Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I really used to love Monday Night Football. It was kind of a novelty. We got to see more than just the local teams. Still find it kind of special. The weekend is over. You get through the first day of the work week and flip on an NFL game. Then a murdering scumbag like Michael Vick has a big game and I want to vomit. It's downright depressing. Nice effort by the Redskin defense. Only fell into a 35-nothing first half hole. Well done.
To follow up some of yesterday's chat about the Cal football players faking injuries. We're hearing some in the Bay Area offering up excuses. Oregon is using a gimmick offense so it must be countered in any manner possible. Really? That's your defense counselor? Well all your missing is the minor point about following the rules or blatantly breaking them, better known as cheating! Do these people own mirrors?
The Trailblazers get back to work this evening. After losing that tough shootout against the Thunder on Friday, they laid a complete and total egg against the Hornets with a lazy defensive effort and some awful perimeter shooting. Historically, Portland has been an elite rebounding team but with the injuries to their big fellas they've dropped near the bottom league wide. The semi-good news is Joel Przybilla practiced Monday but will not go tonight. He's getting close. As for Greg Oden, the specifics are limited, but the general target appears to be later this month. It's the 16th so you'd anticipate an update relatively soon.

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