Friday, February 27, 2009


The other day I heard some show hosts talking about the best sports movies ever in the wake of the Oscars. Then I heard a take we can work with. Best performance by an actor in a sports themed movie. It's a no brainer, but we need a trio of statues for the guys who portrayed The Hanson Brothers in the 1977 classic, "Slapshot". Name one scene they were in where you don't still fall off the couch laughing! Actually the actors represented the Carlson Brothers, Jeff, Jack & Steve. The reason Jack couldn't appear in the movie was he got called up for the WHA playoffs by the Edmonton Oilers. In his place we got Dave Hanson. Do the math. The Carlson's hail from Virginia, Minnesota while Hanson was born & raised in Cumberland, Wisconsin. It's why they have that brilliant Fargo-like accent.
Other top flight performances include Rodney & Ted Knight as foes Al Czervik and Judge Smails in Caddyshack. I also enjoyed Bob Uecker as play-by-play man Harry Doyle in the Major League movies. I think you get the point. We'll have much more on this when we gather for SportsTalk today.
I don't have much more. It's getting close to 11:30, I haven't had breakfast or put down one note of an idea for the show.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Can you hear it? Give a long, hard listen. No talk in recent days about Alex Rodriguez and steroids. Why? Because in the Cactus & Grapefruit Leagues they're playing games. True baseball fans are willing to let Barry, Arod and BALCO play itself out because we know that's what really matters. It's the fringe people and those always looking to put the knock on our National Pasttime who focus too much on the performance enhancers. We know these guys are cheating scum bags who've embarassed the game and we'll make it our business to always remind our kids & their kids about what they did. Once the ump yells "PLAY BALL", all the other crap disappears and is left to the legal system. You won't see Bonds, Clemens and the juice patrol ever get into the Hall of Fame. It's time to focus on the 2009 season.
If you have an interest in winning a pair of tickets to Sunday's hardwood Civil War at Mac Court, Section 215, Row 5, Seats 3 & 4 just e-mail the correct answer to this question.
When was the last time Oregon State beat the Ducks at The Pit in men's hoops?
Tough loss for the Blazers last night at San Antonio. Can't use the No Oden excuse as the Spurs went without Tim Duncan. Remember, this Portland team is still a work in progress and in my opinion, remain a bit ahead of any logical set of expectations heading into this 2008-09 season. They're on pace to win 51 games and make their 1st post season appearance in 6 years. Plus this team is an awful lot of fun to watch with a great work ethic. The word on Oden is a chipped left kneecap which will not require surgery, but they have not set a definite date for his return, but it looks like the optimistic target date of tomorrow against the T-Wolves likely won't happen.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Terrel Owens cried during the latter part of the 2007 season when some reporters were a bit rough on Cowboy quarterback Tony Romo. Weeped that he didn't like the treatment of "his" quarterback. Last year he screamed about Romo and Jay Witten having a double secret handshake and leaving him out. Raffy Palmiero went Clinton on us during the now comical D.C hearings on steroids in Major League Baseball. About 114,327 times during an 18 year period, Pete Rose assured us the late great Commissioner Bart Giamatti was off base claiming Chuck Hustle bet on baseball. A-Fraud pretty much told Katie Couric that he never took performance enhancers. Not only that, but his attitude was, WHY? Like it was beneath him. Last night during his first State of the Union Address every member of Congress stood and applauded Barak Obama. With everything that happens either on network video or a cell phone video, it appears that very little is true. What is it about the cameras that makes people act phony. Which of the above wreaks of insincerity the most?
Couple of NFL notes. Marvin Harrison, Fred Taylor, Derrick Brooks, Deuce McCallister. All of these guys are the greatest at their position in team history. All were cut for salary cap reasons within the last week or 10 days. The NFL is a cutthroat league, but it's because of that system of checks & balances it's the best, most competative professional league we follow.
Gotta agree with one of yesterday's callers about the ridiculous nature of the NFL combines. Really? You watch a guy dominate the SEC or Pac-10 for 3 or 4 seasons but because he's not killing in the 3 cone drill during a 45 second period in February, he's not your guy? Love the NFL Network, but trying to turn this into a major event is Al Davis crazy.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Okay, we've chatted for the past few years about the NBA and if it's possible the league is moving up the charts in the hearts of fans. I'm back on board because I think while it's not back to the heyday of the late 60's/early 70's or Magic/Larry/Michael era, we're headed in the right direction. Post Jordan(1998) it seemed the focus was on the punks like Spreewell, Sheed, the Jailblazers, the brawl between the Pistons & Pacers and other negatives. I think the groundwork was laid in the latter part of the 80's with the Detroit Bad Boys and some of those thug & mug Knicks & Heat teams who won games 82-79 and were torture to watch. In a league filled with top flight athletes, fans want to see them cut loose and feature their amazing skills. Finally we got an infusion of young, talented guys who also seemed to be quality people like Dwayne Wade, Chris Paul, Lebron, and Dwight Howard. They fit in well with the veteran class acts like Tim Duncan or Kevin Garnett. I know this, the playoffs have been highly entertaining the past 3-4 years and with 8 different teams in the West alone right now at least 11 games above .500, this spring will be no different.
Did you see the crowds following Tiger Woods around for his practice round in anticipation of tomorrow's start of the Match Play tournament in Marana, Arizona? It was staggering as fans are just thirsting to catch his act after the 8 month layoff following knee surgery in the wake of his memorable US Open win. I love the people asking if he could win. What part of Tiger Woods is playing don't you understand? Does anyone really believe he's going to return with no shot? Please!
I watched him wrap it a few times off the tee and it doesn't appear there are ill effects from the operation. The scary part is he hit 8 of 9 fairways during the front side of Tuesday's practice round. As the defending champ and #1 player in the world he'll square off with the #64, Brendan Jones of Australia. I love the idea of returning under this format because one bad hole can't do you in because it's just one hole. I'm thinking if he gets past round one, watch the heck out!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Thoughts by Tannen

