Monday, August 23, 2010


Though I'm not big on watching exhibition games in the NFL or any kind of practice, I feel obligated to get out there a couple of times a summer to check out the Ducks before the opener. Plus, we all have Rob Moseley who kills covering the Oregon beat. That said, I was out there Saturday. For openers, I hope the guys get what a break Mother Nature has cut them with such a mild summer. August 21st in Eugene can just as easily be 94-degrees instead of the 74-75 degrees it was. I first focused in on Jerry Azzinaro working with the defensive line and some pure power driving drills, hitting that padded machine with all they have. The biggest single "THUMP" that drove the machine back was from Brandon Tett, a 298 pounder from Gresham who is here via junior college. A redshirt freshman from Tualatin, Taylor Hart showed some serious explosiveness. I should point out I was mainly looking at new guys cause we pretty much know what the vets are capable of. Out of high school, Superprep magazine rated Hart the top overall recruit in the state of Oregon.
I'm guessing we'll be getting the transfer request any time now from Eric Dungy as I clearly heard Chip Kelly use the word "ass" during a heated drill. Daddy can't have that kind of vile, disgusting talk poisoning the ears of young people engaged in such a sweet game like football.
One drill really got the crowd going. They set big yellow divider cushions across the field about 5 yards apart. One one side was a defensive player with an offensive player on the other & Kelly kept score. The goal was to simply bull your way past your opposition for a point. It was intense as once a winner was declared by the coach the next twosome engaged. I don't get to see other teams so up close and personal but the feeling seems to be one of high level intensity and optimism. All seem raring to go. No way to get a read on whether either guy has emerged as the leader in the clubhouse at quarterback. Like you've read, at times each looks like they're ready, then a few moments later, a bit indecisive or still in that learning state. Either way, a great Saturday afternoon with the Ducks.
I've got a couple of $25 gift certificates to Big Town Hero in Eugene/Springfield. You want in, send the correct answer to or text me, 653-3098.
When was the last time Oregon had two different players go over 100 yards in the same game? Hint, it was pretty recent. Good luck.

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