Tuesday, November 30, 2010


After I arrived on the West Coast, I was fortunate to make some great friends. Even met my wife. At times they've pulled me aside and said that my East Coast "tone" is capable of coming off as a bit mean spirited and downright obnoxious. I understood, but at the same time countered it doesn't mean I'm wrong. Former NBA All-Star Antoine Walker is trying to continue his playing career in the Developmental League. Despite having earned about 100 million over his career in salary, he's not only broke, but in debt. Antoine Walker is a moron. Is that harsh? Mean? Sure! Wrong? I don't think so.
Still haven't heard from an OSU supporter who has offered up a football reason this Civil War is going to be tight. Received some cuts, some 'watch outs', but no one has even come remotely close to convincing me the game is hanging in the balance like last season at Autzen. We will have a conversation with Lindsay Schnell who is in her 1st year covering the Beaver Beat for the Oregonian. She's due for a chat at 4:20. I really like her work. Had a great quote from one of the coaches about having to "tackle in space" better against Oregon. If that's their potion, I'm doubling down on the Ducks.
The Colorado Rockies have just extended their shortstop Troy Tulowitzki to the tune of 20-mil per season. That's a bit more than the Yankees offered Derek Jeter, but less than he wants. Tulo will play this season at age 26. He's just hitting his prime. Love my Jeets, but he's gotta get a grip and take that 3 year, 45 million dollar offer from the Yanks.
I was just given some neat giveaways to get us through the week. Let's begin with $25 gift certificate to Jung's Mongolian Grill. Great stuff. Up West 11th in Eugene. Text me at 653-3098 or email the answer to stevetannen@live.com
We've seen a few lopsided Civil War football games this decade including 65-38 in 2008, 50-21 in 2004. What was the most one-sided romp during the decade of the 1990's?? Good luck!

Monday, November 29, 2010


Get the cliches ready. It's the Civil War. Throw the records out. You never know what can happen. I buy this in some cases. If the Ducks play their worst game of the year by far. If Darron Thomas throws 5 interceptions(like Joey in 2000). Maybe, somehow, Oregon State can hang with this team and steal it. I don't see it. I see the USC romp by OSU a borderline abberation. The 2010 Beavs are fair, maybe mediocre. They lost to awful teams like UCLA and the Washington Schools. The defense is just plain bad when if faces a solid, balanced offense. They can't get the opposition off the field. Stanford converted 9 of 15 on third down. Wazzou was 10 of 17! Let's not forget, last year the Ducks rolled up nearly 500 total yards of offense and turned it over twice. They passed and ran for more than 200 yards each. This against an Oregon State team that was Pac 10 champion caliber. Oregon is much stronger in all aspects of the game in 2010, the Beavs weaker. Their defense failed to find a replacement top playmaker Keaton Kristick or David Pa'aluhi. Quizz is simply not as dangerous without James. Ryan Katz as a sophomore is not in the same league as Sean Canfield who was as good a QB as we had in the Pac 10 last year. Nothing is for sure, but it's gonna take more than anger, desire and want to convince me OSU has a shot to win this game.
As for Auburn barely climbing past Oregon in the BCS rankings, it's completely and totally meaningless. For openers, I'm a bit surprised the computers have the Ducks this close to the Tigers. I have bad news, the Pac 10 is 2 elite teams and 8 that are either very mediocre, fair or just plain bad. Really? Washington wins as many conference games as anyone besides Oregon and Stanford? Time to bag the no respect, or East Coast bias whine. It's moronic. Just worry about this team beating Oregon State then taking on Auburn from what is clearly the best league in the nation.
So much NFL and Boise State's nightmare and the decent showing by Dana Altman's crew, plus a few surprises coming at ya!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


