Monday, August 9, 2010


With the start of summer practice, football teams aren't thinking about setting a foundation for success NEXT season. They've all convinced themselves the big dreams are real. For Oregon and Oregon State, reality is a nice place. I can't imagine folks in Pullman really believe this run ends on New Years Day in Pasadena. I'm not looking for the Pac 10 winner to face Indiana either. After managing a single Big 10 victory in 2009, only the most optimistic(or insane) Hoosier supporter is checking flights to the Rose Bowl. It might be why they're opening with Towson.
I was thinking about Chip Kelly's path to this very day. His final game as offensive coordinator at New Hampshire was a 24-17 loss to UMass. I wonder if as he was walking off the field that day a stranger grabbed him and said he had critical information about the future. Chip, by the time August of 2010 rolls around you will have been the coordinator for a major D-1 program who over the past 3 years has won 2 significant bowl games, a conference title and are among the favorites to repeat. Would he dial 9-1-1 cause the guy is obviously nuts or think "I can see that"! Either way, it's the reality and speaks volumes of his contribution to this football program. Last year taught us he can navigate rough waters with the best of them. I'd say the off season was pretty choppy so here's looking forward to more great things in 2010.

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