Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I know the story of the naked Beaver lineman getting tazed after assuming the 3 point stance when confronted by the police has made the rounds. Ha Ha Ha right? The clear message here is the complete and total lack of reality fans bring to the table. When USC, Washington and other rival schools ran afoul of the law or the rules, folks piled on via radio, blogs and the rest. All I've said after each incident was be careful! Since the Rose Bowl loss to Ohio State the many car wreck style issues that have plagued the Ducks have become punch lines for people around the Pac 10 and even around the nation, but especially in Beaver Nation. There are a handful of you who have taken great pride in the bad pub. Again I cautioned, go easy, OSU has been far from a gathering of choir boys. It doesn't exist at the D-1 level in college football. How the heck can you gather a group of 100 or 105 guys who play football in that age group and expect immaculate behavior? Now we will find out the true character of that certain element of Oregon State fans. Those of you who have dished it out in buckets, lets see how well you TAKE it. Will you man up, admit it was completely ignorant or arrogant to bash other schools like it benefited you in some way? Or will you dole out the excuses and play the "you guys did it to card". You deserve all the e-mails, text messages and photo copies of the story all around your cubicle at work. Just eat it and learn a lesson!
For those obsessed with the QB race with the Ducks, the finish line is clearly in sight. According to Mr. Moseley, whoever takes the 1st snap at Saturday's practice will start against New Mexico. Apparently the Thursday scrimmage will be the final determining factor. I'm more concerned with who starts the game at Tennessee.

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