Thursday, October 7, 2010


The great thing about the 3 of 5 format for the 1st round of the MLB Playoffs is how quickly it can all come apart or together. After watching for 6 months and 162 games I was convinced Tampa was going to win the American League pennant. Within a span of 27 hours they lose twice at home and are pretty much toast. The umpiring continues to be horrible, but not as pathetic as the Rays bats which has mustered a whopping run. Yuck!
I was also down on the Yankees and their chances against Minnesota but did feel if they won every one of CC Sabathia's post season starts, it's possible they'll repeat. They also must have Mariano Rivera revert to his usual light's out playoff form and he was devastating last night in game one getting the 34 out save. Plus they got the long ball which is a strength.
I'm looking forward to Braves/Giants with Derek Lowe dueling with Tim Lincecum in the opener. DLowe has been to the playoffs 7 other times and his post season era of 3.3 is a half run better than his career number of 3.8. The definitive money pitcher. Playoff debut for Lincecum, the reigning 2 time NL Cy Young winner.
On today's show, what is the game(save your favorite team) you're looking most forward to this weekend on either the college or NFL grid iron. For Oregon fans, a shot to root for Alabama to get knocked off. They're at South Carolina and this might be the best team Steve Spurrier has fielded with the Gamecocks. FYI...we get this game locally at 12:30 on cbs/kval. Sweet!


Jason said...

Does anyone know if the Duck game will be on the O-Zone then? Trying to watch from Cali.

Philip said...

Jason, I've heard they will only be televising this game in Oregon on Comcast. Hopefully that's not true for you =/

Steve, by far for me the most anticipating game is definitely the Tide game. *cough*UPSET!*cough*

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