Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I don't care if you watch TV or movie dramas or the world of sports. There is a mentality among those who border on the desperate that the rules of society and logic don't apply to them. One theory says the true definition of insane is repeating the same actions over and over again but expecting a different result. We see it in abusive relationships. And it's front and center with certain players. I give you Manny Ramirez. Regardless of the team he plays for, eventually it will end in misery with a complete lack of professionalism on his part and a childish, selfish attitude. Then why do I think the White Sox are taking a good risk by bringing him on board for the remainder of this year? Well, I'm on board ONLY if it's for the rest of 2010. They get into anything beyond this season they deserve the aggravation and idiocy coming their way. Actually with guys like Manny or Terrel Owens, the short term is brilliant. Ramirez is playing for a new contract. If he in fact can't rake like we've seen previously, once the Chisox wrap he's a memory. If he's motivated for a month he can carry an offense like few others. Manny is a fun night, not a long term relationship.

Friday, August 27, 2010


I know it's been a few years, but I'm not on board with ESPN's mega coverage of the Little League World Series. Watching these kids mug for the cameras like they're professionals is nauseating. Show the Final 4 and get over it. These kids are 12. We already know about idiot parents who put insane amounts of pressure on their children in a desperate attempt to live vicariously through the youngsters. They step out of the box, re-adjust their gloves, point to the sky and are far too aware the game is on TV. Play little league ball for fun and love of the game. Getting on national television should require a bit more of an accomplishment. I just don't buy it.
Lot of folks were chiming in on the Steve Strassburg situation 'yesterday'. Rob Dibble, one of the Nasty Boys in the Cincy bullpen that helped guide the Reds to the 1990 World Series title may have locked up the moron award. Said Strassy should learn to pitch through pain. How about now Dibbs? The guy is going to have to shut down his career for about 18 months with Tommy John surgery. As usual, it's about running ones yap without gathering all the proper information. Kind of like the yo-yo's who ripped on Chip Kelly because he didn't immediately render decisions to suit their time frame but actually did some fact checking.
We had the mini poll yesterday and you listeners voted in favor of Darron Thomas over Nate Costa by a slim 19-17 margin. E-mail or text your choice if you haven't voted to stevetannen@live.com or 653-3098 and we'll check out the results.
Our guest on Crunch Time today at 3:20 is current OSN analyst and former Duck QB Mike Jorgensen. Looking forward to that.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


So Tiger hit this week's tournament a little lighter. No wife, short a hundred million or so. Less baggage to carry around? I guess it worked. He carded a 1st round 65 to grab a share of the lead at the Barclays in my old stomping ground in Jersey. The difference today from what we saw at times during the PGA Championship was he's hitting it in play off the tee, solid on the approach and he's among the top putting through today. Let's not forget, while his shot at major #15 is dead in the water until the 2011 Masters, Woods has a bunch to play for. He'd like to jump the Ryder Cup standings and become an automatic qualifier rather than put the heat on Corey Pavin to make him a Captains Pick. Stay tuned, this could be a big story the week before football starts.
We will chat with Cliff Kirkpatrick in the 4 o'clock hour. He's the excellent beat writer who covers Oregon State for the Corvallis Gazette Times. Be interested to get his thoughts on their new quarterback. From what I've heard and read, Ryan Katz has grabbed the bull by the horns and really established himself as THE guy! Don't forget, he's just a sophomore and could be running the show for 3 seasons like Derek Anderson who won a trio of bowl games for OSU. They have questions at linebacker, but both lines look strong and of course have some serious weapons in the Rodger's brothers. I think they make another run at the Pac 10 title.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


