Thursday, January 29, 2009


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The story today is that a former team mate of Barry Bonds, Bobby Estalella will provide damaging testimony to support the fed's case that BB knowingly took steroids then lied about it under oath. My question today is simple. What is the more ridiculous set of circumstances that arose from the Mitchell Report and congressional hearings?
1: Bonds used the "cream" and "clear" but didn't know they were illegal steroids.
2: Mark McGwire stating on Capitol Hill he's "not here to talk about the past".
3: Sammy Sosa forgetting how to speak English before the same committee
4: Roger Clemens on the claim by former teammate & friend Andy Pettite that they both used that "Andy MIS-REMEMBERED".
I find the entire quartet hysterical.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I know we sit in Pac 10 country, but the focus of the college hoops world today is Duke at Wake. I've been speaking in recent weeks about the Blue Devil defense and my belief it's their best since the last National Title team in Durham back in 2001. They've lost just once, a nightmare at Ann Arbor where they shot about 25% from downtown and in a lackluster effort, got to the foul line just 6 times. In that same game, Michigan shot the lights out. They've won 10 straight since, with the closest differential at 8 points. They dominated a strong Georgetown team in the 2nd half and last Saturday torched Maryland by 41. If the Dukies win this one on the road in convincing fashion, I think they become a powerhouse number one.
On yesterday's show I misreported that the Blazer's Steve Blake would not likely return for 2 weeks. The trouble is I was basing that comment on a report dated 2 weeks ago! Turns out he returned against the Clippers earlier this week, but after trying to work through a hard pick, re-injured that shoulder and will sit out against Charlotte and likely against Utah at the Rose Garden on Saturday.
Quick hot stove note. The agent for Manny Ramirez, Scott Boras is a huge, huge liar. He's basically inventing teams who claim to be interested in signing Man-Ram long term for about 25-million a season. The fact remains he'll likely go back to the Dodgers for one, maybe two years. Boras is just a scumbag. The Red Sox have now put a timeline on their offer to catcher Jason Veritek. He can take their one year offer by Friday or find another team willing to dole out big bucks for a 37 year old who hit .220 last year. Oh by the way, guess who his agent is? Boras!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


One of the big sports stories now is guys responding to accusations of steroid use courtesy of Kirk Radomski, the former NY Mets clubhouse attendant who was at the center of the infamous Mitchell Report. Dwight Gooden and David Justice issued harsh denials. Let's examine this a bit further. Gooden is a repeated coke head, substance abuser. Justice had a restraining order against him during his divorce with Halle Berry with serious allegations of physical abuse. Radomski is pretty much a drug pushing, rat scumbag. Let's see, who should we believe?
I just turned off the 11am Sports Center. Christin Lisi opened the show with an interview featuring NY Knick pinhead Stephon Marbury. Is there a reason we should care anything about this whiffleball head? It's the heart of the NBA season and he doesn't even play. A talk with Greg Kite would be just as interesting.
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Did you hear Doug Gottlieb and the ESPN guys after SportsTalk right here on the Score last night? They were talking about Ladanian Tomlinson's slipping productivity and how common this is for running backs after age 30. Are you freaking kidding me? I've been having this conversation for a couple of weeks! Come on guys, catch up!

