Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Really enjoyed the Media Day festivities at Autzen yesterday. Place just brimming with optimism and positive energy about the upcoming season. We had a chance to chat with the head coach, both coordinators, the 2 QB's, and a host of other major contributors. Great combination of swagger, enthusiasm and unity. Like most around these parts, I'm really looking forward to what lies ahead for 2010.
Did anyone else find the excuse Brian Cushing gave about his failed drug test pretty freaking hysterical? Says it was because of "overtraining"! It's like the guy who gets pulled over by the cop after pounding shots and beers all night and says he's in this condition because he was "overserved"! Sorry boys, the benefit of doubt train left the station years ago with Manny, Merriman and Big Papi. I know these pampered jocks think we're all peons and morons, but that doesn't mean we have to buy their fairy tales.
I've played and followed golf for about 37-38 years and even I knew Tiger Woods was going to have to suck it up and check in with a swing coach. He's had the highly publicized break ups with his previous guys, most recently Butch Harmon. Now he's asked Sean Foley to observe his practice rounds in preparation for this week's PGA Championship, the final major of 2010. Something beyond marital infidelity is amiss. You don't go from where he was to 18 over par in a tournament simply because your soon to be ex is going to take a bunch of your dough. Another pair of eyes seems like a logical 1st step.
On today's shows we'll hear from Ole Miss coach Houston McNutt who in my opinion screwed the pooch big time allowing Jeremiah Masoli the chance to play SEC football this year. Plus we'll roll some more tape from Chip Kelly's media session yesterday and we'll get to some baseball and lot's more.


Greg said...

Steve, I really enjoy your show. You gennerally have good insight on topics that matter and your not afraid of telling it like it is. I have to ask. Why do you have that knucklehead Justin weasel in on your mojo? He had his chance to do a sports show and he blew it. Have him on when you want to talk about your all-time favorite cartoon or coolest team mascot, otherwise just keep doing what you've been doing. I like listening to your show, but when he's co-hosting I'm looking to punch the dial.
Go Ducks

Steve Tannen said...

I'd simply ask that you give us a chance to work as a duo. I'm having a real good time & I hope the folks are getting that. Appreciate the feedback.