Monday, October 11, 2010


When I read this morning that Boise State was projected as the first number one in this coming Sunday's BCS poll debut, I nearly doubled over laughing. I know some were astonished, other fearful, with some downright angry. After hoping Oregon gets their shot by running the table, all I care about is shining the light of ineptitude on the entire system. Any circumstance that takes us closer to a playoff to decide our national champion is okay in my book. Unfortunately, logic indicates based on the garbage(save Nevada)the Broncos have on their remaining schedule, they have no shot. Unless Oregon, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Auburn and the unbeatens from the major leagues lose. For the record, the Ducks would be #2 just like they are in the other poll that matters, the coaches.
We'll get into this a bit more on today's shows, but I'm not that concerned about the close nature of the Wazzou win. The coaches and players are robotic about regurgitating the proper phrases One game at a time or we're not taking the Cougs lightly. Sorry, there is no way this team is as focused and razor sharp after taking on Stanford under that wave of national insanity the week prior. It's impossible. I don't care the level of your profession, except for hopefully surgeons and those who save lives. There are times when it's routine or just not as sexy. I love doing this for a living. But as much pride as I take prepping for each show, can I possibly be as filled with anticipation for a Tuesday in late July compared to today or pre-game at the Mo with ESPN in town? Come on. So at the end of the day, the Ducks won a conference road game by 3 touchdowns with their quarterback out for a half and the mental anguish of the frightening Kenyon Barner injury.
I watch NFL Sunday Ticket all day. I saw Fabreeze is the "Official Air Freshener" of the NFL. Really?
From the costly injury file. Did you see the Braves blow the game last night against Frisco? Closer Billy Wagner hurt his oblique on Friday night and is out for the series. The bullpen, with help from some miserable defense blew the game. Oh by the way, the key errors came courtesy of 2B Brooks Conrad. He's only in there because regular second sacker Omar Infante is playing 3rd with regular hot cornerman Martin Prado sidelined since late September with a hip pointer. All he did was score 100 runs while batting .307. Huge!

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