PGA golfer Jim Furyk was disqualified from this week's event because he overslept and missed his tee time. Yes it's Wednesday. He was supposed to play in the pro-am event which offers fans & sponsors a chance to hang with the big guns. It's an automatic DQ because over the years players have backed out of these kinds of gigs for really stupid & selfish reasons. Furyk is in the running for the 10-million dollar prize for most points accumulated in the Fed Ex standings. He needs a better alarm, which apparently lost power overnight.
With the divorce final, Tiger Woods says he wishes his ex-well. What a great guy! He cheats, lies and humiliates this poor child while she's having his children then raising them, but at least he publicly offers good thoughts. That's just swell.
The NFL is considering adding 2 more regular season games and dumping 2 of those idiotic exhibition games. As was the case when they tried to expand the NCAA Tournament from 64 to 96 teams, I didn't get it. The NFL is the best & most successful North American sports league. It kind of sets the standard. Why mess with it? The game is so brutal I can't imagine the players union backing this as they have the shortest shelf life of the athletes in the sports we follow already. Never been a fan of taking action for the sake of just doing something. Morons!
I forgot to close the deal on Monday so I'm recycling my trivia question. I have a package prize. 2 wrist bands for the Eugene Celebration. 2 tickets for the Eugene Ems. Plus a $50 Mio Sushi gift certificate. Who made up the last Duck duet to rush for over 100 yards in the same game? Email to stevetannen@live.com or text 653-3098.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I know the story of the naked Beaver lineman getting tazed after assuming the 3 point stance when confronted by the police has made the rounds. Ha Ha Ha right? The clear message here is the complete and total lack of reality fans bring to the table. When USC, Washington and other rival schools ran afoul of the law or the rules, folks piled on via radio, blogs and the rest. All I've said after each incident was be careful! Since the Rose Bowl loss to Ohio State the many car wreck style issues that have plagued the Ducks have become punch lines for people around the Pac 10 and even around the nation, but especially in Beaver Nation. There are a handful of you who have taken great pride in the bad pub. Again I cautioned, go easy, OSU has been far from a gathering of choir boys. It doesn't exist at the D-1 level in college football. How the heck can you gather a group of 100 or 105 guys who play football in that age group and expect immaculate behavior? Now we will find out the true character of that certain element of Oregon State fans. Those of you who have dished it out in buckets, lets see how well you TAKE it. Will you man up, admit it was completely ignorant or arrogant to bash other schools like it benefited you in some way? Or will you dole out the excuses and play the "you guys did it to card". You deserve all the e-mails, text messages and photo copies of the story all around your cubicle at work. Just eat it and learn a lesson!
For those obsessed with the QB race with the Ducks, the finish line is clearly in sight. According to Mr. Moseley, whoever takes the 1st snap at Saturday's practice will start against New Mexico. Apparently the Thursday scrimmage will be the final determining factor. I'm more concerned with who starts the game at Tennessee.

Monday, August 23, 2010


Though I'm not big on watching exhibition games in the NFL or any kind of practice, I feel obligated to get out there a couple of times a summer to check out the Ducks before the opener. Plus, we all have Rob Moseley who kills covering the Oregon beat. That said, I was out there Saturday. For openers, I hope the guys get what a break Mother Nature has cut them with such a mild summer. August 21st in Eugene can just as easily be 94-degrees instead of the 74-75 degrees it was. I first focused in on Jerry Azzinaro working with the defensive line and some pure power driving drills, hitting that padded machine with all they have. The biggest single "THUMP" that drove the machine back was from Brandon Tett, a 298 pounder from Gresham who is here via junior college. A redshirt freshman from Tualatin, Taylor Hart showed some serious explosiveness. I should point out I was mainly looking at new guys cause we pretty much know what the vets are capable of. Out of high school, Superprep magazine rated Hart the top overall recruit in the state of Oregon.
I'm guessing we'll be getting the transfer request any time now from Eric Dungy as I clearly heard Chip Kelly use the word "ass" during a heated drill. Daddy can't have that kind of vile, disgusting talk poisoning the ears of young people engaged in such a sweet game like football.
One drill really got the crowd going. They set big yellow divider cushions across the field about 5 yards apart. One one side was a defensive player with an offensive player on the other & Kelly kept score. The goal was to simply bull your way past your opposition for a point. It was intense as once a winner was declared by the coach the next twosome engaged. I don't get to see other teams so up close and personal but the feeling seems to be one of high level intensity and optimism. All seem raring to go. No way to get a read on whether either guy has emerged as the leader in the clubhouse at quarterback. Like you've read, at times each looks like they're ready, then a few moments later, a bit indecisive or still in that learning state. Either way, a great Saturday afternoon with the Ducks.
I've got a couple of $25 gift certificates to Big Town Hero in Eugene/Springfield. You want in, send the correct answer to stevetannen@live.com or text me, 653-3098.
When was the last time Oregon had two different players go over 100 yards in the same game? Hint, it was pretty recent. Good luck.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