Monday, January 26, 2009


There! Made it! Our first weekend without football since Saturday & Sunday, August 23rd & 24th. Thank heavens for college hoops, horse racing, a great boxing match, a little golf, more than enough wine, Comcast, my dogs and most important of all, my lovely wife. But enough is enough. I can't get past Arizona head coach Ken Wisenhunt and the fact that he was the Steeler offensive coordinator. How does that 'not' give them an edge? We'll take the next 5 editions of SportsTalk to try & figure this whole thing out.
Despite much talk about MMA or UFC and the demise of boxing, we had a terrific event Saturday in LA with Shane Mosely stunning Antonio Margarito for the Welterweight title. It was the largest attended event in the history of the Staples center and they witness the 4-1 underdog tear up a guy many considered the top pound-for-pound fighter on the planet. I watched the replay on Sunday and when Sugar Shane dropped Antonio for good early in the 9th round, I had him winning every round except for maybe the 7th. While Mosley displayed his usual devastating left hook and overhand right, he kept Margarito from mounting even a remote semblance of a comeback with a very effective jab. If you get a chance to catch this on Youtube or HBO, it's a clinic given by a Hall of Famer!
You know the Oregon men's season is heading south quickly when the conversation turns to moral victories. They were actually in the game with about 5 minutes to go at Berkeley before failing to get stops or defensive rebounds and falling to the Bears. They've got to find a way to beat Oregon State at Corvallis on Saturday but the Beavs have been much improved and got an amazing sweep in the Bay Area this past Thursday & Saturday. I know Craig Robinson is the nation's 1st Brother In Law and inauguration was last week, but could that have inspired victories at Cal & Stanford?
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Friday, January 23, 2009


One common theme during this bad roll the Oregon men hoopers are on has been improving, or making progress. The downside is that can apply to the rest of the conference. Just because a team is playing well and in a nice spot in the standings doesn't mean they can't get better. How horrifying would it be if the Ducks only got a tad better while the other 9 teams made huge strides? This team has dug itself a hole for sure, and right now, can you see a quantum leap out of it? I'm as optimistic and supportive as the next guy, but hope doesn't play better defense, box out or hit those open shots. It's a simplistic idea, but rather than focus on x's & o's or the coaches, if each member of the team would just play better and smarter, we'd see marked improvement. I think the coaches are just as exasperated as many fans and you can see it on their faces when things sour. The trouble is you and I aren't accountable when a season is heading south like this, but the guys in the suits are.
At this point I think Ernie Kent is doing the 100-percent right thing by shaking up the lineup for tomorrow's(Sat) game at Cal. I'll draw a quick parallel as a fan of the New York Jets. As their season started circling the drain in December, their head coach did nothing but stand on the sideline with a crappy look on his face. Week after week the offense sputtered and the defense crumbled and nothing changed.
Sometimes the search for the right answer lies in acknowledging that the current path is wrong and doing something, anything different to alter the course.
OMG! What is a football fan to do? For the first weekend since August 23rd we have no action on the grid iron. I guess that's why we get so inundated with recruiting talk this time of year. Gotta have that football fix!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Lot of talk the past day about a very interesting piece on the Sports Illustrated website about where football programs draw their recruits from. While it's certainly admirable that Oregon & Oregon State travel great distances to bring in quality talent, the fact remains they have no choice. Our state is far from a hotbed of top notch football prospects, so unless the Mike's feel their supporters would be happy with 3 & 9 seasons, they must hit the road. It's also key to understand that the outlets like Versus, Fox Sports in every region, the ESPN's and traditional networks offer any BCS team a shot a widespread TV exposure. This way, a high level recruit has dozens of options to be put on display weekly to strut their stuff for the NFL.
It's certainly an advantage to have the monster talent pool in your backyard like Texas, USC or in SEC country, but it's no longer a monopoly.
The first story I saw this morning online was about Mark McGwire's long lost brother coming out with a book about Big Mac's steroid use. The catch? The two don't speak and Bro Mac says he's doing it out of love to help his brother see the value of truth. Never has the acronym LOL been more appropriate. What a scumbag! That said, is there anyone with an IQ above 27 who doesn't believe in the Easter Bunny who remotely doubts Mark McGwire didn't use?
Quick NFL note. Some ESPN idiot was wondering if Arizona's Larry Fitzgerald was perhaps on his way to surpassing Jerry Rice as the elite receiver. Fitz is a terrific player, and from all we've seen, a really classy young guy. To even suggest at this early stage he's in Rice's league is typical, over the top, cart ahead of the horse stupid. I sleep nights secure in a few things. Greatest 3rd baseman ever? Mike Schmidt. Greatest wide receiver ever? Jerry Rice. Leave me be.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


