Tuesday, August 3, 2010


So Brett Farve says he's retiring again. Guy is addicted to attention. Do they have 12 step programs for drama queens? Hi, my name is Brett Farve and I need you to think about me. Hi Brett! When the Vikings take the field to open the 2010 season against New Orleans on Thursday, September 9th, I'll believe he's done. Otherwise, I'm simply not buying it. In the event he's actually finished his playing career, that changes a ton in the NFC. The Saints become a pretty prohibitive favorite to repeat as conference champs and return to the Super Bowl. Not sold on the ability of Tavaris Jackson to carry Minny to the promised land.
You'll want to mark December 2nd on your sports calendar. The Miami Heat play the Cavaliers in Cleveland. I'm guessing there will be a lack of warmth as far as welcoming Lebron James back to town. It does make for can't miss TV. I assume folks in the Mistake By The Lake are already practicing their booing and venom spewing.
Things are all even in the AL East as Tampa has caught the Yankees for the division lead. The Rays have much better starting pitching and a really strong defense. I heard an interview with their GM Andrew Friedman during Saturday's game. He said they'd hoped to make a move or two prior to the trade deadline but it had to be a no doubt upgrade. This team is built on starting pitching, speed and defense and he was not willing to take a chance on perhaps making the offense a bit better at the risk of downgrading in those other areas of strength. Smart guy. This could be the team to beat for all the marbles in October.

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