Friday, October 8, 2010


I love football coaches. Your fate lies in the hands of 53 guys plus staff at the pro level, about 100 players plus staff in college. They want you to glad hand boosters, handle all the media responsibilities, do charity events and win ballgames. In return, the coaches get to tell us nothing beyond exactly what they want us to hear. These guys would transition easily into C.I.A agents. We're telling you nothing. Bill Belicek of the Patriots okays a trade of an elite weapon like Randy Moss and with a straight face says he was a joy to coach, no problems with discipline and we have to eat it. Right. College coaches insist they pay no attention to the polls, margin of victory or anything that would remotely allow a fan or media member to feel some kind of kinship. Right. At the end of the day, does it really matter what a coach says? No! They will be judged by the results on the field, and in certain cases if they step outside the rules.
This is some week in the Pac 10. First time all year we get 5 games, all in league. On today's shows we'll hit on the biggies which is pretty much 4 of them aside from the anticipated Duck wipeout in Pullman.
Oregon State has a tremendous opportunity. They've come up light in their first two matchups with top 10 teams but a victory at Arizona and they remain unbeaten in league plus grab that tiebreaker edge versus the Cats. Gotta run it, get James Rodgers back and defensively, do some damage on 3rd down. FYI, Ryan Katz the only QB in the nation with more than 100 attempts and no interceptions. I really like his game.
USC and Stanford are both 1 & 1 in the conference. My partner in crime pointed out an astonishing fact. When the Cardinal upset Southern Cal at the Colesium a mere 3 years ago, they were a 40 point underdog. Tomorrow they are a 9 point favorite. That's a 7 touchdown turnaround. Wow!
The loser in Arizona state at Washington isn't going to a bowl game. You heard it here first. Dawgs win and suddenly they're 2 & 0 in league for the 1st time since 2006. An ASU defeat sends them to 0 & 3 in the Pac and I'm guessing is a key step towards the end of the Dennis Erickson in Tempe.
I'm probably more of a baseball fan than 98% of the sports society. Sure my Yankees are winning, but I can watch great pitching until the cows come home. The performance of Tim Lincecum last night in eating up that Atlanta lineup should hang in a museum. Don't want to sell short what Andy Pettite did to put New York in the ALDS driver's seat against Minny. It's just that his admitted HGH use puts a taint on all he does. Gonna be a heck of a weekend.

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