Friday, August 13, 2010


Between catching some of Morgan Freeman & Jack in that "Bucket List" movie on top of a similar themed episode of "Everybody Loves Raymond" and taking my first near 50-year old physical, I got to thinking. What if we got really specific. Sports Fan bucket list. What age are you now, what cool things have you done and what would you really love to do before the final buzzer? You can include golf courses to play, venues to visit, what ever is your pleasure.
I also got to thinking about numbers and their place in each respective sport. Career statistics, in game yards or points, seasonal accomplishments. I believe there is a huge variance from baseball to football to hoops to hockey to golf. I think you get the picture.
I'll be hitting Justin with the lock or no question regarding the potential career threatening injury to Chipper Jones of the Braves. I'm going to throw together a lightning round questionnaire to officially welcome T-Bone into the fray.
It's a Friday, all bets are off except for this. I never gave the answer to yesterday's trivia question to win a $25 certificate for Tracktown Pizza and I'm also going to award another freebie, of the winner's choice for the following.
In the 2007 Sun Bowl Jonathan Stewart busted up South Florida for 253 yards on the ground. Prior to that, who was the last Duck to top the 100 yard barrier in a bowl game? E-mail the answer to or text it to 653-3098.


Duck Out of Water said...

See a game at Fenway.
Wrigley Field, too.
Participate in a decathlon.
Watch the Bislett Games.

Anonymous said...

Hey Steve,
Heard some of your "bucket list" calls today and I got to thinking what might also be a great topic.

If you had to pick one, and ONLY ONE game, event, or competition in all of sports history that you could say "I WAS THERE," "I SAW THAT!!"
forsaking all other options...
What game or event would that be? And I'm thinking not just the most obvious, but also some of the most inspiring performances... things
that make you go, "I wish I had that kind of passion, courage, belief."

I don't really call in 'cause I'm on the tail end of a BS degree from UO, and I don't think of myself as a savvy enough sports converser,
so I like to keep my opinions off the airways where they can't be validly scrutinized. But off the top of my head I could think of some great
examples, things like Jackie Robinson's first game, Chamberlin's 101 pnts, Buckner's worst time to record the easiest E ever, the "immaculate reception"
or even Kerri Strug's broken ankle vault.

What might be cool is that you even get some callers that say, "hey guess what, I WAS at that game.... and here's something you didn't know!"

~ Lucas

Steve Tannen said...

Awesome suggestion. Will be using for Monday for sure!

Duck Out of Water said...

I was at the Toilet Bowl! Does that count?

I wish I'd seen Bob Beamon's 29 foot jump and Bobby Thompson's home run to win the playoffs in 1951.