So the Feds have moved forward with an indictment against Roger Clemens. This is awesome. I know there is a tendency to be a parade-rainer or dwell on the misery of others, but come on! Is there anything more obnoxious or arrogant than someone who tries to twist the truth or lie in your face about facts? Here's a thought. My money says Mr. Barry Bonds is putting on a tough guy face, but deep down inside thinking about what life is like in a 12 by 12 jail cell cause you know he's next. This does not bode well for his case. Clemens had to think having his defamation case against his former trainer Brian Mcnamee tossed offered some dangerous foreshadowing. At a certain point if just you, the deluded, pathetic, apologist fans and your hired mouthpiece are the only ones who buy your garbage, it's over. I've added #3 to that 'never lie to your doctor or lawyer' philosophy. Federal Investigators, especially if you're under oath in a very high profile case. None of the juicers have come clean. Aroid, McGwire, Giambi & Pettite held their press conference only when a failed drug test popped or they were faced with an overwhelming mountain of evidence was about to come to light. But at least those idiots offered up a version of an admission and have been allowed to get on with their careers or lives. Some like Sosa or Palmiero have just disappeared into the ether and I say good riddance.
If you'd like to get in on the drawing for free Eugene Emeralds tickets, drop me an email at stevetannen@live.com or text me at 653-3098. Season is winding down. Limited chances to see the guys at PK Park.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Excuse me, but I just got off the floor after dropping from hysteria. Listened to the Big Hypocrite, Tony Dungy about the language Jet coach Rex Ryan used while on camera for HBO's "Hard Knocks". He said he's disappointed and would not hire a guy who used that kind of potty talk. This clown allies himself with perhaps the biggest scumbag, piece of useless garbage this side of Rae Carruth in NFL history but is worried about words? Michael Vick can repeatedly electrocute, drown, shoot, strangle or bash dogs to death against concrete, but dropping a bunch of F-bombs is way out of line! Really pleased Ryan told Dungy to stick it and not pass judgment on him. Phony's like Dungy worry about the most idiotic things in the world. Dummy, you get judged on your deeds, not words! So if I speak the kings english but cheat on my wife, am unscrupulous in my business dealings and poison innocent animals, I'm okay? What a crock! Dungy makes me want to puke.
Not sure if I'm more annoyed at the media or Brett Farve. Folks rail against his drama queen style, but talk about it 24/7. Here's hoping the Vikings go 7 & 9 and he reverts back to his 2005 style with a league leading 29 picks. They have a pretty aging roster and are not a lock to be great this year. Probably make a playoff run, but this "pencil them in" mentality doesn't cut it with me. Not in the NFL where year to year is a complete and total adventure. It's what makes it the best pro league. A topic for today's show is who is the newest team we can all root against. Notre Dame and the Yankees are too easy. I'm thinking the Miami Heat, Vikings and maybe Arkansas.
Okay, I have a couple of $25 gift certificates to Big Town Hero of Eugene/Springfield. Email the answer to stevetannen@live.com or text to 653 3098.
Who was the opponent when the Ducks broke the 50-thousand mark in attendance at Autzen Stadium for the 1st time? Good luck!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Most are pretty familiar with the "Back To The Future" series right? Michael J Fox's nemesis is Biff Tannen. Sure, he's his dad, McFly's thorn in the side as well. Bottom line is Biff is a bully as well as a moron and a pig. This whole situation at the station in Arkansas wreaks of this macho, strong arming crap. Growing up I was always one of the smaller kids and there was a tendency for the bigger ones to pick on us. I was a bit crazy and taught early by my grandpa to not take any garbage & they'd find someone else to annoy. So a reporter for KAKS radio in NW Arkansas shows up at a press conference for Hog coach Bobby Petrino in a Florida hat and is chastised after asking a question. The woman, Renee Gork is a Gator alum. Eventually she's fired. They can spin this all they like about improperly tweeting, but I'm not buying it. I'll bet my bottom buck the athletic department at Arkansas threw their weight around and the GM at the radio station caved. This woman of 2 young boys is now denied her livelihood because she put on the wrong headgear in a rainstorm. For the record, Arkansas and Florida aren't that big of rivals as the Hogs only joined the SEC in 1992 after many decades in the old Southwest conference. Their true rival is Texas but honorable mention goes to Ole Miss, Oklahoma, Texas A & M and Alabama. Certainly Gork made an idiotic choice to don the Florida lid, but at the cost of her job? Pathetic!
What's with my man Derek Jeter? Hit into a game ending double play last night against the Tigers with the bases loaded in a 3-1 affair. Went 1 for 5 as the average dipped below .280. This is a Hall of Famer with a lifetime B/A of .315 and a rep as a money performer. History says he's already pushing the envelope big time for a productive shortstop. On today's show I'll talk about guys like Ripken, Ozzie Smith, Barry Larkin, Nomar and some others at the position and when they began to see a dip. Catch you then.

