Friday, November 19, 2010


We usually reserve this space for what I'll term "the majors". Oregon football, NFL, NBA, college hoops, MLB or the big story of the day. The past couple of years I've had many on air chats with Duck Volleyball coach Jim Moore as well as the coaches of soccer, lacrosse and track & field. This morning I had the treat of being joined live on our KUGN show from the Gateway IHOP by senior volleyballer Heather Meyers and sophmore Alaina Bergsma. Simply put, just a pair of amazing young women who are not only terrific players but special people as well. We get caught up in the 'big time' sports and don't get me wrong, I'm a junkie for March Madness and Pac 10 football. It's also important in a community like this to understand how many incredible student athletes are doing their thing on a daily basis, just out of the spotlight. It was an honor to spend the morning with HM & AB. I'm looking forward to seeing them play tonight at The Pit, 7pm against UCLA. Just two more games ever for the volleyball program at Mac Court. I have extra tickets for anyone interested. Drop me a line at if you're interested. It's the first time for my wife and I. I've heard it's incredibly entertaining!
Got an interesting e-mail yesterday about Oregon football. Lot of national focus on Jeff Tedford asking his guys to fake injuries to slow down the Duck offense. This gentleman asked if I'd noticed tacklers ripping off the shoe of Darron Thomas. Have seen him have to put the occasional cleat back on so I'm wondering if this is another delay tactic. Great observation!
Loving the bye week. We'll get back after it in preparation for Arizona come Monday. Enjoy the weekend.

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