Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Most are pretty familiar with the "Back To The Future" series right? Michael J Fox's nemesis is Biff Tannen. Sure, he's his dad, McFly's thorn in the side as well. Bottom line is Biff is a bully as well as a moron and a pig. This whole situation at the station in Arkansas wreaks of this macho, strong arming crap. Growing up I was always one of the smaller kids and there was a tendency for the bigger ones to pick on us. I was a bit crazy and taught early by my grandpa to not take any garbage & they'd find someone else to annoy. So a reporter for KAKS radio in NW Arkansas shows up at a press conference for Hog coach Bobby Petrino in a Florida hat and is chastised after asking a question. The woman, Renee Gork is a Gator alum. Eventually she's fired. They can spin this all they like about improperly tweeting, but I'm not buying it. I'll bet my bottom buck the athletic department at Arkansas threw their weight around and the GM at the radio station caved. This woman of 2 young boys is now denied her livelihood because she put on the wrong headgear in a rainstorm. For the record, Arkansas and Florida aren't that big of rivals as the Hogs only joined the SEC in 1992 after many decades in the old Southwest conference. Their true rival is Texas but honorable mention goes to Ole Miss, Oklahoma, Texas A & M and Alabama. Certainly Gork made an idiotic choice to don the Florida lid, but at the cost of her job? Pathetic!
What's with my man Derek Jeter? Hit into a game ending double play last night against the Tigers with the bases loaded in a 3-1 affair. Went 1 for 5 as the average dipped below .280. This is a Hall of Famer with a lifetime B/A of .315 and a rep as a money performer. History says he's already pushing the envelope big time for a productive shortstop. On today's show I'll talk about guys like Ripken, Ozzie Smith, Barry Larkin, Nomar and some others at the position and when they began to see a dip. Catch you then.

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Anonymous said...

You rock for hating Biff as I also hate him for being a bully due to my eternal hatred of bullies.