Quick reminder that we'll have Chris Miller as our special guest at 4:20 today to talk about his landing the gig with the Arizona Cardinals as their quarterbacks coach. Quite the story with no college or pro experience. Look forward to that.
Also have to chat about the letter to the sports editor in today's sports section making the false claim that lot's of teams start 3 and 4 freshman, win and will make the tournament. I have 3 words in response. NOT EVEN CLOSE. Explanation coming on SportsTalk. Huge win for the Ducks to get that big, ugly ZERO out of the win column in conference. Simply know they won't have to live with that forever.
How bout them Trailblazers? Now move to within 1 1/2 games of the Nuggets for the division lead and a possible #3 seed in the playoffs, and only 2 1/2 behind San Antonio for the 2nd best record in the West.
Obviously didn't get to see it first hand, but did lot's of listening and followed the play by play and box scores and really liked what I can gauge of Oregon Baseball. Coach George Horton talked alot about small ball, moving runners along and stuff like that, but he avoided being predictable which is key because they do have some power. The bottom line is if the pitchers can keep them in games, the season will go much, much smoother.

Friday, February 20, 2009

I BELIEVE by Tannen

I believe Alex Rodriguez only took steroids when he was with the Rangers
I believe he had no idea what his cousin was injecting into his buttox
I believe Barry Bonds had no idea what Greg Anderson was injecting
I believe they faked the moon landing
I believe Jim Morrison is still alive(Elvis too)
I believe a fat guy in red has the firepower to make it all over the globe with flying reindeer in the 8 hours leading up to Christmas morning
I still believe that hot blonde who gave me her number back in 1982 made a penmanship mistake on that bar napkin
I believe the check really is in the mail
I believe I will win Powerball
I believe I will get really good at golf in the next 18 months and qualify for the Champions Tour when I turn 50
I believe the Ducks will win the Pac 10 tourney and make a 3rd straight trip to the Big Dance
What do you believe?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I'm really excited about our move to the FM dial. Forward thinking, and trust me, in radio, that is a true rarity. The personal irony is fantstic. I moved to Eugene on April 5th, 1990 to be a part of a new adult oriented rock station that started up on September 3rd of that year, 95.3 THE KAVE. On February 12th, 1993 we signed off at midnight with Radio Radio by Elvis Costello, the first song we played 2 1/2 years earlier. Now 16 years and 6 days later, I'm back on that frequency doing SportsTalk.
I'm really pumped for baseball despite the slimeballs like Bud Selig, A-Choke, Barry and the gang. I'm completely beside myself about the start of Oregon Baseball. Actually took the time today to drive to the new park and take a look around. A caller yesterday wondered about the safety issue regarding foul balls onto MLK. I think we're okay. It would take a 100 mile per hour heater, high and tight, where the batter gets a slight piece and fouls it straight back. I think we're okay.
Call me insane. Call me the eternal optimist. Call me the ultimate supporter of Ernie Kent. I think the Ducks have their shot at ending this Pac-10 oh-fer tomorrow nite against Cal. At Berkely back on january 24th, they fell short by just 7 points. That night the Bears lit it up hitting better than 64% from the field and Oregon played em even in the 2nd half. Let's just leaving it at saying I'm hopeful the misery will end at the Pit on Thursday, February 19th. Yes, my fingers are crossed. Catch ya at 3!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

