoom, try to keep up for 60 minutes. So far no one has come even close. Remember, it was Arizona State who wilted and faked injuries at their place. By the middle of the 4th quarter the Cardinal were toast. The Duck depth and tempo represent a gauntlet of challenge no opposition has handled yet. I know road blocks exist in this conference, but for now, I don't see anyone capable of beating Oregon straight up. Turnovers, errors, a team playing over it's head, sure! But all things being equal, the Ducks are far and away the class of the Pac 10.
On today's show, LMJ in the Heisman race. The insanity of the LSU win, the USC loss, MLB playoffs and what went down in the NFL. Gonna be a fun one.

Friday, October 1, 2010


On yesterday's show we kicked around the 4 logical scenarios for the Stanford game tomorrow and what that would mean for your view of the Duck's 2010 season. I know if Oregon win's big, folks are going to lose it! People will shoot right beyond the Rose Bowl to the National Title game and begin conniving a way to get past Alabama, Ohio State and Boise State to play for all the marbles. They lose big it's going to be a "misery-a-thon". The defense will be maligned, along with the offensive line, fingers will be pointed towards Oxford, Mississippi, it won't be pretty. A close game will likely lead to most fans still thinking this is a strong team who lost to another quality squad and will look forward with much optimism. I think Oregon must grab a lead in the 2nd half, preferably as early in the 3rd quarter as possible and let the rocking and rolling atmosphere test Cardinal QB Andrew Luck. He's a terrific young player but hasn't faced this kind of scene, or even close.
No question each team will face their most severe test. Arizona State's defense was formidable, but top to bottom, both sides of the line, I don't think they're in Stanford's league. While the Cardinal were impressive in beating UCLA at the Rose Bowl, the Bruin offense is flat out weak and getting a win at South Bend is always nice, but the Fighting Irish have an awful defense and a young quarterback who barely put up a fight.
Interesting game down in Troy with the Huskies in town. Gotta think the Trojans have this one circled in blood after losing up there to that awful team early last season. Was semi-surprised to see the oddsmakers said SC by just 10. I think they're going to light them Dawgs up. I guess if the Washington offense kicks it in they might put up some points on a less than dominant Southern Cal defense.
I'm calling this reality check weekend in the NFL. The Seaclucks won't likely get 2 kick returns for a TD as they visit this interesting Rams team led by #1 pick at QB, Sam Bradford. Pittsburg is a 1 point home favorite against Baltimore. Is it possible they can win all 4 games in the absence of Ben Roethlisberger? Tall order. And hopefully, the Eagles will come crashing to earth against the Redskins and Donavan McNabb. Here's hoping Michael Vick's career ends with a vicious, gruesome injury!