Monday, August 16, 2010


My dad gave me great advice over the years and most of it was dead on and for my benefit. However, when he said there are 2 sides to each story, that wasn't 100% accurate. I've mentioned this before, but sometimes the line of right and wrong leaves zero room for discussion. 2 cases. Both in golf. On 18 yesterday, the well documented 'club grounding' by Dustin Johnson in the sand outside the ropes which cost him 2 strokes and a place in the playoff for the PGA title. You and I miss this or get confused it's understandable. A regular tour player after it comes to light they've discussed this and posted notices about it all over Whistling Straits? Love the way Johnson handled it. Seems like a grounded, really talented young guy. Come on! It's sand. Check with an official. Sorry, I don't see the debate here.
Now we have Ryder Cup captain Corey Pavin saying he's "leaning" towards taking Tiger Woods as a captain's selection. Leaning? He's Tiger freaking Woods! Houston Nutt takes a flyer on Jeremiah Masoli who has no business playing D1 football this season and Pavin isn't giving a slot to one of the 2 best golfers ever? Please! This is a no brainer.
We'll get more into college football today and the answer to last Friday's trivia question. The last Oregon back before Jonathan Stewart in the 07 Sun Bowl to bust free for more than 100 yards in the bowl game? Saladin McCullough with 150 in the 1997 Vegas Bowl thumping of BYU. As for today. In the 2008 Holiday Bowl, Jeremiah Johnson exploded for a 76 yd TD run in the 1st quarter against Oklahoma State. It set a record for that game. What Hall of Fame back's mark did he break? I have a $50 Mio Sushi in Eugene certificate for the winner. Send your answer to stevetannen@live.com or text it to 653 3098. We'll have the drawing of the correct responses in the 5 o'clock hour. Good luck.

