Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I like to think I come clean at least as often as any other Sports Radio host in America. Woke up today. Snow on the ground. On the cars. Had to take time to shovel, clear the rigs, even to do some work in the backyard and on our faucets as we have a 58 year old home. Really cut into my show prep. While working out I heard Coach K of Duke won his 799th game last night with the Blue Devils and is 4th all time behind Bobby Knight, Dean Smith and Adolph Rupp. Started wondering about the great hoop coaches I'd seen. Then the dominoes started to tumble and I figured it's radio bailout time. Gonna throw it out to Justin and the gang who are the all time manager/coaches we've seen. Top 3 in college football and hoops, NBA, MLB, NFL. That should kill a couple of hours. Throw in Oregon getting back to work versus Cal, some interesting goings on in the NBA and a newly crowned AL MVP, I might sneak by with minimal work. Really counting on our listeners.
Oregon men's basketball team gets back at it this evening with Texas Southern at The Pit. If you want in on the action and perhaps a pair of freebies, you'll need to log onto our website(already there) and join our Skybox Club. Looks like that's how we will be distributing the tickets we get for our beloved listeners. Their next game is against top ranked Duke in Portland on Saturday. Great timing there!
Today I'll also recap the picture as far as the NFL playoffs and major conference races in college football. Look forward to it.

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