Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Stolen from Nancy Kerrigan after the infamous attack of the Harding game prior to the 94 Olympics, it's a valid question. Alex Rodriguez cracks his 600th career homer this morning and the talk is about the taint due to steroids. Brett Farve is again holding his team hostage with training camp upon us. Albert Haynesworth reports in horrible shape and continuously flunks conditioning tests despite a 100 million dollar deal. Guys with their name on signed contracts holding out for more dough. Why, why, why indeed!
On today's show we'll ask that musical question and see who it applies to the most.
What about Shaq to the Celtics. Man, if he can give them 20 minutes a night and provide some thump inside, they look like legit to make another Finals run. Crybaby Sheed retired and O'Neal is a much better low block offensive threat and just a better physical presence because he's more willing to mix it up inside. Remember, the Boston's will go without the important Kendrick Perkins for most of the early part of the season after a substantial knee procedure. The Celtics also added Jermaine O'Neal for more veterans on that front line. Looks like Orlando, Boston and Miami Thrice for the right to play the Lakers or upset West winner for all the marbles in June. Have a fun Wednesday. One of my late 70's/early 80's crushes is in town tonight at the Cuthbert. Always had a thing for Pat Benetar and look forward to seeing the now 50-something fox live doing her thing!

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