This blog is gonna have to last through Monday unless I get really motivated(don't count on it).
Want to chime in on the fact most of the pundits are riding the Alabama bandwagon, calling for them to knock off Auburn. It won't be an upset as the Tide is a 4 point chalk with an over/under at 58 points. I still don't get it. Not saying Bama "can't" win, but based on what do they stop the Tigers. Alabama had an historically great defense last year but lost the following. One of the nation's great run stoppers in Terrence Cody on the nose(2nd round pick of Baltimore). Add in fellow lineman Brandon Deadrick who was taken by the Patriots. It goes on. Rolando McClain was the Butkus Award winner as the top linebacker in America along with one of their top tacklers, Eryk Anders, an outside linebackers. Not sold? How about 1st team All American corner Javier Arenas, a 2nd round selection of the Chiefs. On the other side they lost Kareem Jackson who was a 1st round pick of the Texans, is now starting in the NFL. A year ago(granted at Auburn), it was a really close game, 26-21 against a team who lost 5 SEC games. The Tigers had a decent game. Just under 350 total yards, 180 throwing, 150 running. Nice balance. Now the Auburn offense is 100 times better and the Tide defense is significantly weaker. I love Auburn in this game! FYI this game is at 11:30 our time on CBS(KVAL local).
On Friday we'll also get Oregon/AZ on ESPN at 4pm, Nebraska looking to ice their spot in the Big 12 title game on ABC at 12:30(KEZI local) and the biggie between Boise State & Nevada at 7:15, following Ducks/Cats on ESPN. Broncos win that after an Alabama victory over Auburn and they might just clinch their spot in the National Title game.
On Saturday, Oregon State at Stanford is 4:30 on Versus. We won't get Oklahoma State & Oklahoma at 5 on ABC as, understandably, KEZI will roll with USC/Notre Dame though the battle for the Bedlam Bell is about 800 times more significant on a national level.
The Big 10 picture clarifies a bit on Saturday with Wisconsin hosting Northwestern at 12:30 on KEZI. The day begins with Michigan at Ohio State at 9am on our ABC affiliate as well with ESPN2 rolling with Michigan @ Penn State. FYI....if all 3 win it likely means a trip to Pasedena for the Badgers as they'd finish higher in the BCS rankings to break that 3 way tie.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I like to think I come clean at least as often as any other Sports Radio host in America. Woke up today. Snow on the ground. On the cars. Had to take time to shovel, clear the rigs, even to do some work in the backyard and on our faucets as we have a 58 year old home. Really cut into my show prep. While working out I heard Coach K of Duke won his 799th game last night with the Blue Devils and is 4th all time behind Bobby Knight, Dean Smith and Adolph Rupp. Started wondering about the great hoop coaches I'd seen. Then the dominoes started to tumble and I figured it's radio bailout time. Gonna throw it out to Justin and the gang who are the all time manager/coaches we've seen. Top 3 in college football and hoops, NBA, MLB, NFL. That should kill a couple of hours. Throw in Oregon getting back to work versus Cal, some interesting goings on in the NBA and a newly crowned AL MVP, I might sneak by with minimal work. Really counting on our listeners.
Oregon men's basketball team gets back at it this evening with Texas Southern at The Pit. If you want in on the action and perhaps a pair of freebies, you'll need to log onto our website(already there) and join our Skybox Club. Looks like that's how we will be distributing the tickets we get for our beloved listeners. Their next game is against top ranked Duke in Portland on Saturday. Great timing there!
Today I'll also recap the picture as far as the NFL playoffs and major conference races in college football. Look forward to it.

Monday, November 22, 2010


If we've learned anything this football season, and I mean NCAA & NFL, it's don't pay all that much attention to what you just saw. Not sure I recall a year where the landscape changes more week to week. I was positive this Oregon State team was as weak as we've seen since 1997, the year before they beat Oregon in that Triple OT Civil War. And by the by, those losses to the Cougs, Dawgs and Bruins are a horror show. Saturday's top to bottom demolition of USC shows Mike Riley can still rally the troops and knock you off your pedastal. Still have to grab one agains the class of the conference(and nation), on the road at Stanford and home for the Ducks. Gotta admit, I was way more worried about Arizona from an Oregon point of view. That's changed a bit.
Lot of focus on the antics of Nebraska coach Bo Pellini losing it with the refs and his own star QB Taylor Martinez. Want to discuss this on today's show. It's about the leopard and his spots. I'll cite clowns like Mike Stoops of Arizona, Terrell Owens and Vince Young. I think people can change and mature, I wonder if the same percentage we see in society applies to long time spoiled, pampered, overpaid folks in the fantasy world of sports?
Gotta doff my cap to the folks handing out MLB's post season awards. Some felt to voters might go with Albert Pujols who again put up monster numbers over the deserving Joey Votto of the Reds. They didn't. Votto was nearly unanimous taking all but one vote. Cincy got in the playoffs, the Cardinals didn't. This must be incorporated when decifering a guys value. Well done.