Friday, August 13, 2010


Between catching some of Morgan Freeman & Jack in that "Bucket List" movie on top of a similar themed episode of "Everybody Loves Raymond" and taking my first near 50-year old physical, I got to thinking. What if we got really specific. Sports Fan bucket list. What age are you now, what cool things have you done and what would you really love to do before the final buzzer? You can include golf courses to play, venues to visit, what ever is your pleasure.
I also got to thinking about numbers and their place in each respective sport. Career statistics, in game yards or points, seasonal accomplishments. I believe there is a huge variance from baseball to football to hoops to hockey to golf. I think you get the picture.
I'll be hitting Justin with the lock or no question regarding the potential career threatening injury to Chipper Jones of the Braves. I'm going to throw together a lightning round questionnaire to officially welcome T-Bone into the fray.
It's a Friday, all bets are off except for this. I never gave the answer to yesterday's trivia question to win a $25 certificate for Tracktown Pizza and I'm also going to award another freebie, of the winner's choice for the following.
In the 2007 Sun Bowl Jonathan Stewart busted up South Florida for 253 yards on the ground. Prior to that, who was the last Duck to top the 100 yard barrier in a bowl game? E-mail the answer to stevetannen@live.com or text it to 653-3098.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Been awhile since we addressed one of my favorite non-existent organizations, Conclusion Jumpers Anonymous. With the way Tiger Woods played in round one of the PGA Championship today, I feel obligated. The polls being conducted, the media members and even fans talking as if he were done based on one 4 day period last week when he hacked his way around Firestone. And for the record, I'm hanging on a limb. Tiger started on #10 so he just made the turn 2 under. I'm betting he gets in over that final 9 equal or better than he stands now. Has anyone paid attention to this cat the past decade and a half? Don't get me wrong, I'll never look at Woods the same man to man. Lost all respect. You don't cheat at that level on a young wife and kids, period. Now it's all about following him as a golfer and Jack is the only one I've seen who joins him at the elite level. Those who buried him based on a 96 hour slide are insane.
Lot of talk about NFL Scouts and agents as college football camps open. This is a really dangerous and gray area. So pro scouts are following the top players at the significant programs, then put the word out about certain guys. Agents then begin to see dollar signs and infiltrate the campus. The catch is, don't most of the top recruits flock to the more successful, high profile programs because it's a gateway to the NFL? Look forward to your thoughts on this because it's a really interesting subject.
I have more free loot. I have a $25 gift certificate to Tracktown Pizza and another $25 for 2 Friends Pizza in Springfield. E-mail the answer to stevetannen@live.com or text it to 653-3098. Jonathan Stewart rolled South Florida for 253 rush yards in the 2007 Sun Bowl. BEFORE JStew, who was the last Duck to go over 100 yards in a bowl game?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Lot of talk in the world of college football these days about who can or can't attend practice. Urban Meyer of Florida used the word "scumbags" in referring to the shady characters who linger around the scene. Some coaches have taken to banning NFL scouts. I get the "keep out the agents" mentality, but don't a bunch of kids attend these high level programs to grab the attention of the pro's? Sometimes that tendency to throw out the baby with the bath water or shut the barn door after the horses get out leads to non-logical decisions.
I did a radio spot on Boise radio today and was asked who I'd like to see at QB for the Ducks. Gotta admit, I had a moment of being speechless and to completely weenie out I basically sung the praises of what both Thomas & Costa bring to the table. I think I weaseled my way through the question pretty well. I really have no preference. My feeling is whoever wins the gig must be a heck of a player because Chip Kelly has gotten tremendous production from the UO quarterback all 3 seasons.
Time to give away some free stuff. How about a $56 dollar gift certificate to Pizza Pipeline. That will go a long way to your 1st football party of the season. E-mail me the correct answer or text it to 653 3098. Name the last Oregon quarterback to throw for over 300 yards in a bowl game. Good luck!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Really enjoyed the Media Day festivities at Autzen yesterday. Place just brimming with optimism and positive energy about the upcoming season. We had a chance to chat with the head coach, both coordinators, the 2 QB's, and a host of other major contributors. Great combination of swagger, enthusiasm and unity. Like most around these parts, I'm really looking forward to what lies ahead for 2010.
Did anyone else find the excuse Brian Cushing gave about his failed drug test pretty freaking hysterical? Says it was because of "overtraining"! It's like the guy who gets pulled over by the cop after pounding shots and beers all night and says he's in this condition because he was "overserved"! Sorry boys, the benefit of doubt train left the station years ago with Manny, Merriman and Big Papi. I know these pampered jocks think we're all peons and morons, but that doesn't mean we have to buy their fairy tales.
I've played and followed golf for about 37-38 years and even I knew Tiger Woods was going to have to suck it up and check in with a swing coach. He's had the highly publicized break ups with his previous guys, most recently Butch Harmon. Now he's asked Sean Foley to observe his practice rounds in preparation for this week's PGA Championship, the final major of 2010. Something beyond marital infidelity is amiss. You don't go from where he was to 18 over par in a tournament simply because your soon to be ex is going to take a bunch of your dough. Another pair of eyes seems like a logical 1st step.
On today's shows we'll hear from Ole Miss coach Houston McNutt who in my opinion screwed the pooch big time allowing Jeremiah Masoli the chance to play SEC football this year. Plus we'll roll some more tape from Chip Kelly's media session yesterday and we'll get to some baseball and lot's more.

