Wednesday, November 10, 2010


So what do you really think about the possibility of Mike Bellotti taking the Colorado job now that Dan Hawkins has been canned? Remember, this is strictly theory. Not a word in favor or against from the Bellotti camp. I will say this. After last Saturday's game at Autzen where he was in the broadcast booth for ESPN, he looked relaxed and really happy. Sharp as heck in a nice suit. With this gig he gets to live in Eugene where he and his wife have raised their family and put down roots. I don't see MB as one of those coaching junkies. At the press conference to announce his taking a position at ESPN he seemed like a kid who'd just got a job working with Santa Claus. I'd bet he sticks and continues to grow into a major player at that network. If they had a clue, he'd already grab the chair Lou Holtz has hijacked.
Here's my bet of the week. The combination of Oregon's special teams and defense will outscore Cal. I see the line has settled in at 20 points. In the first game without their back up QB I anticipate a bigger sense of immediacy getting out of the gate, assuming control and taking steps to protect Darron Thomas.
It might be time for many Duck fans to stop chiming in on Auburn's Cam Newton. It's pretty apparent you're pitching an agenda. If Oregon was 5 & 3 with no viable Heisman candidate, would you be so interested in this story? Didn't think so. Personally I find an awful stench surrounding the whole ordeal. I saw his dad on TV for the first time. He did not wreak of credibility.
Nice top to bottom effort by the Blazers in dusting Detroit last night. 17 boards to go with 19 points for LaMarcus Aldridge. He was a beast. Terrific defense the final 24 minutes holding the Pistons to a mere 33 points. Just crushed them inside. They're off until a nice one to commence the weekend Friday evening at Okey City on ESPN.

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