Friday, November 19, 2010


We usually reserve this space for what I'll term "the majors". Oregon football, NFL, NBA, college hoops, MLB or the big story of the day. The past couple of years I've had many on air chats with Duck Volleyball coach Jim Moore as well as the coaches of soccer, lacrosse and track & field. This morning I had the treat of being joined live on our KUGN show from the Gateway IHOP by senior volleyballer Heather Meyers and sophmore Alaina Bergsma. Simply put, just a pair of amazing young women who are not only terrific players but special people as well. We get caught up in the 'big time' sports and don't get me wrong, I'm a junkie for March Madness and Pac 10 football. It's also important in a community like this to understand how many incredible student athletes are doing their thing on a daily basis, just out of the spotlight. It was an honor to spend the morning with HM & AB. I'm looking forward to seeing them play tonight at The Pit, 7pm against UCLA. Just two more games ever for the volleyball program at Mac Court. I have extra tickets for anyone interested. Drop me a line at stevetannen@live.com if you're interested. It's the first time for my wife and I. I've heard it's incredibly entertaining!
Got an interesting e-mail yesterday about Oregon football. Lot of national focus on Jeff Tedford asking his guys to fake injuries to slow down the Duck offense. This gentleman asked if I'd noticed tacklers ripping off the shoe of Darron Thomas. Have seen him have to put the occasional cleat back on so I'm wondering if this is another delay tactic. Great observation!
Loving the bye week. We'll get back after it in preparation for Arizona come Monday. Enjoy the weekend.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


I heard an interview with Trailblazer coach Nate McMillian and he was dead on. Can't really point the finger of blame over Greg Oden being incapable of staying healthy and playing NBA hoops. It's not pre-meditated like with Michael Vick where it's easy to vent your anger. Still doesn't change the fact it was a bust of a pick with the number one overall selection. For all those harping on how the right move was taking Kevin Durant, save it! I did this show in this state and way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way more than half of you wanted Oden because he was a big guy. Deal with it, or provide me the proof. I screamed from the rooftops that you could not pass on a guy like Oden who had taken Ohio State to the national finals with a terrorizing style of defense and ability to dominate the backboards. I was wrong. They were wrong. The draft is a crap shoot. Period. End of conversation.
I heard and read where the Yankees and Derek Jeter have hit a snag in negotiations. Almost hit the floor laughing. I'd like to smack both sides. Jeets is no longer an elite shortstop despite his gift golden glove. Never, ever in history has a guy his age performed at a high level at that position after experiencing a dip in production. That said, the NY front office is kidding about haggling over money right? They throw away nearly a hundred million on clowns like AJ Burnett, Carl Pavano or Chad Gaudin and are playing the finance card with their franchise face? What a crock.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


The first e-mail I opened today absolutely made my day. From a woman I've heard of from time to time over the years. The theme was her disdain for those praising Michael Vick because he's had a few games. My favorite part? Tie him to a treadmill and force him to exercise until exhaustion. Between games he has to sit in a cage. If he underperforms, hold him under water. Make this useless piece of crap play for his life! Well done. From my chair, anyone who supports garbage like this has problems. Faking injuries, using performance enhancing drugs, dishonesty in a marriage are certainly character flaws. They don't render you subhuman. And save the go to line about paying his debt to society. Vick isn't square with any society I consider decent and want to be a part of.
Guys? I have great news. Eva Longoria and Tony Parker are getting divorced. I read their was a pre-nup. I know he pulls down big bucks as an NBA front liner, but she does movies, national ads for make-up and stuff like that, along with a hit TV show. Who benefits there? I just thought I'd pass it along she's back on the market so make your move.
As of right now, a few minutes before noon on Wednesday the 17th of November, they have not announced the AL Cy Young winner. Gotta be Felix Hernandez. If he pitched for New York or Texas he'd have won 25 games. Best pitcher in the American Leauge in 2010, hands down, end of story.
I saw the betting line on USC/OSU is Trojans by just 3. Wow! That looks like stealing money. Plays into my trick bag theory. If it seems too easy, it probably is, but the temptation to send it in huge looms.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I really used to love Monday Night Football. It was kind of a novelty. We got to see more than just the local teams. Still find it kind of special. The weekend is over. You get through the first day of the work week and flip on an NFL game. Then a murdering scumbag like Michael Vick has a big game and I want to vomit. It's downright depressing. Nice effort by the Redskin defense. Only fell into a 35-nothing first half hole. Well done.
To follow up some of yesterday's chat about the Cal football players faking injuries. We're hearing some in the Bay Area offering up excuses. Oregon is using a gimmick offense so it must be countered in any manner possible. Really? That's your defense counselor? Well all your missing is the minor point about following the rules or blatantly breaking them, better known as cheating! Do these people own mirrors?
The Trailblazers get back to work this evening. After losing that tough shootout against the Thunder on Friday, they laid a complete and total egg against the Hornets with a lazy defensive effort and some awful perimeter shooting. Historically, Portland has been an elite rebounding team but with the injuries to their big fellas they've dropped near the bottom league wide. The semi-good news is Joel Przybilla practiced Monday but will not go tonight. He's getting close. As for Greg Oden, the specifics are limited, but the general target appears to be later this month. It's the 16th so you'd anticipate an update relatively soon.