In honor of yesterday's(Tue) presidential inauguration we appointed you Sports Dictator For Life and gave you an iron hand with which to rule. Well done!
One area we agreed on was that to qualify to win football's national championship a team had to play a more formidable out of conference schedule. It's okay for a powerhouse program from a major league to put one gimme on the slate, especially a smaller in state school who could use the payday for their athletic budget. But for say Texas Tech, with Eastern Washington and UMass, perhaps that's why the BCS computers laughed at you when compared with Oklahoma who took on one punching bag.
Ironically, the Pac 10 was the only conference where not one team played more than one obviously inferior opponent. Half the league, USC, Washington, UCLA, Oregon State and Cal did not have even one game of that nature! It was all against BCS schools, or highly credible opponents from the Mountain West or Western Athletic Conference.
Many favored making the regular season shorter in baseball and the NBA putting more value on the regular season. The NFL has to cut out half their pre-season games but keep the counting schedule at 16. Notre Dame football has to join a league, their self righteous existence is over! No one in this country is allowed to call 'soccer' 'football'. Players now get to vote for baseball's Hall of Fame, the writers can't be trusted. Pass interference must be called the same in college as the NFL. We hate a college defensive back being able to tackle a receiver to save a 90 yard touchdown and just paying for it with 15 yards. ESPN is no longer allowed to show major events until they stop with the gossip oriented crapola and trying to pass off poker as a tv spectator sport. Most of you seem to want to alter the NFL rule governing Sudden Death for the playoffs. I'm putting my foot down here. Sudden Death rules. It's the ultimate sports drama. Knock each other's brains in for 60 minutes with a "loser go home" penalty, then first score wins! We would also enjoy more outdoor NHL games like the Blackhawks/Red Wings did over the holidays.
Quick inauguration note. Could Dick Cheney have looked more evil getting wheeled around in that chair? Apparently he hurt his back moving boxes from his office. Really? Doesn't have someone to do that? Guess he didn't want anyone to see the contents. Bye Bye Dirt Bag!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Could not resist celebrating the end of the Bush presidency with a list of the most desirable departures in my sports memory. Oddly there has never been a coach at Oregon I desperately wanted to see leave. I arrived in 1990 when Rich Brooks was coach and his final season they won the Pac-10. Jerry Green's final year before bolting for Tennessee was pretty strong with an NIT birth.
As a Yankees fan they've been on a nice tear and the last manager who made me lose my lunch was Stump Merril in 1991 who was replaced by Buck Showalter who got them back to the playoffs in 1995.
I was openly calling for the Jets to can Eric Mangini after this seasons collapse down the stretch and of course Isiah Thomas was a complete and total embarassment during his time with my beloved Knicks.
On a broader scale you have the classless cheater Kelvin Sampson who was found guilty of several recruiting violations as head basketball coach of Oklahoma and Indiana by the NCAA ethics committee. You might remember the charming tenure at Minnesota by Clem Haskins when the Gophers were found to be guilty in one of the worst academic fraud cases in college basketball history. He basically was barred in one of the most severe penalties ever handed down to an individual.
While Miami football in the 1980's might have had the term "renegade program" most often attached to them, they didn't touch what Barry Switzer had going on at Oklahoma. Scandal after scandal culminating with his quarterback, Charles Thompson, on the cover of Sports Illustrated in handcuffs for running a cocaine distribution ring.
After further review, nothing the above coaches or managers did led to death, suffering and the borderline collapse of our economy. Good riddance President W. Shortbus!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

