Friday, October 15, 2010


It's the phrase die hards just dread. "No game today"! Oh the horror. Depending on your circumstance, it could lead to an ugly Saturday. In the wrong relationship, you get called out. She/he says, you spend every stinking Saturday from Labor Day through Thanksgiving obsessed with your team, well today it's about me. It's times like this I love my wife and my job. I've already copped. We'll pick up the materials tonight and spend a couple hours in the morning putting up the tarp over my back porch so the dogs don't get drenched in the rain this winter. But Kathy gets that come 4 o'clock it's go time for the MLB playoffs, Buckeyes/Badgers and the rest. I'm sure there will be a frosty or two involved and some of our fellow insane friends. No question Wisconsin has a shot as they usually get the upper hand at their place, especially at night and the ESPN kickoff time is 6pm in Madison. Plus the betting line is only 4 and you know those guys don't screw around meaning UW has a shot.
Pac 10 fans live in fear of the SEC. Not the conference, but the way pollsters and BCS computers are so enamored with all they accomplish. Early on(12:30 KVAL), we ride the Arkansas bandwagon in hopes they eliminate Auburn from the ranks of the unbeaten. Probably the first time many will get a good look at Tiger QB Cam Newton. At 6'6, 250 he's hard to miss at that position. They beat South Carolina who just wrecked Alabama. In the Gamecock victory, the College Park, Georgia product hit 16 of 21 for 2 TD's and ran to the tune of 176 yards and 3 TD's. Began his career at Florida back in 2007 but they had a guy named Tebow. Spent last season at Binn Junior college, leading the Buccaneers to the National Title. Rivals rated him the top overall JUCO prospect in the country. Kid can play.
NLCS rolls tonight with the much anticipated matchup between the Giants Timmy Lincecum and Philly's Roy Halladay. Oddsmakers have installed the Phils as a 1 1/2 run favorite with a pretty low over/under at 6 total runs. Yanks and Rangers get rolling tomorrow evening with a nice match-up as well, albeit taking a huge backseat to this evening's festivities in the City of Brotherly Love. Either way, enjoy the weekend, gonna be a fun one.

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