Monday, November 15, 2010


Not sure how many times we've harped on it this year. Not likely a team will win all 12 regular season football games without some kind of a challenge. For openers, it's nearly impossible to win them all. Boise and Alabama did last year. Tide had a couple of scares. 2 point victory against Tennessee and a 5 pointer at Auburn. BSU snuck by Tulsa 28-21 and 17-10 against TCU in the Fiesta Bowl. Before that you go back to the 2006 Broncos who had a pair of 7 point wins and a 23-20 nailbiter at San Jose State before the wild 43-42 Fiesta Bowl thriller against Oklahoma. Texas went unblemished in 2005 when they won that heartstopper versus USC. Early that year they needed a 4th quarter comeback to sneak past Ohio State 25-22. Those overly concerned the Ducks won a conference road game by 2 simply don't pay enough attention or get how freaking hard it is to win all those games. Chew on this as well. No contest, that Cal defense is head and shoulders above anything Oregon has seen. Portland State, Tennessee, New Mexico, Washington, and Washington State are flat out terrible. UCLA is not good. USC and Stanford are maybe mediocre on that side of the ball. Arizona State is okay, California is good. They had me fooled. I thought they were overrated, but there is some serious talent on that side of the ball.
Okay, let's address the polka dotted elephant in the room. Cal coach Jeff Tedford should be ashamed of himself and offer a public apology for the blatant fake injuries. Sorry coach, it's not gamesmanship, it's cheating, pure and simple. According to www.thefreedictionary.com cheating is to deceive by trickery, misleading or fooling. Putting a guy in(#96 Kendrick Payne) who pretty much doesn't play and having him fake getting hurt is a disgrace. I accept no excuses cause it's crap!

Friday, November 12, 2010


Generally the past few weeks in this spot I've painted the TV picture. Tried to see which games were on that impacted the Duck run to possible national title. This is not a great weekend for that as they're a 3 TD chalk over their opponent, and those giving chase like LSU, TCU, or Boise State play patsies in Louisiana Monroe, San Diego State and Idaho.
BSU draws the Vandals this evening at 6pm on ESPN. The lead-up game on Versus tomorrow is the Horned Frogs while if you're desperate for entertainment or a game to bet on, the Bayou Bengal game is part of ESPN's Game Plan. Embattled(yes that's needed) Auburn plays host to Georgia at 12:30 on CBS. The day begins with Wisconsin/Indiana from Camp Randall at 9am on ESPN2. Badgers still in the Big 10/Rose Bowl hunt. Remember, we're all focused on the BCS title game, but a slip up likely means another trip to Pasedena. Ohio State remains in that picture as well. At 12:30 on KEZI they have JoPa and the Nittany Lions in. The best matchup in the Pac 10 is set for 5pm, also on KEZI with USC at Arizona.
Oddly enough, a trip to the SEC title game is pretty much on the line at 4:15 on ESPN with Steve Spurrier taking his South Carolina team into his old stomping ground, the Swamp in Gainesville for Florida. Each as a 4 & 3 record atop the East division with either Auburn or LSU looming for the title and BCS bowl berth.
As for the NFL games on local TV. KVAL has one game. the 1pm matchup with the Chiefs at the Broncos. KLSR Fox brings us a double header. Farve's @ Bears followed by Seaclucks in Arizona for the Cardinals. The Sunday nighter on NBC is Patriots at Steelers. Good wrap to the sports weekend.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


