Friday, August 6, 2010


It's go time for Oregon media day on Monday morning followed by the 1st summer practice in preparation for the 2010 season. I know I'm pretty pumped but believe compared to the average Oregon fan, semi normal. Being who I am and where I'm from, I'm in a perpetual case of stoked with sports passions in many areas. I get that for the die hard Ducks, especially those who played here, attended the University or hail from the great state of Oregon, it doesn't get any better or bigger than this.
The 1st coaches poll has been released with the Ducks sitting at number 11. The only other Pac 10 team getting a call was Oregon State at number 22. USC was not eligible for this poll. In that "also receiving votes" category you have 2009 runner-up Arizona at 29, Stanford 32, the Huskies 36, Arizona State 42nd and Cal 43. So the only conference teams who failed to garner any support is punching bag Wazzou and The Weasel's Bruins.
For the scorekeepers out there the Top 25 breaks down like this. The SEC has 6 teams, incredibly the ACC equals them with a half dozen. The Big 10 got 4 calls, 3 for the Big 12, Utah & TCU in the Mountain West with Boise State representing the WAC and Pitt the lone Big East team.
Time for our 1st give-a-way in a while. For X-Games fans the "Dew" Tour(Mountain Dew)hits Portland next week, Thursday through Sunday. Legendary skateboarder Shaun White is slated to compete. We have 2 prize packages each including a pair of tickets to the event in the Rose Quarter. You want in on the drawing, just drop me a line at or text us at 541 653 3098. Good luck!

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