WHAT I'D GIVE by Tannen

I love to ponder the eternal question of "What would you give"? Could be to cure a disease, smack a politician, see Halle Berry disrobe. Those are unlikely, but it's a fun game anyway. With the talk around the Dallas Cowboy camp about the possibility they'll release Terrel Owens, I'm adding to my list. I'd be delighted to be in the room if they tell him, "we're sick of your childish rantings...GET OUT"!
Actually in a perfect world, I'd get to deliver the news. Here's your rattle, teething ring and big, go whine in the corner about poor you you selfish picklehead. Then I go into one of those evil dictator laughs....BWAA Ha Ha!
We chatted yesterday about USC QB Mark Sanchez bolting school for the NFL. I'm not totally sold on this guy's ability to succeed at the next level, but with Tebow, Colt McCoy and Sam Bradford staying in college, he's being a true capitalist because
his value might never be higher. I'd rate Matt Stafford of Georgia as the only
quarterback clearly above Sanchez.
I think Oregon's Jairus Byrd is a heck of a player. I also believe he's the poster defensive back for needing another year of seasoning before he embarks on a possible career in the NFL. Nice credentials with that 1st team All Pac 10 selection, but watching him day to day I can't imagine another season in this league with so much skill in the passing game won't benefit enormously. Plus I'm selfish and want him back on the corner opposite Thurmond. There I said it!
The Oregon men must get a win this weekend with the Washington schools in to get past that hurdle and bank a conference victory. There I said it!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Interesting topic has surfaced for sports fans. If given a choice would you prefer to attend next week's historical inauguration in D.C or one of Sunday's NFL Conference Championship games? As much contempt as I hold for the current administration and hope that I have for the Obama people, I'd prefer to be in Pittsburgh for Steelers/Ravens. The political history has already been made. That was election night when John McCain made his concession speech. The Illinois senator has done enough talking. I don't care much for these kinds of affairs unless it's a wedding. Obama will be judged on what happens in the stock, housing and job markets, Iraq, Afganistan, U.S security, healthcare and other critical issues. The inauguration is a party, period! How cool would it be to be at Heinz Field when those passionate Steeler fans greet their guys with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line. Remember, a Pittsburgh win and it's trip number 7 to the big one, only topped by the Dallas Cowboys. More on this during SportsTalk as well as the winner of our Duck tickets for the Dawgs tomorrow(Thur)plus the usual array of topics.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I completely believe coach Ernie Kent and Tajuan Porter when they tell us the incident where TP pretty much blew off the coaches in Saturday's blowout at Tempe is in the past. Unfortunately the troubles leading up to it are far from gone. Pick a cliche. When the money is on the table, crunch time, down the stretch, this team is having all kinds of hassles finding answers. Porter at least seems willing to pull the trigger and take the important shot. Whether it's youth, inexperience, certain guys not pulling their load isn't relevant. We've spoken frequently on SportsTalk about what a roller coaster ride this season was going to be and it appears Pac 10 wins will be infrequent unless something pretty dramatic takes place in the next few weeks. A caller yesterday made an excellent point about this not being UCLA, North Carolina or Duke. It's accurate and patience is called for. Are you prepared? I am. After making one Big Dance appearance from the early 1960's through 1999, the Ducks have made the bracket 5 of 9 years. It's a terrific accomplishment which should buy time from fans who understand how tough it's been to reach this point.
Let's give away some tickets to Thursday's game at Mac Court against them Dawgs.
Time to do your homework. With the new arena waiting in the wings, who was the current facility, McArthur Court named after? E-mail the answer to get in the Wednesday drawing. We'll announce the winner just past 5 o'clock.
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Good luck and Go Ducks!