I detest phony, flag waving people who pretty much despise every American who doesn't share their view on key issues. That's not how I see true patriotism. Regardless of your thoughts on Bush, Obama, Pelosi or Palin, you have to shelve it when it comes to the actual men & women putting their asses on the line so we can have these conversations without fear. From Bunker Hill to Kabul, thank you for your courage, character and unyielding committment to protecting our unique freedoms. Happy Veterans Day!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


So what do you really think about the possibility of Mike Bellotti taking the Colorado job now that Dan Hawkins has been canned? Remember, this is strictly theory. Not a word in favor or against from the Bellotti camp. I will say this. After last Saturday's game at Autzen where he was in the broadcast booth for ESPN, he looked relaxed and really happy. Sharp as heck in a nice suit. With this gig he gets to live in Eugene where he and his wife have raised their family and put down roots. I don't see MB as one of those coaching junkies. At the press conference to announce his taking a position at ESPN he seemed like a kid who'd just got a job working with Santa Claus. I'd bet he sticks and continues to grow into a major player at that network. If they had a clue, he'd already grab the chair Lou Holtz has hijacked.
Here's my bet of the week. The combination of Oregon's special teams and defense will outscore Cal. I see the line has settled in at 20 points. In the first game without their back up QB I anticipate a bigger sense of immediacy getting out of the gate, assuming control and taking steps to protect Darron Thomas.
It might be time for many Duck fans to stop chiming in on Auburn's Cam Newton. It's pretty apparent you're pitching an agenda. If Oregon was 5 & 3 with no viable Heisman candidate, would you be so interested in this story? Didn't think so. Personally I find an awful stench surrounding the whole ordeal. I saw his dad on TV for the first time. He did not wreak of credibility.
Nice top to bottom effort by the Blazers in dusting Detroit last night. 17 boards to go with 19 points for LaMarcus Aldridge. He was a beast. Terrific defense the final 24 minutes holding the Pistons to a mere 33 points. Just crushed them inside. They're off until a nice one to commence the weekend Friday evening at Okey City on ESPN.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I'm optimistic the Ducks can win their last 3 games, clinch the Pac 10 title and play for the National Championship. Before the injury to Nate Costa, I would have used a term like confident or even expressed a willingness to wager a large sum. Sorry, but Costa can lead this team past Cal, Arizona and Oregon State. His performance against Washington State(I know they stink) showed his ability to run the show. He knows this system as well as anyone on the team. Darron Thomas goes down and what? We've lost our piece of mind. I've heard some say Bryan Bennett might even challenge for the starting position next year. AND? It's 2010. The time is now. Not one person out there, Oregon coaches included, have any remote idea how he will react or perform against the Bears, Cats or Beavs at the tail end of a cutthroat conference season. I love rolling the dice. Other times I'll take the bird in hand. That's what Nate brought to the table. We know he can play at the D-1 level. Thomas stays healthy, we simply feel for Costa as he won't be able to take part in the stretch run of this magical season. Sorry to be a downer, but it's a fact!
I heard that bozo Bill Hancock, the executive director of the B.C.S. He's a cliche. Guy should run for office. He offers no real answers. This garbage about a playoff hindering the meaning of the current bowls holds no water. Check the attendance numbers for those games. You think they go DOWN if they're part of a playoff with the winner advancing to either a national semi-final or championship game? Please. I'm not fully on board with the "who are the best two teams" mentality. The goal is to crown a champ which means determining who can handle the heat of a playoff situation like we see in the pros or every other college sport at every level. The more these knuckleheads pitch their case, the more infuriated I get.

Monday, November 8, 2010


So after all this the BCS picture is crystal clear. Ducks & Auburn win out and play for the title. Either slips up and TCU jumps in there. Gotta think Oregon has a smaller chance of slipping up with Cal who is no good, Oregon State is obviously not that good or they wouldn't have lost to a pair of awful teams in UCLA & Washington. Arizona may be formidable though they got rolled relatively easily against Stanford. The Tigers face a very ordinary Georgia team at home before their final land mine at Alabama and if they survive the Tide, the SEC title game. Right now that doesn't look like much as both Florida & South Carolina each have 3 conference defeats already. TCU finishes the season against one of the worst teams in America, New Mexico but first play San Diego State at home next week. The Aztecs are 7 & 2 with losses at Missouri by just 3 and at BYU, also by 3. Etch the Horned Froggies as unbeaten lying in wait.
Congrats to Stanford on their 1st meaningful win of the season. Can't imagine they don't win out and get a real good look at one of those at large BCS bids.
Here's an evaluation of the Pac 10 at this exact juncture of the 2010 season. 2 excellent teams. Two okay teams(Arizona/USC), one so-so team(Oregon State) and 5 bad to awful teams. People can harp on the last 3 visits to Cal by the Ducks, but this is a far cry from 2004, 2006 and 2008. The Bears struggled to beat freaking Wazzou who is a horror show. They have no shot against Oregon or Stanford and will need a win the Saturday after Thanksgiving against the Dawgs just to be bowl eligible. FYI....Ducks are a 3 TD favorite down in Strawberry Canyon.

