Monday, August 16, 2010


My dad gave me great advice over the years and most of it was dead on and for my benefit. However, when he said there are 2 sides to each story, that wasn't 100% accurate. I've mentioned this before, but sometimes the line of right and wrong leaves zero room for discussion. 2 cases. Both in golf. On 18 yesterday, the well documented 'club grounding' by Dustin Johnson in the sand outside the ropes which cost him 2 strokes and a place in the playoff for the PGA title. You and I miss this or get confused it's understandable. A regular tour player after it comes to light they've discussed this and posted notices about it all over Whistling Straits? Love the way Johnson handled it. Seems like a grounded, really talented young guy. Come on! It's sand. Check with an official. Sorry, I don't see the debate here.
Now we have Ryder Cup captain Corey Pavin saying he's "leaning" towards taking Tiger Woods as a captain's selection. Leaning? He's Tiger freaking Woods! Houston Nutt takes a flyer on Jeremiah Masoli who has no business playing D1 football this season and Pavin isn't giving a slot to one of the 2 best golfers ever? Please! This is a no brainer.
We'll get more into college football today and the answer to last Friday's trivia question. The last Oregon back before Jonathan Stewart in the 07 Sun Bowl to bust free for more than 100 yards in the bowl game? Saladin McCullough with 150 in the 1997 Vegas Bowl thumping of BYU. As for today. In the 2008 Holiday Bowl, Jeremiah Johnson exploded for a 76 yd TD run in the 1st quarter against Oklahoma State. It set a record for that game. What Hall of Fame back's mark did he break? I have a $50 Mio Sushi in Eugene certificate for the winner. Send your answer to or text it to 653 3098. We'll have the drawing of the correct responses in the 5 o'clock hour. Good luck.

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