Thursday, August 12, 2010


Been awhile since we addressed one of my favorite non-existent organizations, Conclusion Jumpers Anonymous. With the way Tiger Woods played in round one of the PGA Championship today, I feel obligated. The polls being conducted, the media members and even fans talking as if he were done based on one 4 day period last week when he hacked his way around Firestone. And for the record, I'm hanging on a limb. Tiger started on #10 so he just made the turn 2 under. I'm betting he gets in over that final 9 equal or better than he stands now. Has anyone paid attention to this cat the past decade and a half? Don't get me wrong, I'll never look at Woods the same man to man. Lost all respect. You don't cheat at that level on a young wife and kids, period. Now it's all about following him as a golfer and Jack is the only one I've seen who joins him at the elite level. Those who buried him based on a 96 hour slide are insane.
Lot of talk about NFL Scouts and agents as college football camps open. This is a really dangerous and gray area. So pro scouts are following the top players at the significant programs, then put the word out about certain guys. Agents then begin to see dollar signs and infiltrate the campus. The catch is, don't most of the top recruits flock to the more successful, high profile programs because it's a gateway to the NFL? Look forward to your thoughts on this because it's a really interesting subject.
I have more free loot. I have a $25 gift certificate to Tracktown Pizza and another $25 for 2 Friends Pizza in Springfield. E-mail the answer to or text it to 653-3098. Jonathan Stewart rolled South Florida for 253 rush yards in the 2007 Sun Bowl. BEFORE JStew, who was the last Duck to go over 100 yards in a bowl game?

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