Wednesday, August 25, 2010


PGA golfer Jim Furyk was disqualified from this week's event because he overslept and missed his tee time. Yes it's Wednesday. He was supposed to play in the pro-am event which offers fans & sponsors a chance to hang with the big guns. It's an automatic DQ because over the years players have backed out of these kinds of gigs for really stupid & selfish reasons. Furyk is in the running for the 10-million dollar prize for most points accumulated in the Fed Ex standings. He needs a better alarm, which apparently lost power overnight.
With the divorce final, Tiger Woods says he wishes his ex-well. What a great guy! He cheats, lies and humiliates this poor child while she's having his children then raising them, but at least he publicly offers good thoughts. That's just swell.
The NFL is considering adding 2 more regular season games and dumping 2 of those idiotic exhibition games. As was the case when they tried to expand the NCAA Tournament from 64 to 96 teams, I didn't get it. The NFL is the best & most successful North American sports league. It kind of sets the standard. Why mess with it? The game is so brutal I can't imagine the players union backing this as they have the shortest shelf life of the athletes in the sports we follow already. Never been a fan of taking action for the sake of just doing something. Morons!
I forgot to close the deal on Monday so I'm recycling my trivia question. I have a package prize. 2 wrist bands for the Eugene Celebration. 2 tickets for the Eugene Ems. Plus a $50 Mio Sushi gift certificate. Who made up the last Duck duet to rush for over 100 yards in the same game? Email to or text 653-3098.

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