BUD & ALEX by Tannen

So Bud Selig doesn't want blame for the steroid era. Alex Rodriguez was too young and naive to understand what he was putting in his body. Look, as American sports fans we're forgiving and desperate for our big guns to be legit, but at this point we need to wake the heck up. Selig claiming any level of being innocent is like the Bush Administration taking no responsibility for the economic mess we're in. It's not 100% at fault, but these guys held the presidency for crying all night. Bud is the top guy in baseball and his claim he tried for more stringent testing or policies but was stonewalled by the union is laughable. I follow baseball pretty closely and don't recall any big battles with MLBPA boss Don Fehr or quotes about steroids being dangerous or entrenched in the game. He's a lying scumbag trying to cover his sorry butt. As for Arod's news conference today, I watched the first 7-8 minutes or so then realized he's a lying cheater and nothing he says carries any water. Here's a novel concept Alex, how about getting a hit in October that actually matters. His claim about youth and ignorance is laughable because his Texas years, the supposed time he juiced he was 25, 26 and 27 and had already been in the big leagues 6 full seasons. I'm not buying any of it, period!

Monday, February 16, 2009


Let's begin with the discussion about the greatest jam in dunk contest history. With my theory that no remake can possibly top the original, it's EZ! Dr. J in the 1976 ABA dunk contest took off from the foul line. Quick side note, when you see the video, Denver Nugget coach Doug Moe is seen frantically waving off the dunk cause he had a bet with Julius and claimed his foot was over the line. Nothing was the same after that performance. All the rest of we mortals took to nailing a 7 foot rim to the garage in the hopes of flying through the air and slamming one down! Honorable mention to Jordan, Nance, Nique and Drexler for their show in the 88 contest won by Michael.
As for what to do with baseball's Steroid Patrol and the record books. I'm for a simple notation. This we know, as distasteful as it is, no one hit more home runs in a season or over the course of a career than Barry Bonds. Depending on the course of the legal system, his asterisk might change. For now we must note McGwire and Sosa as "evidence and consensus for steroid use". With Palmeiro and Arod, "documented failed steroid test". Simply list them where they sit and present the facts as we know them. I don't believe in complete erasure, but if there is a failed test, I'm not adamantly against it either. Hopefully we'll get much tougher, random testing handled by a completely independent agency with harsh penalties like total banishment after a 3rd test with no hope of reinstatement. Your thoughts at 3pm.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


1-Cheryl Tiegs
2-Christie Brinkley
3-Elsa Benitez(Ronny Seikly's wife)
Tyra Banks, Marissa Miller, Cindy Crawford, Rachel Hunter, Veronica Verekova &
Nikki Taylor
Look to the right for the link for the Top 50 SI Swimsuit Models of all time.
Gotta love it.


With the (ahem) retirement of Brett Farve, let's form the only list that counts. Forget best ever, or stats or any of that garbage. It's all about your personal comfort level. The aliens have landed. They have a massive weapon that will destroy the earth. We've been challenged to 5 football games. You get a different quarterback in each. GO!
Here's mine in no particular order because they all get to play
Elway, Montana, Bradshaw, Unitas, Staubach.
Honorable mention to Aikman, Steve Young, Bart Starr, Marino and Dan Fouts.
Also, we're fighting two wars, people are losing their jobs, my IRA has tanked 38%, serious problems mounting daily. If anyone complains about the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and the whole objectifying women thing, they're a complete and total moron! Catch ya at 3pm.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