Monday, January 12, 2009


Gotta begin with the news that Rickey Henderson, on the first ballot and Jim Rice, on the final ballot were elected to Baseball's Hall of Fame. My first question upon seeing the voting totals was "who were the 28 idiots who didn't name Henderson on their ballot"? We'll chat up Rickey on SportsTalk. The Rice news was somewhat surprising as I don't feel he's worthy, but not adamantly. When he first became eligible Jim received just 28% so he obviously got much better in retirement. The fact remains his numbers during that first year he had a shot at the hall(1994)were about to be dwarfed by the boppers during the steroid era. Rice played 14 full years in the big leagues. I'd grade out six of them in the excellent or Hall worthy category. He never won anything being a part of the pre-curse breaking Bosox and missed the legendary 1975 post season which ended with the 7 game loss to Cincy in the Series with an injury. In the 1986 ALCS versus California he batted .161 and failed to drive in a run as they fell to the Mets in the Buckner Series. I'll call him an average left fielder to be kind. He hit more than 40 homers once and more than 35 three other times. The total of 389 obviously doesn't stand the test of time, but when he was in his prime was certainly viewed as an elite hitter. I'll be curious to see what our baseball fans think when we light up the hot stove this afternoon.
Some thoughts on the NFL playoffs.
1-Shame on Carolina head coach John Fox and his defensive people. With Arizona's Anquan Boldin out, how do they not focus a majority of their game plan on stopping Larry Fitzgerald?
2-Kudos to the San Diego Charger defense. They spent the entire day on the field yet remained unyielding, making plays to keep their team in it despite an inept running game but finally ran out of gas in the 4th quarter.
3-The Giants got completely outcoached as Philly kept New York's supposed stout pass rush off Donavan McNabb and the Eagle defense allowed the Jints just 9 points on 5 trips into the Red Zone.
4-I can't wait for Steelers/Ravens!

Friday, January 9, 2009


Gotta issue a warning post Florida over Oklahoma. Been hearing many of you including the co-host of our 'other' local program. This logic that USC would definitely have beaten either the Gators or Sooners is ridiculous. I'm not saying the Trojans WOULDN'T, but doesn't this kind of assumption make you as guilty as the national knuckleheads who matter of factly state the Big 12 or SEC is superior to the Pac 10? There is no way of knowing who would win this type of game which is why we need a playoff. The idea of actually having knowledge and paying attention to the lay of the land is not joining up with the annoying members of Conclusion Jumpers Annonymous. Oklahoma has become that team who does everything right during the regular season then falls on their face in the major bowl. They had a real chance to gain an upper hand last night but failed to capitalize after moving the ball to midfield on their 1st couple of drives then even worse on back to back goal to go situations. Then in the 3rd quarter, a horrible call on 3rd & 1 lost yardage as they'd gotten to the edge of the Gator red zone led to a blocked field goal. It's not like Florida took it to them, they just executed better when it mattered and Tim Tebow is the ultimate gamer. Florida piled up nearly 500 yards but could not translate that into points as Tebow threw a pair of uncharacteristic picks in Sooner territory to kill opportunities. Once again the season proved that parity exists and the system is designed to pit the #1 versus the #2 in their BCS title game, but not necessarily determine who the best team in America is!
Congrats to Blake for winning our National Championship game contest. Too many rode Oklahoma and Blake's total score won out.
Today on Sportstalk I'd like to get your top 5 as well as thoughts on Oregon hoops and this weekend's NFL playoffs.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Remember when I first joined KSCR and said it's now our responsibility to do what we can to eliminate the gossip element from ESPN? I claimed the more accurate acronym for the network would be ESP&GN, the Entertainment, Sports Programming and Gossip Network. We'll we're failing. First, congratulation to Chuck whose name was pulled from those who correctly identified the 1979 Rams as the lone Super Bowl qualifier since the league expanded to 16 games to win less than 10 games. He gets a $25 gift certificate to Sy's Pizza in Eugene. For today's prize, a $15 gift certificate to Taco Del Mar on Delta in Eugene plus a free oil change at Auto Service Express on Mohawk in Springfield worth $27.95. Simple. Give me your winner & final score of tonight's National Championship game between Florida & Oklahoma. Gotta be in by kickoff. E-mail your thoughts to
So the lead stories this morning on SportsCenter were Pacman Jones acting surprised he was released by the Cowboys and Brett Farve commenting on comments by teammates. Remember the scene in "Pulp Fiction"? Uma Thurman's character is chatting with Vincent Vega(John Travolta) about the big boss(Marsellis Wallace) throwing Tony Rocky Horror through a window over a foot massage? These were supposed to be gangsters, the ultimate tough guys. But they're engaged in gossip and as Uma claimed "worse than an old sewing club". Here's the story. Jones is a scumbag who can't stay out of sleazy strip clubs and Farve is a child in a man's body who can't handle it when the spotlight escapes him. End of story. Let's talk NFL playoffs, NBA, college hoops and Sooners/Gators.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Curious as to your thoughts on the Attorney General for the State of Utah bringing legal action against the BCS? Mark Shurtleff contends the organization puts schools from the non-major leagues at a financial disadvantage because the opportunity to play for the national title or in the big bowl games is at best limited. I can't imagine in a court of law an outright conspiracy can be proved which is the only way to win this case. Either way, I'm all for shining the light on the BCS for the greedy, hypocritical clown act it is. The Utes are the only D-1 team to roll through the regular season unbeaten then win their post season game & it was a monster victory in the Sugar Bowl over supposed SEC powerhouse Alabama.
Some chat on SportsTalk about the coaching situation on the football front at Oregon. What can we make of the announcement by future coach Chip Kelly that receiver coach Robin Pflugrad and D-line coach Mike Gray will be shown the door when the gig is officially his? Register Guard columnist Rob Moseley used the word "awkward" in today's column. Can't argue with the accuracy of that term. These are guys with families facing getting uprooted from a job they obviously care about. The current coach says he'll make a decision about returning to the sideline sometime in March. Until now I'd have bet the ranch Bellotti was a lock to return. He's gotten a whiff of a national championship twice and the Ducks might be in the picture for 2009. The recent events and comments lead me to believe I caught a break no one wanted to take my bet.
Time to give something away, a $25 gift certificate to Sy's Pizza on Alder Street in Eugene near campus. Lot of talk about how hot the Chargers are heading into the showdown at Pittsburgh this weekend. They'd become the only 8 & 8 team in history to qualify for the Super Bowl. Since the league expanded to 16 games for the 1978 season, who is the only team to make Super Sunday with less than 10 regular season wins. Eliminate 1982 and 1987 when the year was cut short by a strike. Oddly enough, last year's Giants and the 88 Niners are the only teams to make it(both won) with as little as 10 wins. To get in the drawing, e-mail your answer to
Have a great Wednesday.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