Monday, August 9, 2010


With the start of summer practice, football teams aren't thinking about setting a foundation for success NEXT season. They've all convinced themselves the big dreams are real. For Oregon and Oregon State, reality is a nice place. I can't imagine folks in Pullman really believe this run ends on New Years Day in Pasadena. I'm not looking for the Pac 10 winner to face Indiana either. After managing a single Big 10 victory in 2009, only the most optimistic(or insane) Hoosier supporter is checking flights to the Rose Bowl. It might be why they're opening with Towson.
I was thinking about Chip Kelly's path to this very day. His final game as offensive coordinator at New Hampshire was a 24-17 loss to UMass. I wonder if as he was walking off the field that day a stranger grabbed him and said he had critical information about the future. Chip, by the time August of 2010 rolls around you will have been the coordinator for a major D-1 program who over the past 3 years has won 2 significant bowl games, a conference title and are among the favorites to repeat. Would he dial 9-1-1 cause the guy is obviously nuts or think "I can see that"! Either way, it's the reality and speaks volumes of his contribution to this football program. Last year taught us he can navigate rough waters with the best of them. I'd say the off season was pretty choppy so here's looking forward to more great things in 2010.

Friday, August 6, 2010


It's go time for Oregon media day on Monday morning followed by the 1st summer practice in preparation for the 2010 season. I know I'm pretty pumped but believe compared to the average Oregon fan, semi normal. Being who I am and where I'm from, I'm in a perpetual case of stoked with sports passions in many areas. I get that for the die hard Ducks, especially those who played here, attended the University or hail from the great state of Oregon, it doesn't get any better or bigger than this.
The 1st coaches poll has been released with the Ducks sitting at number 11. The only other Pac 10 team getting a call was Oregon State at number 22. USC was not eligible for this poll. In that "also receiving votes" category you have 2009 runner-up Arizona at 29, Stanford 32, the Huskies 36, Arizona State 42nd and Cal 43. So the only conference teams who failed to garner any support is punching bag Wazzou and The Weasel's Bruins.
For the scorekeepers out there the Top 25 breaks down like this. The SEC has 6 teams, incredibly the ACC equals them with a half dozen. The Big 10 got 4 calls, 3 for the Big 12, Utah & TCU in the Mountain West with Boise State representing the WAC and Pitt the lone Big East team.
Time for our 1st give-a-way in a while. For X-Games fans the "Dew" Tour(Mountain Dew)hits Portland next week, Thursday through Sunday. Legendary skateboarder Shaun White is slated to compete. We have 2 prize packages each including a pair of tickets to the event in the Rose Quarter. You want in on the drawing, just drop me a line at stevetannen@live.com or text us at 541 653 3098. Good luck!