So Brett Farve announced his retirement. Thank heavens we didn't have to put up with the whole drama queen press conference with the crocodile tears. I'll speak as a Jets fan first than a football fan. Farve was terrific for much of the season turning a 4 & 12 disaster into a playoff contender. He was awful down the stretch, but part of the blame goes to Mangini and the incompetent coaching staff who refused to alter a failing game plan. He also broke down proving that remarkable streak of never missing a start took it's toll. As for those who say he tainted his legacy I say have a clue. You can't undo all the great work, magical moments, 2 Super Bowl appearances and 3 MVP's. From my chair a murdering pig like O.J tainted his legacy or the clown patrol in baseball like Bonds, Clemens or A-Rod. For the record, as an occasional customer I received an e-mail from the Jet Shop informing me all Brett Farve gear is now 50% off. Nice try!
With all the talk about Ernie Kent feeling the heat, was wondering about the G.S article in today's Guard that mentioned Rick Pitino as a possible replacement. Really? Where the hell did that come from? Pitino is as far west as we'll ever see him in Louisville. How does a guy with a career path from Boston, to Providence, to New York, to Kentucky, back to Boston to Louisville at age 57 figure to work Eugene in there? Much more on this and Duke/North Carolina, baseball and you on today's show.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Can't tell you how many accounts of the so-called Alex Rodriguez "confession" lead with a version of coming clean. Sorry, but that's not accurate. Coming clean means you can't live with the lie and have to admit to what you've done to feel better about yourself and get on with your life. Being presented with non-deniable evidence and deciding the ONLY way to salvage what's left of your reputation and justify maintaining your job or circumstance isn't quite the same. That's the classic case of being sorry for getting caught. Arod's interview with Peter Gammons of ESPN is a freaking joke.
Was quite pleased to read Oregon men's hoops is in the running for stud Wisconsin prep star Jamil Wilson. A scary athlete, who is 6'7 and can score, or more importantly create his own scoring opportunities, is just what the doctor ordered. In no area have the Ducks been lacking then a guy who can torch the defense one on one when they need a bucket. Of course he's also considering national powers Texas & Michigan State. Here's hoping he sees the magnificence of Eugene, a new arena and a bevy of young talent to grow with.
Hard to believe, but Selection Sunday isn't that far off. The field for the 2009 NCAA's will be set on March 15th, and that's just 5 weeks from this coming Sunday. With Oregon obviously out of the picture, we'll throw more of an eye on the national picture. We get North Carolina at Duke tomorrow night for the inside track at one of those #1 seeds. It's not out of the question they both land a coveted spot like that. UConn has as tough an inside-out game as anyone. Pitt has experience and will have navigated through the difficult Big East like the Huskies. In the Pac-10 we have Arizona back in the picture after a shaky start to league play which saw them drop 5 of the first 7. They've reeled off 4 straight but face a stern part of the schedule with USC & UCLA in this weekend before 3 in a row on the road at Arizona State and the Washington Schools. The league has a pretty legit shot at placing 6 teams in the dance. Much more on this during SportsTalk.

Monday, February 9, 2009

FROM DAY ONE by Tannen

I vividly remember the day after Valentine's Day, 2004 when the word came down the Yankees had traded with Texas for Alex Rodriguez. The SportsTalk phones lit up expecting me to be in a joyous mood. Imagine their surprise when I mentioned how soured I was. Willing to let things play out, but skeptical about a guy who talked about his desire to win, then leaving a Seattle team who'd made the AL championship series for a garbage, perennial losing franchise like Texas. It was all about the money, albeit a ridiculous quarter of a billion dollar deal. In 2004, New York was the defending American League champion and rolled into the playoffs, through the Twins in round one and onto a 3 games to none lead against Boston for the league pennant. The rest is history with the Bosox becoming the first to overcome such a deficit and Rodriguez leading the tank job with one hit over his final 17 at bats. New York has failed to win another playoff series, falling in round one in 2005, 06 & 07 and not even qualifying for the post season last year. In those 3 playoff defeats, A-Fraud has 6 hits in 44 at bats or about a .140 batting average. His only homer and run driven in the 7th inning of the final game of the 2007 league championship series against Cleveland in the last inning to cut the lead from 6-2 to 6-3, not exactly Mr. October stuff. The guy is a disgrace, but has to get in line with Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, and Sammy Sosa as those who performed magical feats on the field but will forever be known as cheaters. Let's make sure no one ever forgets.