ALL ABOUT US by Tannen

With so many bowl games, the NFL playoffs, the holidays, the economy and other items tugging at your interest, I've decided to do you all a favor. Break down how the outcome of all these post season college games impacts the Ducks. But first, some critical questions.
1-Do you consider "Family Guy" & "The Simpsons" to be cartoons or sitcoms?
2-Do you think the NFL should change it's current Sudden Death system for the playoffs?
The highest the Ducks have ever finished in the final AP poll is 2nd after winning the Fiesta Bowl 7 years ago. When they took out Texas in the 2000 Holiday Bowl they landed at #7. The other's worth mentioning are following the loss to Penn State in the Rose Bowl after the 94 season they ended 11th and 13th after losing to Oklahoma in the 05 Holiday Bowl. I'm thinking this team has a legit shot at becoming the 3rd ever to make the top 10. Oregon began the post season 15th. No question they'll jump #14 Georgia Tech who got smoked by LSU, Oklahoma State at 13(duh) and number 12 Cincinnati who lost big in the Orange Bowl. TCU was 11th and won their bowl game, Ohio State at 10 lost but played a great Texas team touch and Boise State, the #9 lost but just by a point. Texas Tech at 8 and 6th ranked Penn State got creamed so I'm thinking at the low end they move up 4 spots to 11, and perhaps to 10 if the Boise State loss sends them farther down the polls. Either way, with all that's gone down in 2008 including the morons booing the home team during wins, it's been a season of terrific accomplishment for Bellotti and his program.