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Ever since I listened to Chip Kelly on Dan Patrick earlier this week, I've had this feeling of deja vu. Just a very familiar ring to it and finally last night it dawned on me. 21 years ago this October when then baseball commissioner Bart Giamatti announced Pete Rose was kicked out of baseball. MLB had hired a guy named John Dowd to investigate Rose and his antics which had become public and pretty well known. Once Petey got called to the carpet they'd accumulated a mountain of evidence that he bet on baseball and might have been involved in other shenanigans. Rose said he would agree to the lifetime ban if they pulled the plug on the whole thing because Charlie Hustle was afraid he'd end up in jail. Then Rose tried to change the facts. The 1st question after the Giamatti announcement was "did the commish think Rose bet on baseball"? and his answer was a non hesitant "YES"! Of course Rose denied this for nearly 20 years until it was time to sell a book. Chip Kelly flatly stated he told Masoli if he entered a guilty plea to his role in that dorm theft, he's suspended for the 2010 season. Masoli plead guilty to avoid a jail sentence of 2-4 years as prosecutors felt they had a rock solid case. Now Masoli is singing a different song and if you ask me, anyone who buys his crap is a sucker. Time heals wounds, it doesn't change facts. With each passing day I grow more disgusted with Mississippi coach Houston Nutt for giving this knucklehead a shot to play this year. No way he should be allowed to play D-1 ball without a year to prove he's worthy. What a joke!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Stolen from Nancy Kerrigan after the infamous attack of the Harding game prior to the 94 Olympics, it's a valid question. Alex Rodriguez cracks his 600th career homer this morning and the talk is about the taint due to steroids. Brett Farve is again holding his team hostage with training camp upon us. Albert Haynesworth reports in horrible shape and continuously flunks conditioning tests despite a 100 million dollar deal. Guys with their name on signed contracts holding out for more dough. Why, why, why indeed!
On today's show we'll ask that musical question and see who it applies to the most.
What about Shaq to the Celtics. Man, if he can give them 20 minutes a night and provide some thump inside, they look like legit to make another Finals run. Crybaby Sheed retired and O'Neal is a much better low block offensive threat and just a better physical presence because he's more willing to mix it up inside. Remember, the Boston's will go without the important Kendrick Perkins for most of the early part of the season after a substantial knee procedure. The Celtics also added Jermaine O'Neal for more veterans on that front line. Looks like Orlando, Boston and Miami Thrice for the right to play the Lakers or upset West winner for all the marbles in June. Have a fun Wednesday. One of my late 70's/early 80's crushes is in town tonight at the Cuthbert. Always had a thing for Pat Benetar and look forward to seeing the now 50-something fox live doing her thing!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


So Brett Farve says he's retiring again. Guy is addicted to attention. Do they have 12 step programs for drama queens? Hi, my name is Brett Farve and I need you to think about me. Hi Brett! When the Vikings take the field to open the 2010 season against New Orleans on Thursday, September 9th, I'll believe he's done. Otherwise, I'm simply not buying it. In the event he's actually finished his playing career, that changes a ton in the NFC. The Saints become a pretty prohibitive favorite to repeat as conference champs and return to the Super Bowl. Not sold on the ability of Tavaris Jackson to carry Minny to the promised land.
You'll want to mark December 2nd on your sports calendar. The Miami Heat play the Cavaliers in Cleveland. I'm guessing there will be a lack of warmth as far as welcoming Lebron James back to town. It does make for can't miss TV. I assume folks in the Mistake By The Lake are already practicing their booing and venom spewing.
Things are all even in the AL East as Tampa has caught the Yankees for the division lead. The Rays have much better starting pitching and a really strong defense. I heard an interview with their GM Andrew Friedman during Saturday's game. He said they'd hoped to make a move or two prior to the trade deadline but it had to be a no doubt upgrade. This team is built on starting pitching, speed and defense and he was not willing to take a chance on perhaps making the offense a bit better at the risk of downgrading in those other areas of strength. Smart guy. This could be the team to beat for all the marbles in October.

Monday, August 2, 2010


Time to play Rolling Stone reviewer. Quite the show last night at The Cuthbert featuring that former Beatle drummer and a bunch of his friends. My favorite part is the cast he brought along like Rick Derringer, Edgar Winter and a few other cats all had a couple of songs you'd like to hear and they delivered. I understand the "artist" mentality. They all like to play some of their newer or deeper material. In a setting like this, we want to hear the more familiar stuff and got exactly what the doctor ordered. Rock & Roll Hootchie Koo, Free Ride, Dreamweaver by Gary Wright and Ringo's "It Don't Come Easy" & "Photograph".
Was listening to an interview with Duck D-lineman Brandon Bair. The senior from St. Anthony, Idaho feels line coach Jerry Azzinaro has a terrific approach. Everyone has to be an in shape athlete and be ready to fill any role across the line. We know they're switching to a 3-4 scheme which means the 4 guys with experience in Bair, Zac Clark, Kenny Rowe and Terrell Turner suddenly equals depth. This will become a strength if any of the new guys like Ricky Heimuli or 6'7" former wide out turned defensive lineman Dion Jordan pan out as legit D-1 contributors. I was already confident about the back 7 or 8, but now I'm getting pumped to see this unit operate.
Get ready for our Crunch Time rapid fire Q & A I lay on Justin and Ryan this afternoon. You will not want to miss this!