Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Didn't we go through this with Jets coach Rex Ryan? People offended by language a big time football coach uses in the heat of the moment. Does Chip Kelly use off color talk when he's visiting a school, doing something for charity or dealing with the media? Of course not! I never cease to be amazed by what turns into a huge deal. For openers, the coach was not reprimanded by the Pac-10 for using some "R" rated language but for sarcastically questioning the idiot refs for not properly explaining a very quesitonable call. I watch a ton of college football and the NFL all day long. You see F-bombs and the like a bunch of times each weekend. Jon Gruden had the ultimate potty mouth and is now an analyst for ESPN and it's presentation of Monday Night Football in particular. Have we become such phony moralists and hypocrites that moronic issues like this really matter? I guarantee you many of the same people so incensed have kids they allow to play graphic, bloody video games or have visited some pretty questionable web sites. Reminds me of the anti-gay crusaders like George Rekers and Richards Curtis who were found to be engaged in gay relationships. Usually those who take the extreme moral highground over petty issues have the most to hide. Society has actual problems to deal with. A football coach using language we hear on HBO, in bars, lockerrooms and playing fields during high intensity moments doesn't rate.


statefarmboy said...

Wasn’t there a film made which illustrated the good and bad philosophy from a couple of different perspectives? Joe Friday and Pep Streebeck. Reverend Jonathan Whirley and Jerry Caesar. Connie Swail and the virgin Connie Swail.

Anonymous said...

I could not agree more