Friday, February 6, 2009


Before people get their proverbial shorts in a bunch, set your mind to the fact Oregon or anyone else will not be getting a decision about stud running back Bryce Brown for at least another 3-4 weeks. According to a piece in USA Today(yesterday/Thur) he will meet with his adviser next week and decide where he will take his final two recruiting visits. Those who remain in the running are Kansas State, Tennessee, Auburn, USC and Oregon. Let's run the depth charts. K-State, remember has brought back former coach Bill Snyder to revitalize the program. They had one running back, John Hubert sign on Wednesday. They did not have a strong rush attack in 2008 with about 1600 on the ground compared to double that throwing with Josh Freeman who was also 2nd running. Their 2-deep includes a sophomore and freshman so if Snyder is going back to his more balanced offense, Brown likely steps right in as the horse. Plus it's his home state. New administration in Knoxville with Lane Kiffen as the new coach. They landed one back, Toney Williams. They were horrible offensively all around and while the top rusher was a senior, he had just 570 yards so this is another great spot for Brown to become THE guy. I won't get into USC because it's the best program in America and I would never blame a young fella for choosing Troy. Auburn is also a program in transition. The Tigers already signed a high level recruit in Onterrio McCalebb out of Fort Meade, Florida. Their top rusher, Ben Tate, returns for his senior season but he was far from a beast with about 650 yards and just 3 TD's. This is certainly another viable option for Brown. We can look at things through Duck colored glasses all we want, but in the end, it looks like right now Oregon has a 1 in 5 shot that could jump to 50% if Eugene is one of his 2 final trips. Stay tuned.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


I find myself cheering for the misery of people I dislike or don't respect. Not sure if it's purely a character issue, the economy or what. I read about more damning evidence against Bonds and it puts a smile on my face. Dick Cheney hurt his back moving boxes(likely containing secrets) and I'm doubled over laughing. The Cowboys might cut T.O? Can I please, please, please be in the room? A knucklehead trainer keeps old syringes with Roger Clemens DNA and I can't stop laughing.
Much of it is gut, but I'm beaming over some positives as well. Love the Oregon 2009 recruiting class. Rather than look good early and disappoint, it appears they finished like Affirmed and landed a ton of high level talent in critical areas. Like what Nick Satan has done at Alabama, they're loading up in the trenches. As the game and season move along, if you have depth on both lines, you will dominate. Both this season and last, the New York Giants started the same 5 on the offensive line and it led to a Super Bowl championship and the #1 seed in their conference. Not a coincidence.
Do you get the feeling the Duck men are gonna get one tonight or Saturday against Arizona? I'm thinking the Cats could fall at the Pit. Again, gotta trust the gut on occasion.
How about the defensive effort this week by my beloved Knickerbockers. Kobe hangs 61 on them followed by a triple double courtesy of Lebron that included 52 points. Willis Reed where for art thou?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Okay, it's been 48 hours since the TD to Holmes and the fumble by Warner(if it was) put the wraps on Super Bowl 43. Now the debate begins about the best ever. All you really can do is admit it belongs in the conversation. It certainly stands up to last year when the Giants knocked off the mighty Patriots going for the 1st perfect season in league history since the NFL expanded to 16 games in 1978. For pure volume of great players, nothing may ever touch the final Steeler/Cowboy matchup in January of 1979. Bradshaw, Staubach, Franco, Swann, Dorsett, both coaches and on and on. Pittsburgh won that 35-31. I always view the 3rd & 4th Super Bowls as critical and historically significant because the AFL teams, Jets 16-7 & Chiefs 23-7 demolished NFL teams(Colts/Vikings) who were 14-17 point favorites. It was at that time the powers that be were forced into the realization the junior league was equal, we got our merger, and the NFL has grown into the beast we now enjoy.
So place Pitt 27 Az 23 where you like, but understand for entertainment value & football drama, it's etched as a great one forever.

Monday, February 2, 2009


Seriously, how often does the ultimate hyped event exceed expectations. For openers, congrats to our S Bowl contest winner Jared, just a point off at Steelers 28-23. Well done, enjoy the golf at Emerald Valley. Gotta tell ya, at 20-7 entering the 4th, I was feeling pretty good about my parlay with Pittsburgh - 6 1/2 with the under 46 1/2. Was even more pleased when the Steeler defense forced a punt and they took posession with a shot at putting the game on ice with any kind of a sustained scoring drive. Here's where that Cardinal defense came up large. After a great run on 1st down by Parker, they stuffed the next run for a big loss, then dumped Rothlisberger for a clutch sack. The ensuing money drive engineered by Warner was crisp, culminating with that terrific 1 yard alley oop to Fitzgerald. You saw the rest. We'll have a massive chat about this on today's program.
I guess there is no more sugar coating things about Oregon men's hoops. It's ugly and there AIN'T no way around it.