Friday, November 5, 2010


To annonymous from yesterday who said Stanford has the best loss of the one loss teams ranked ahead of them. A good loss is still a loss. Of those 7 teams, the Cardinal are the only one who currently has zero wins over teams either bowl eligible already or likely going to a bowl. Bama beat Arkansas and Florida. Nebraska beat Missouri and Oklahoma State. Oklahoma beat Florida State. Wisconsin beat Ohio State and Iowa. LSU beat Mississippi State, Florida and West Virginia(granted not great teams). Ohio State beat Miami and 5 & 3 Illinois. Missouri beat Oklahoma & Illinois. This is fact, not bias. I stick to my original post from Thursday.
As for your TV viewing
Ducks/Dawgs: Oregon now -36 with an over/under of 68
Elsewhere in the Pac 10:
1pm: Cal @ Wazzou on Fox Sports Net/Bears -14 1/2, over/under is 53
4pm: Beavs @ UCLA/OSU -5/over/under is 54 1/2. Game is on Versus
5pm: ABC. The biggie in the league with Arizona @Stanford. Cardinal -9 over/under is 56
7:30 on Fox Sports Net it's ASU @ USC with the Trojans -6 and the o/u is 60 1/2
12:30-TCU @ UTAH, CBS College Sports...check your system. Froggies -5, o/u is 51 1/2
12:30-Alabama @LSU, KVAL, Tide -6 1/2, over/under at 44
12:30-Hawaii @ Boise St on ESPNU. Broncos -21 o/u is 66
That's enough college. All Oregon needs to do is win anyway. Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


It would be awesome to celebrate a national title with my wife, kids and all the great friends I've made during my 20 years as a Eugenean. That said, I've noticed an element of Oregon fans who simply don't deserve this joy. I can not believe the "poor us" mentality that exists among a certain faction of Duck supporters. This whole "no respect" or "media bias" is a complete load of crap! If the Ducks don't have the proper respect then why are they #1 in every poll? If the SEC gets all the pub and props then why is Auburn behind Oregon despite having played a much tougher schedule?
Here's an idea. Cancel the rest of the year and just send the trophy to the Cas Center. Oh wait! We've only made it through 2/3rds of the year. For the record, the only team that's gone unbeaten in the BCS era and failed to play in their championship game was from the SEC.(See Auburn 04).
Wake up people! The Ducks have become the national pet. 90% of those who cover the sport are on board, yet the paranoid complainers only focus on the small percentage desperate for attention offering contrary thoughts. I'm putting together a list of whiny, needy celebs and jocks who remind me of these Oregon fans. Feel free to contribute at will.



