Monday, November 1, 2010


So much for the playing that paranoid "poor us" card. East coast bias. SEC loving system. Turns out the country is head over heels for Oregon football. Ever think you'd see a day when a team from Eugene would jump a powerhouse from that conference in the heart of Dixie when both posted substantial road wins in league? Only the Ducks themselves stand in the way of the BCS title game in Glendale. The offense and defense seem radar locked so now it's time to clean up some of those very bad mental mistakes that can undo a chase like this. Running into the kicker(Lokombo), taunting an opponent(Lewis), diving on a punt for no apparent reason(Harris). Once again, when Oregon has the ball, it's the single biggest advantage in all of college football. Ball security and gaining posession must not be undervalued. It's their ticket to placing the ultimate trophy in the case at the Casanova Center.
Anyone else as amazed as me that Brent Musburger kept mispronouncing our defensive coordinator's name? Not exactly sure who Nick Allio-TUH is. Have a clue Brent, you called the Stanford game 4 weeks ago.
How bout them Giants? Skipper Bruce Bochy is pushing all the right buttons. Had his kid, Madison Bumgarner, all of 21 years old out there on the road. Was so confident in the performance, that in the 7th inning you didn't even see movement in the Frisco bullpen. After an error and two out hit, no panic. Madison got a solid hitter, Ian Kinsler to try to pull an outside pitch. Lazy fly to left. Inning over. Then he had a 1-2-3 8th before turning it over to his closer Brian Wilson who cruised through the 9th. Sweet!
Anyone notice LeGarette Blount running for 120 yards and 2 TD's in Tampa Bay's 38-35 win at Arizona. I know you're thinking it, so I'm just gonna say it. He certainly adds some PUNCH to that Buc attack.
Randy Moss is a total douche. Details on today's shows.


Anonymous said...

Chip Kelly is pure class and has taken the right approach with this team since day one, here's is a source of his inspiration..

Anonymous said...

legarrett is a stud running back. we all knew that in oregon. now the nation and the nfl will feel his pain.

the baton has not been passed from usc to oregon as far as pacten/12 supremacy. oregon has taken the baton themselves and said, "this is ours. get out of our way! we don't care about your legacy. we are going to make one of our own!" this is the attitude that a smaller school in a smaller market must have to succeed. certainly washington still feels that supremacy in the northwest is their birthright. it is not and we must continue to take it and keep it. overcoming history is hard work.

I agree that the nation is having a love affair with the ducks. this is a good thing because it may not last forever. love your show. i am addicted.

Alan in Corvallis

University of Oregon alum, class of 1979.