Monday, January 5, 2009


Having that East Coast, part Italian in me, I just can't let go of certain things and firmly believe in the theraputic value of revenge. As Donovan McNabb carved up the Vikings in leading the Eagles to the NFL's version of the Elite 8, I rejoiced in his cramming it down the throat of that fat pig, hypocrite lying dirt bag Rush Limbaugh! Remember his remark about the only reason Donovan was successful was because the media painted him that way because he's black? What a moron. McNabb has never had a strong receiving corps except for one year with that little baby Terrell Owens, yet he's on the brink of reaching his 5th Conference championship game. For the record, Peyton Manning has been in just two. The biggest joke is anyone who has lived in Philly or is familiar with sports in that town realize no City of Brotherly Love athlete catches a break from fans or the local media. They booed Santa Claus & the greatest 3rd baseman ever, Mike Schmidt. McNabb is a stud and the Eagles would be nuts not to resign him for another 3 years once this season wraps.
If you don't believe timing is everything, check out the Ravens smoking the Dolphins. All season long the Miami m/o was no mistakes from Chad Pennington, a solid defense, along with a balanced running game meant wins. Chad throws 7 interceptions in 64 quarters this season, then 4 in less than 2 in their round one playoff defeat against the Ravens. Granted, the Baltimore defense is special with a couple of Hall of Famers in Ray Lewis and the remarkable Ed Reed. Reed will go down as one of the all time elite ball hawking safeties. In the past 7 games he has 10 interceptions including the incredible grab and return for a TD yesterday(Sun). Ravens at Titans is not going to be for the faint of heart. Aside from the Steelers, these are the two best defenses in the league and it's all on the line.
The 2008 San Diego Chargers are already an astonishing story. Think about it! They lost heartbreakers to the Colts and Falcons the final two weekends of November, seeing their record fall to 4 & 8. Season over right? Wrong. The DVD will be titled "From 4 and 8 to the Elite 8". Of course it helped the Broncos had no heart, no defense and crumbled like the French Army. A .500 team with a chance to make the Super Bowl. This is why the NFL sets the standard for parity and is by far our most popular team sport organization.
By the way, the Pac 10 goes 5 & 0 in bowl games. The supposedly Big Bad Big 12 has seen the Ducks take out Oklahoma State and Mississippi tear up Texas Tech. We'll see how Texas does as a substantial favorite against Ohio State tonight(Mon) and the Sooners try to avoid another big game tank job against Florida. Those weak out of league schedules most of the Big 12 took on turns out to be quite misleading. Much more on this when we rally for SportsTalk later this afternoon from 3-6pm.

Friday, January 2, 2009


Here's something brand new. A guy who does a show like SportsTalk dropping more of a hammer on the BCS. First, let's re-establish a key fact. The BCS was formed for one simple reason and contrary to popular belief it's not to aggravate we college football fans. It's to spit out a #1 versus #2 for the national championship, period. One of my issues has surfaced in a huge way during the post season. You can not properly evaluate strength of schedule and which conference is the toughest accurately during the regular season especially with the patsies many teams play. The consensus was the Big 12 is the best league in 2009. Get this! Of those quality teams(Oklahoma, Ok State, Texas and Tech)there were exactly 2 out of conference games scheduled against teams from BCS conferences. The Sooners played at Washington while Oklahoma State took on Washington State. Granted, when these games were scheduled the Dawgs and Cougs weren't laughingstocks, but for 2009 it was a joke. Oklahoma at least squared off with a decent MWC team, TCU. Otherwise you had Chattanooga, Eastern Washington, SMU, UMass, Florida Atlantic, Rice, Missouri State, Troy and Houston. The top guns in the Pac 10 had teams like Ohio State, Penn State, Boise State, Michigan State, Maryland, and Utah on the schedule. By the time we gather for SportsTalk next week, we can make a proper determination about which conferences were truly difficult to navigate in 2008.