Wednesday, November 3, 2010


It's amazing how hard the University of Washington football program has tumbled. Even during their supposed "down" time, USC never pulled an 0 for the season or conference like the Dawgs did in 2004(Pac 10) or 2008(0 & 12). In 1998 the Trojans bottomed out at 6 & 6 then 5 & 7 before a return to the post season falling to Utah in the 2001 Vegas Bowl. By the end of 2002 they were as good as anyone. UW won the Rose Bowl following the 2000 season, then the Holiday Bowl before getting dumped by Purdue in the 2002 Sun Bowl. They played .500 ball in 2003 but 20 & 59 since. Yikes! The hope is Steve Sarkisian can help revive Husky football, but the bottom line is he's an unproven as a head coach. Was an assistant under Pete Carrol for the recent glory years at USC, but mostly as the QB coach. Was the offensive co-ordinator in 2007 & 08 before taking the gig in Seattle.
Sad to hear legendary manager Sparky Anderson has been placed in hospice care as his dementia has gotten worse. Sparky always looked older than he was with that full head of silver hair harkening all the way back to his days running the Big Red Machine in the mid 1970's. He's only 76 now! He's a rarity. Managed teams from both leagues to a World Series title adding the 84 championship with Detroit to the back to back crowns he earned in 75 & 76 with Cincy.
I'm seriously considering slicing up all my Jets gear and sending it to their headquarters with a "Screw Off" note if they sign Randy Moss. I'll simply switch my full allegiance to the Giants. I'll even cut the stuff up on the air. It would be the last straw.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I'm starting to see prediction seasonal results as about the biggest exercise in futility in sports. Week to week? Fine. Watch the games, get a feel for who is hot or not and tell me who covers the spread this week. I went back over the predictions for the 2010 baseball season(self included), and it's hysterical. I surveyed the so-called experts from ESPN and Sports Illustrated. About 3 dozen in all including guys like Rob Neyer, Tom Verducci, Keith Law, Orel Hersheiser and Tim Kurkjian. 4 had the Giants winning the West, 2 had them as a wild card. Tristan Cockcroft had the Giants winning the World Series, besting the Twins. No one even had the Rangers winning the American League. For the record, I had Red Sox over the Twins in the AL, Philly over the Cardinals in the NL with Boston taking out the Phils for all the marbles. I did pick Texas to win the AL West, nearly by default due to what the Angels lost and the inept offenses in Seattle & Oakland.
Lot of my New York bretheren confused how those lethal Texas bats suddenly went silent in the World Series after exploding in the ALCS. DUH! It's because they faced A- or A pitching with San Fran as opposed to the Yankee's C-, overpaid, underachieving cast of clowns.
You've got to love the subtleties of baseball. No score, top of the 7th, 2 on and up comes Aubrey Huff with nobody out. Gotta bunt right? Sure, but he's got no sac's all year and has been an AL hitter his whole career where they never bunt. Lays down a textbook sacrifice. Thing of beauty. Cliff Lee digs down and strikes out Pat Burrell, though he'd been awful. Up comes Edgar Renteria. Aaron Rowand on deck, base open. Obviously they should have walked Edgar. 3 run, series winning bomb.
Gotta be happy for Giant's skipper Bruch Bochy who'd been this far with the Padres in 1998 but got swept by the Yankees. He just seemed to push all the right buttons this post season. Even pulling Tim Lincecum after 8 dazzleing innings in favor of the guy who'd become the face of this great run, Brian Wilson. All ended well! Now it's time for the major awards, free agency and the countdown to pitchers and catchers reporting(106 days).

Monday, November 1, 2010


So much for the playing that paranoid "poor us" card. East coast bias. SEC loving system. Turns out the country is head over heels for Oregon football. Ever think you'd see a day when a team from Eugene would jump a powerhouse from that conference in the heart of Dixie when both posted substantial road wins in league? Only the Ducks themselves stand in the way of the BCS title game in Glendale. The offense and defense seem radar locked so now it's time to clean up some of those very bad mental mistakes that can undo a chase like this. Running into the kicker(Lokombo), taunting an opponent(Lewis), diving on a punt for no apparent reason(Harris). Once again, when Oregon has the ball, it's the single biggest advantage in all of college football. Ball security and gaining posession must not be undervalued. It's their ticket to placing the ultimate trophy in the case at the Casanova Center.
Anyone else as amazed as me that Brent Musburger kept mispronouncing our defensive coordinator's name? Not exactly sure who Nick Allio-TUH is. Have a clue Brent, you called the Stanford game 4 weeks ago.
How bout them Giants? Skipper Bruce Bochy is pushing all the right buttons. Had his kid, Madison Bumgarner, all of 21 years old out there on the road. Was so confident in the performance, that in the 7th inning you didn't even see movement in the Frisco bullpen. After an error and two out hit, no panic. Madison got a solid hitter, Ian Kinsler to try to pull an outside pitch. Lazy fly to left. Inning over. Then he had a 1-2-3 8th before turning it over to his closer Brian Wilson who cruised through the 9th. Sweet!
Anyone notice LeGarette Blount running for 120 yards and 2 TD's in Tampa Bay's 38-35 win at Arizona. I know you're thinking it, so I'm just gonna say it. He certainly adds some PUNCH to that Buc attack.
Randy Moss is a total douche. Details on today's shows.