Friday, October 22, 2010


For weeks I've been harping on ignoring that goofy win by UCLA at Texas. The Bruins flat out stink. The Longhorns gift wrapped that game with ineptitude, plus the fact UT is a shell of it's Colt McCoy led self. Look instead at their 3 Pac-10 losses. 35-nothing to Stanford. 35-7 to Cal. The Thursday massacre in Eugene. That's a combined score of 130-20. They're one of the worst passing teams you will ever see. The final statistics are misleading because of their 159 yards through the air, 76 came in garbage time in the 4th quarter.
As for the Ducks, the beginning to end, top to bottom domination was a season high point. I know folks are offering comparisons between Darron Thomas and Dennis Dixon. Feel free, but Thomas as a sophomore is playing like D.D as a senior. Huge difference. This guy was radar locked from the 1st throw of the game, a 24 yarder to David Paulson. The offensive balance displayed by Oregon was frightening with 312 via the air and 270 on the ground.
Way too much talk about LeMichael James not having an explosive evening as far as impressing Heisman voters. Really? 123 yards and 2 TD's on a national stage in an eye popping win as the #1 team in the country sounds pretty good to me. He's front and center in this race.
No question the price of poker gets jacked a week from Saturday in Troy. This Trojan team is at least the equal to Stanford as far as offensive firepower. They do it all. It's just that USC's defense has trouble with a good offense. Hawaii piled up 588 yards of total offense, 536 for the Huskies and Stanford rolled up 478. I'm thinking Oregon is superior to all 3. They have some speed and talent on that side of the ball, but play undisciplined and are suspect to big plays. Once again, if the Ducks can limit the mistakes and missed tackles, they should have the edge.
Today we will again go over all the Saturday games that impact the Duck's chase for the dream, as well as a bunch of NFL and thoughts on MLB's playoffs. Playoffs?


Brian said...

I agree about USC. That should be an interesting game since USC's defense has not shown it can stop a good offense let alone a great one that Oregon has proven itself to be.

I do wonder how Oregon's D will hold up. I know they'll give up yards since they will be on the field a lot (if the O gets going) so it'll be about containing Barkley just enough.

Just a prediction, I do think they'll win something along the lines of 45-35 but if they just eek it out by 1 (and with limited and minor injuries), I'll be a happy camper.

Carolyn said...

Does Tennessee losing yesterday affect our SOS, or is that determined based on a preseason evaluation?

Steve Tannen said...

The fact Tennessee is having their worst season since 1977 isn't helping. Oregon's schedule the rest of the way will.