Monday, October 25, 2010


Everyone relax. Auburn is ranked ahead of the Ducks in the BCS because they deserve it. Through no fault of their own, Oregon has beaten a half dozen total garbage teams. Stanford is the long quality opponent. I'd bet that no one beyond the Cardinal that the U of O has beaten will even make a bowl game this season. That said, the Tigers have already defeated three teams who were ranked 12th or higher at the time of the game. Another, Mississippi State is already bowl eligible and in the Top 25. Clemson is 4 & 3 and even Kentucky is playing .500 ball at 4 & 4 and likely to make the post season. To their detriment, AU has Chattanooga left on their schedule which will provide a negative hit while the Ducks will charm those computers from this point forward. I have no doubt if Oregon wins out they'll play for the national title.
Did you read about current Tampa Bay tight end Jerramy Stevens the former Husky? What a piece of dirt. As a high school senior he and another student beat a 17-year old with a bat and stomping on his face. Kid had to eat through a straw for 6 months. Got off with a plea deal. When at Washington, was arrested for sexual assault with witnesses basically claiming the woman was drugged. Despite multiple witnesses, King County prosecutors failed to file rape charges. His arrest over the weekend for posession of weed with intent to sell is his 5th involving either reckless driving, DUII, or drug related offenses. He's spent a total of 3 days in jail. You do the math.
We'll get to the World Series matchup that no one will watch, but true baseball fans or jonesing for cause it's going to be a dandy. Also on tap, more atrocious officiating in the NFL.

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