Friday, November 5, 2010


To annonymous from yesterday who said Stanford has the best loss of the one loss teams ranked ahead of them. A good loss is still a loss. Of those 7 teams, the Cardinal are the only one who currently has zero wins over teams either bowl eligible already or likely going to a bowl. Bama beat Arkansas and Florida. Nebraska beat Missouri and Oklahoma State. Oklahoma beat Florida State. Wisconsin beat Ohio State and Iowa. LSU beat Mississippi State, Florida and West Virginia(granted not great teams). Ohio State beat Miami and 5 & 3 Illinois. Missouri beat Oklahoma & Illinois. This is fact, not bias. I stick to my original post from Thursday.
As for your TV viewing
Ducks/Dawgs: Oregon now -36 with an over/under of 68
Elsewhere in the Pac 10:
1pm: Cal @ Wazzou on Fox Sports Net/Bears -14 1/2, over/under is 53
4pm: Beavs @ UCLA/OSU -5/over/under is 54 1/2. Game is on Versus
5pm: ABC. The biggie in the league with Arizona @Stanford. Cardinal -9 over/under is 56
7:30 on Fox Sports Net it's ASU @ USC with the Trojans -6 and the o/u is 60 1/2
12:30-TCU @ UTAH, CBS College Sports...check your system. Froggies -5, o/u is 51 1/2
12:30-Alabama @LSU, KVAL, Tide -6 1/2, over/under at 44
12:30-Hawaii @ Boise St on ESPNU. Broncos -21 o/u is 66
That's enough college. All Oregon needs to do is win anyway. Enjoy the weekend!


Anonymous said...

First, yes a loss is still a loss but since all of these teams have a loss we aren't comparing apples to oranges. Of all the teams you listed only Missouri has a quality win. I mean Oklahoma St. has played no one unless you count Texas Tech as quality. As for 5-3 Illinois as a good win lets examine who there wins have come against.
-Southern Illinois
-Northern Illinois
-Penn St.
They don't seem like a juggernaut to me. West Virginia,Miami and Florida St. play in a conference that according to ESPN is rated below the WAC and the MWC. Stanford would have a win against a bowl eligible team but Reggie Bush took care of that. So I would consider USC a better win then any of the one loss teams with the exception of Missouri. Yes that means I think USC would beat most of the soft middle the notoriously "strong SEC" has to offer. Tomorrow should tell us more because Stanford plays the U of A who beat Iowa. I guess this means I'm sticking to my point too.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I totally forgot to talk about the one loss of each of these schools. I should point out you ignored this as well. We all know Stanford's loss. Alabama lost to South Carolina, a pretty good team with a good defense and little offense. Nebraska lost to TEXAS, yes the same powerhouse UCLA took behind the tool shed and crushed. Oklahoma lost to Missouri. Wisconsin lost to fraudulent Michigan St. LSU lost to Auburn not a bad loss either but 4 other one loss teams are ahead of them. I feel like LSU is being written off because their coach might actually be crazy. Ohio st. lost to Wisconsin and Missouri got beat by Nebraska.(of UCLA tool shed fame) So I stand by Stanford having the best loss.